It was too late….- A Shivika ff Part 14

Hi guys..I know I havent posted this story in a long time but I hope you remember atleast a bit of it. Its the second last part and i will end it very soon.

Kahani ab tak :

Shivaay and Omru, who had been there since the news of the hijack came out , were on the 50-50 line of emotions because they didn’t know whether Anika was one among those unfortunate five. It was like they couldnt be very upset as the majority of passengers had been rescued, and couldnt be happy as there was even a 1 % chance of Anika being in thise five as she was a Jagat Maata.
Their trance was broken by a call on Shivaay’s phone.
“Bade papa ? Why is he calling now ? “, as Shivaay connected the call with Tej.
As the conversation went , Shivaay’s eyes kept on widening. He had started stumbling. The phone slipped out of his hands. Om caught him and Rudra picked up the phone, to understand what was so grave which had changed the complexion of Shivaay so suddenly and as pale can ever be, but it was disconnected. Omru made Shivaay sit on a chair nearby. Om sat beside him, engulfing him in a hug, while Rudra sat down at his Bhaiya’s feet.
Rudra,” Bhaiya, what did Dad say ? ”
No answer.
Om jerked Shivaay.
Om, ” Shivaay, what did Mr. Oberoi say ? ”
Shivaay, ” Bade papa said…that…that…”
Rudra, ” What bhaiya ? ”
Shivaay, ” He said that he had got in touch with the authorities concerned and related to the blast and… and…”
Om, ” Yes Shivaay, we are listening. ”
Shivaay, ” And he said that…Anika….Anika….”
Rudra,” Bhaiya, what happened to bhabhi ? ”
Their conversation was broken by the announcement, ” We are happy to announce that we have carried out a successful emergency transfer operation from Lucknow Airport to CSI International Airport, Mumbai that is this airport. Now, the passengers of 1102 will be released and can go back to thier families. Please take care of them as most of them are not out of the trauma yet. Passengers, we wish you a happy life ahead and are still sorry for the incident you had to go through. Thank you everyone for your cooperation. Signing off, Head of Indian Airport Authority, Mr. Anwar Raj Joshi.”
Om and Rudra’s face lit up. They hopefully looked at the entry door, waiting for their pyaari Anika bhabhi. They couldn’t wait for her to come – they loved her so much and couldn’t absorb the fact that she had undergone so much trauma in the past seven hours. No only she, all members of the Oberoi family except Pinky, Chanda and Sahil were undergoing a lot Of worry and stress as they wanted to see their Anika , bhabhi and didi safe and sound back.
Shivaay,  ” Come Omru, we need to go to the chopper. ”
Om, ” Wait Shivaay, bhabhi is coming. We will meet her and go.”
All of Shivaay’s effort to take them away failed and so he sank on the nearest chair crying.
As the door opened, the passengers came pouring out like hungry cats. Shivaay sat there crying and Omru were surprised to see that Shivaay wasn’t excited at all. In a few moments, the passengers had stopped coming. Omru looked on with nervousness. They could see reunion of parents and children, husband and wife , brothers and sisters and they were waiting for the reunion of bhabhi and devars. But no Anika came.
They sat down around Shivaay.
Om, ” Shivaay, ro mat. Anika bhabhi tera aisa chehra nahi dekh sakengi. You have to be strong for her. Stop crying. ”
Shivaay,  ” No Omru…Anika is….”
Rudra, ” Enough Bhaiya…enough you have said about bhabhi. Now when she will come, you will not tell her a word, okay ? ”
Shivaay,  ” No Omru…she wont come. ”
Om, ” Shivaay, dont say this. She must be coming na. Wait for her. ”
Shivaay shouted in between his tears , ” No Omru, Anika is not going to come. She is not here. Come with me. ”
Rudra, ” Why bhaiya?  Why wont bhabhi come ? ”
Shivaay,  ” She wont come because she is at Lucknow Hospital. Why aren’t you understanding this from the past ten minutes ? Bade papa called to say that she is in the hospital. Lucknow hospital, where the blast victims are undergoing treatment. She is not coming. We have to go to her. ”
Omru were hell shocked. They could make out that Shivaay was breaking piece by piece and was still trying to act composed, but off course , it was showing that he was already broken. Omru gave him a tight hug. Then they dragged out each other, boarded the chopper and left for Lucknow Hospital.
So Anika is one of the unlucky ones who became a victim of terrorism and the blast. Will she return back ? Fond out in the last part of It was too late…

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  1. Nothing should happen to annika she should be safe

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