It was too late….Shivika Ts Part 1

Hey guys ! Me , Pui is here with one of my weird ideas on the Shivika seperation track. This has taken the form of a ff. It is basically a long Os so , I will put it in the form of a Ts.
It was the day when Shivaay announced his engagement with Ragini. It was just an egoistic move to make Anika feel jealous, which turned out to be a turning event for Shivaay. How this happened, is what this Ts is about….

After the ANNOUNCEMENT everyone retired to their rooms, feeling bad for Anika and upset with Shivaay, except for the Oh my Mata machine. She was jumping out of joy in the whole mansion. Anika was not sad. She was not angry. She was completely shattered. There she was , lying on the bed , as lifeless as a dull sight and crying profusely. After a while, her room was empty and the servants were witnesses of her leaving the house. Omru were standing near the pool and were staring at the water, thinking about what their bhabhi was going through now. Shivaay comes there and notices Omru blankly staring at the water. He knew they were hurt by his decision. Shivaay could not tolerate his obros not talking to him, so he went to them and started,
Shivaay : Omru, I know…
Om(cutting in): Dont say anything Shivaay. We dont want to listen to anything.
Shivaay : Om , I know that you both are hurt because of my decision to get engaged to Ragini , but….
Rudra (interrupting ): But still Bhaiya , you wont change your decision. The great Shivaay Singh Oberoi doesnt back out from his word, right ? What do you want to prove by getting engaged to Ragini?
Shivaay : I want to prove that I have moved on.
Om: To whom do you want to prove this ? To us ? To chhoti maa ? To the world ? To Anika Bhabhi? Or to yourself ? Dont you know that we can see that you cant stay without Bhabhi. You have become lifeless Shivaay. You have become the same Stone Singh Oberoi which you were before. By this , you are only spoiling Ragini’s , yours and Bhabhi’s life.
Shivaay : I have made up my mind. I am going to get engaged to Ragini and thats final . She has suffered because of me. Her engagement broke because of me.
Rudra : Bhaiya, you can see the little suffering of this new chantomai cheapdi , but you cant see the always- existing suffering of Anika Bhabhi? Why dont you understand that this Nagini is more cunning than that Lady Baba.

Shivaay : Rudra, Anika is NOT suffering.Shes enjoying her life on others money and doesnt care a bit about anyones emotions.
Om: Really Shivaay! You are saying this ? You have known her for such a long time and you are saying this! I dont know who is like what, but all I know is Shivaay you cant stay without our Anika Bhabhi.
Shivaay (angry): Why are you both calling that her your bhabhi ? Anika is not my wife anymore and not your Bhabhi anymore. Its better for everyone if you start calling Ragini your Bhabhi. Ragini is your bhabhi, not Anika.

Rudra : She is not my bhabhi. She is Ragini, only Ragini.I like beautiful girls but it doesnt mean that I will accept anyone as my bhabhi. You know bhaiya, I have seen many beautiful girls around you, so many girls wanting to marry you but I never called any of them my bhabhi. Do you know why ?
Shivaay : Why Rudra ?
Rudra : Because somewhere I knew that they dont deserve my Shivaay bhaiya. I was waiting for one particular girl who would come and add colours to my Shivaay bhaiyas black and white life. When I found that dear lady, I wanted to make her my bhabhi. I couldnt do that at that time, but what I couldnt, that fate did for me. I have my Gauri bhabhi also, but I am more attached to that particular lady who is my partner in crime. For my Shivaay bhaiya, I had only one bhabhi, she was my bhabhi, she is my bhabhi and will always be my bhabhi. I dont care what others call or think her to be , but for me she will always be my Anika bhabhi.

Om: You know Shivaay, I always thought that I wont call your wife bhabhi, I would call her by her name because I call you Shivaay.Everyone knows that I used to call bhabhi Anika, but after marriage, she defined all the definitions of a bhabhi. In a mans life , mom and wife are the most important women, but after that it is bhabhi. She made me understand the meaning of bhabhi. She didnt change me , but changed herself from Anika to Anika bhabhi. Even you know what she has done for our family, can anyone else do so much for us that bhabhi has done? No, Shivaay, no. No one can define bhabhi like her and no one can handle you like her. You both are made for each other.
Shivaay : No, we are not made for each other. She is the one who has broken my house, my family , my trust , everything. I will not leave her. I will take revenge. I will hurt her till…till….
Rudra(shouting) : Stop it bhaiya, stop it. How much will you hurt bhabhi ? She is already bearing the pain in her heart from the past three months and now you are making it difficult for her. Do you know how much she was hurt, how much she cried and faced in the past three months ? No…how will you know… you are not affected by all this..but bhaiya I am. I cant see MY bhabhi like this, these three months I have seen how she has suffered. Dont do this bhaiya, dont break her again..

Rudra stopped , realising what he had blurted out right now.
Shivaay : What ? What do you mean ?
Rudra (almost crying) : Bhaiya, I mean to say that Bhabhi has had a hard time to adjust after leaving this house, leaving this family , leaving you, leaving those people whom she cared for and living only with memories.

Shivaay (shouting): Then why did she break us and leave us ?
Rudra(shouting ): She didnt leave bhaiya. She was forced to leave…..
Rudra stopped, recalling how he and Om had sworn on their bhabhi to never tell Shivaay the truth.
Shivaay : What Rudra?
Rudra: Nothing Bhaiya. Its just that Anika Bhabhi left the Mansion in a depressed state.
Shivaay : Nothing will happen to her. She will come back for money. But , Something else is up. Tell me the truth Rudra !
Rudra : No bhaiya. I cant tell you the truth.

Shivaay : Why cant you tell me the truth? And if you wont tell me then how will I know…..
A voice called out from behind, which belongs to a lady,
Voice: I will tell you the truth, Shivaay.
Who is this lady ? How can she tell Shivaay the truth? Has Anika come back to the Mansion? Find out in the next part of It was too late…
I hope you liked it. Please let me know your views , because I have second thoughts on continuing with this.

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  1. Awesome

    1. Pui

      Thank u Lisaaa !!

  2. Sairish

    this was superbbb pui di ..
    do post the next one ASAP pleaseee can’t wait to read the next one tooo…
    the day might be tia or annika …
    post soon
    lots of love
    Sairish here

    1. Pui

      Thank u Sairish…
      Lots of luv to u too ??

      1. Pui

        Its not Anika…be sure of that.☺

  3. Please continue. Soon waiting

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      Sure thing Harshita. πŸ™‚

  4. Adia23

    Maybe Tia or Anika?

    1. Pui

      Its not Anika….be sure of that. ?

      1. i think it is tia or jhanvi aunty

  5. FANTASTIC epi Pui dr…. Luv Rudy boy…. D lady might be tia…

    1. Pui

      Thank u so much Banita. ?

  6. Fantastic….eagerly waiting for next one…plz post asap…

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  7. Aashi9

    update soon

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  8. Ankita27

    Superb upadate… omru’s talk about their anika bhabhi were amazing… Eagerly waiting for the next part.

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      Thank u so much…
      M glad dat u liked it☺

  9. Nita D

    Interesting…Plz continue with the remaining shot

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    Awesome…update next part soon

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    Awesome part

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    Hey Pui !
    This is just awesome ! I truly loved it. Post the next one soonish?

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      Heya Jerry !
      Thank u so much. M glad u liked it….??

  13. Lauren

    Hey dr… amazinggggg updt… post nxt soon … I think owner of d voice is Janvi or else Tia as anika can never be the one….

    1. Pui

      Thank u so much Di ! U r very motivating…
      Mere dil ki baat sunn li…

  14. Yvonne Codner

    Well written Pui!! I think lady is Kamini! She knows the truth.

    1. Pui

      Thank you Yvonne !! M glad you liked it!


    Dear Pui
    ShiOmRu Conversation Is Super??I Hope Shivay Find Out The Truth Soon.Starting And The Part Is Awesome?????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Pui

      Thank u dear UF. Ur comment is very motivating….
      U too stay safe and smiling πŸ™‚

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    It is nice

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