It was too late….Shivika ff Part 9

Hey dears, sorry for being late…
Recap :
Terr1,”Hey, you lady, speak out fast..”
Anika wiped her tears and sniffed a couple of times. Then she said,”Have patience, I will continue”

The terrorist waited for Anika to complete her story. She was facing trouble while she was trying to extend it at the cost of her emotions and the hormonal changes within her body. With her tear – stained face , she took Shivaay’s name just like we say ‘Jai Mata Di’ and her courage revived. Really , just the word ‘ Shivaay’ meant a whole new world to her, where there we only these two souls , looking into each other’s eyes and forgetting the worries of the world.
Terr,”You still didnt tell me the logic between your story and the word ‘chopda’ huh”
Anika, ” Haww, its ‘cheapda’ not ‘chopda’. Mind my dialogues and words. So where was I ? Yes…a drastic truth…”
“No cheapda”
“Will you speak out?”
“Yes..yes..that boy and girl started falling in love, so when the boy used to hold the girl’s cheeks or kiss her head or hold her waist , when the boy becomes desirous , then he is known as a cheapda . Understand? ”
“Then why did you call ME a chopda ?”
“For God’s sake, its cheapda, not chopda. And yes, I called you a cheapda because…”
“Because…what ? Ohh, speak fast !! ”
“Because….you held my hand.”

“Ohh God ! Just for that you called me cheapda ? Nonsensical lady. What will I do of you ? ”
“Haww, Just for this you made speak such a lot. Nonsensical terrorist. What will I do of you?”
And Anika slaps her hand on her head. Just then the terrorist said,
Terr1,”Ohh , she’s driven me mad. I m going to the washroom. Guard them, okay ”
Terr2,”Yes. Okay”
Just as the khadoos terrorist entered the toilet, the air hostess locked the door from outside. Then Anika took off her slipper, and went to the second one.
Anika,”He has been locked. You are such a chuyi-muyi terrorist . For you, my chandni is enough.”
And she started beating the terrorist. The other passengers also joined in and finally, they overpowered the terrorists. Anika enguired about the landing on water and it had been confirmed. The passengers and cabin crew took out the life jackets and the emergency exit door was opened.
Will the passengers now be able to escape ? Keep reading It was too late…

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