Laut Aao Trisha 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amrita thinks if Pratik has any motto to kidnap his own daughter. Kabeer thinks that Pratik is playing a very risky game of kidnapping his Trisha. Lavanya gets happy thinking that she will be company’s CEO tomorrow morning.

Pratik starts company’s board’s meeting, says due to unwanted personal reasons, he is parting ways from CEO designation for some time and wants to appoint a person who is equally hard working and dedicated like him and says that person’s name is…. Lavanya smiles and stands up, but Pratik takes Gaurav’s name. Gaurav gets happy hearing that and Lavanya annoyed. Pratik requests board members to vote for Gaurav. He reminisces calling directors and warning him to select his candidate, else he will ruin their career. Board members

raise their hands except Lavanya. Pratik thanks them and asks Lavanya also to raise her hand. Lavanya hesitantly raises her hand. Gaurav still does believe what is he hearing. Pratik calls him and says he with him now and will help him take company’s tough decisions.

Soniya gets a call from Gaurav and is excited to hear that he is company’s CEO now. She happily informs Vivan about this. Amrita hears that and asks how can Pratik do this. Sonali asks her to stop getting jealous now. Amrita says she wanted Gaurav’s progress always, but why did Pratik take such a drastic decision. Sonali says she wants Pratik to rule company and she home. Amrita says she always thought her as her younger sister and is happy for her.

Gaurav thanks Pratik for making him CEO. Pratik says he was thinking of giving him a position he deserves since a long time and asks him to take his help before taking any decision. Gaurav says of course he will and hugs him. Pratik thinks that is the reason he made him CEO.

Lavanya gets irked on Pratik that he played a dirty game with her and due to his insecurity gave her position to Gaurav, says he knew she can handle company better than him, so he got a dummy Gaurav, says it is not fair.

Pratik asks Gaurav not to think about company share prices and to handle projects well. Gaurav says sure. Pratik sees Kabeer and his team in his cabin and asks why did he come without appointment letter. Kabeer says he has appointment letter and gives him search warrant. Pratik gets irked seeing it and asks what does he mean. Kabeer says he believes he is behind Trisha’s kidnap and shows his and Ansari’s pic. Pratik asks how can he prove with just a pic. Kabeer says he is Ansar, his partner and Trisha was kept in his bungalows. Lavanya comes and says Pratik that he is stinks and used his own daughter for his benefit. Gaurav asks her to stop alleging bro. Kabeer starts searching Pratik’s office.

Kabeer’s officers start searching Pratik’s house. Amrita asks what are they doing. Office gives her search warrant. She checks and asks where is kabeer. He says he is at office. She calls Kabeer and asks what is happening. He says he sent his men with search warrant and will come and inform what is happening.

Pratik catches Neha SMSing unknown number and asks what is she doing. Neha acts as getting frightened for him and asks what if Kabeer traps him. Pratik says Kabeer cannot do anything and asks her to come with him now. She asks what about raid. He says Kabeer cannot stop him and asks her to come or else he will go alone.

Trisha gets annoyed hearing loud music and sees goons dancing on song from TV. She sees cable wire and cuts it. Goon asks another one to check what happened. Trisha smirks.

Kabeer finds locker behind Pratik’s book shelf and asks Gaurav about password numbers. Gaurav says he does not know as it is Pratik’s personal locker and Pratik is in meeting. Kabeer asks his officer to open it. Gaurav gets tensed seeing lock being opened. Kabeer finds a file and pen drive in locker and checks pen drive on laptop. He is shocked to see Trisha’s pics in pen drive.

Precap: Kabeer shows Trisha’s pics found in Pratik’s locker to Amrita and she does not believe him and asks him to get more strong proof to prove himself.</

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