It was too late….Shivika ff Part 6

Heya guyss! Sorry I m late again because I wasnt here at home. I had gone for a vacay. Lets get back to work…
Part 5
Anika was lost again in her Shivaay and their relationship thoughts. She was brought out of her thoughts by a loud screech. She got up and looked on. The terrorist had caught hold of an air hostess and was fuming with anger. Anika went ahead and said,
Anika: What happened? Why are you screaming and why have you caught her like this?
Terr1: You, you again ? Tum meri kya lagti ho jo main tumhe bataun ki kya hua. And I had told you na to keep your mouth shut and sit or else I will…
Anika: First of all, leave her.
*And she rescued the air hostess from the hands of the terrorist*
Terr1: How dare you ?

Anika : First of all you are the obstacle standing between us and our destination and on top of that shouting on me. Accha tell me, why does your kaanta come and stop on that else of yours? Uske aage bhi to badho.
Terr1: Just shut up or else…
Anika: Dekha Uncleji, again on else…
Terr1: Hey, what have you taken me to be haa? I m a terrorist, not those 2rs gundas and chokras on your streets. Be scared of me. I can kill you anytime I want. And yes, I wont tell you after else, I will show you.
Anika: O bete ki. Why are using my language and my dialogues haan? Fokat ke nahi aate hai. It takes time to make them. Its not for anyone to copy and use, understand ?
Terr1 : Listen, your Government is not listening to us and mera dimaag kharab ho chuka hai. If you do a lot of chapad chapad na, then….
Anika: Again your suyi stopped at Else, then, fir, uske baad and etc.
Terr1: Ab tu gayi…

Terr2: Bhaijaan, bhaijaan…
Terr1: What happened? Why are you shouting like this?
Terr2: Janaab, fuel khatam hone waala hai. We need to have a forced landing else we will crash and die…
Terr1: Okay, ask the pilots for a forced landing at the nearest place.
Terr2: But janaab, the problem is that if we have a forced landing, we will get caught and chudaana toh door hum khud hi phas jayenge.
Terr1 : Ohhh! Pehle batana chahiye tha na. Lets go to the cockpit. Now the Government will only let us out. Hahaha
So the Govt. isnt agreeing to the proposals of the terrorists. That means the passengers of 1208 are still not safe. And looks like Anika is getting herself more into trouble. Lets see what happens to them….

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