It was too late….Shivika ff Part 8

Hey guys…Diwali gift for you all ! An early update *not so early*.

Recap : Part 7
This lit the lamp of hope in the three brothers. They looked at each other , smiled faintly and understood what each wanted to say.

The terrorists negotiated terms with the Govt. through a radio communication. While they were communicating, Anika also communicated with the cabin crew and planned on opening the emergency exit once the plane had landed on water. Water? Yes, the crew had used their in-flight phone to contact the pilot and land the plane on water. Meanwhile, The Govt showed no interest in agreement with the terrorists, but was proceeding for a military invasion in the flight, behind their back. The terrorists were totally unaware of it. The flight was now landing in Lucknow Airport. So , the terrorists put up a game of pretend to threaten them. The first terrorist went and grabbed Anika by the wrist. She got alarmed and stood up.

Anika : What are you doing?How dare you ?
Terr1: I want you to play cricket with me.
Anika: What rubbish! Only Shivaay has the right to do this…
Terr1: Rubbish is what you are speaking. Come with me. And who the hell is this Shivaay? Tab se Shivaay Shivaayaga rakha hai….
Anika: Shivaay….is Shivaay.Just respect him. And yes, I wont go anywhere with a cheapda like you.
Terr1: Oh God, you and your words. What is a cheapda now ?
Anika jerked her hand out of the man’s hold. She turned her head half way and blushed like she did when Shivaay used to kiss her head. Then in a very light tone she said,
“Dont you know what a cheapda is ? ”
“I dont know, thats why I am asking na. ”
“Okay listen”
The terrorist lifted his eyebrows indicating his approval.

Anika started roaming around the deck and moving her hands in the air, pretending to explain her story.
She said, “There was once a girl and a boy who got married forcefully, and wanted a divorce soon after. But, destiny didnt want that. There came many obstacles in their way, in the form of a lady who trained her daughters for revenge , an obsessive lover , a mother and son who wanted to rob them and then a drastic truth….
In between these, they laughed, cried , worked , shared family and friends , found friendship, respect , broke ego , false images…together. They became inseperable. They even took bullets for each other. They found love when together and death-like life when seperated…”
“Okay , so whats it got to do with cheapda ?”
Anika didnt respond. She was lost in the story she was narrating. With tears in her eyes, she stood like a statue in the middle of the way. The other passengers also were tear-stained.
Terr1,”Hey, you lady, speak out fast..”

Anika wiped her tears and sniffed a couple of times. Then she said,
” Ufff , saari feeling khatam kar di. ”
“Tumhari feeling gayi tel lene. ”
“Again my dialogue! ”
“Cheapda story continue karo else tapka doonga”
“Have patience, I will continue”
So finally Anika has a plan. Will it work ? Find out in the following episodes of It was too late…
Have a happy and safe Diwali. Stay happy and blessed…

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