It was too late….Shivika ff Part 7

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Recap :

It was too late….Shivika ff Part 6

Terr2: Janaab, fuel khatam hone waala hai. We need to have a forced landing else we will crash and die…
Terr1: Okay, ask the pilots for a forced landing at the nearest place.
Terr2: But janaab, the problem is that if we have a forced landing, we will get caught and chudaana toh door hum khud hi phas jayenge.
Terr1 : Ohhh! Pehle batana chahiye tha na. Lets go to the cockpit. Now the Government will only let us out. Hahaha.
Terr 2 : How will that happen ??
Terr1 : We will threaten the Govt.
Terr2 : Isnt that what we are trying to do from the past two hours ?
Terr1 : Yes , but now , I m going to kill someone to make them understand. I will kill that girl. What was her name…yes, Anika and then the Govt will believe us.
Terr2 : No janaab. We cant do that. We cant kill any passenger because one passenger gone here means all our brothers gone there.
We dont have any other option other than a forced landing.
Terr1 : Hmmm, Okay , we will have a forced landing. But we need to ensure that we are safe in the flight. We have to put up a drama.

Terr2 : Okay. We will discuss that during the landing. We now need to head over to the cockpit and order the landing.
Both the terrorists went to the cockpit.
Terr1 : Listen pilot , we need a forced landing at a place where we wont be caught.
Pilot : But the condition of the plane is such, that we cant have an emergency landing in any place, except an airport.
Terr1: But then we will be caught. Your Govt. will try to act smart and do something.
Pilot : But then theres no other hiding place anywhere here. The only option is landing at the airport which comes in our way.
Terr1 : Okay , take out the map. Let me see.
Pilot gives them the map and they try to figure the landing place.
Pilot : The landing can be done at Bhopal. It lies in our way.
Terr1 : No. No. No way…I cant let that happen. I dont want to go to that place. Bad vibes and lot of security. Divert the plane a little. We will land at Lucknow Airport.
Pilot : But that is not feasible. We can run out of fuel and crash.
Terr1 : I dont care. If you cant land at the Lucknow Airport, then we will bomb the whole flight.
They both open their vests and show the bombs…
Pilot also gets terrified and tries to land in Lucknow Airport.

Back at the Mumbai Airport,
Shivaay was sitting with Omru and tapping his foot in tension , waiting on the Airport Authorities for any update or command. The Manager came out and addressed the media,
“We dont know how much time it will take. Our wish of a forced landing is being fulfilled and the plane is going to Land at Lucknow Airport. The next part of our plan is confidential and cannot be told to the media. We are trying our best to ensure the safety of all our passengers. Do not worry. ”
This lit the lamp of hope in the three brothers. They looked at each other , smiled faintly and understood what each wanted to say.
I know that this was a short update. Heartfelt apologies for that. The next update will surely be longer and maybe more thrilling. ??

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