It was too late….Shivika ff Part 10

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Recap :
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The khadoos terrorist was locked in the toilet and the chuyi-muyi terrorist was tied up to a chair.
Anika ,” I thought we will have a tough time with the emergency exit because that khadoos would be a pain in the head. But its good, Nature called him and made our work easy. Now we should leave immediately.”

The plane was still rotating in the air, because it was difficult to land on water. Below the exit, around two feet below, lay a large body of blue water, in motion, as if ready to catch anyone who would jump into it. The passengers put on their life jackets and made a line for ‘ THE JUMP’. An air hostess jumped first, so that she could help the passengers who would follow her. First, some children and ladies had an exit. Hardly had a few people escaped, when there was a gun shot in the airplane. The others looked back. The terrorist who had been locked up in the toilet, had broken the door open and come out.
Terr,”What did you think that you will escape so easily ? I was being lenient with you, but now no mercy on anyone….”

A passenger’s phone suddenly rang and the flight was filled with the tunes of Badshah’s Mercy.
“Karlo reham thoda karlo reham…
Karlo reham thoda karlo…”
Passenger,” Sorry sorry, galti se baj gaya ? “
The terrorist opened the ropes of his partner who had been tied up in the seat by the people.
Terr1,”Now I have to show you a demo, else you will sit on my head. Close that damned door and ring the pilot to land at the Lucknow Airport. Fast..”
Anika,”What will you do ?”
Terr2,”Now he will show you what he will do.”
The terrorist comes forward and the passenger who was standing in front of the exit, ready to jump, was shot in the foot.

Anika’s hands automatically reached her mouth, when she heard the gunshot and more over, saw it hitting the man , making way for a lot of blood to spill out there.
Anika was not in a state of shock like everyone else. She had experienced quite a few gunshots in about a year, which an average person would do in his whole life. It sure did bring those memories of Shivaay being shot at the Lohri party, she being shot by Kamini and other random shots by those terrorists who had disguised as forest rangers once upon a time. She shouted out,”What have you done ?”
“Thank us for we didnt end his life here. Hey you, hostess, get the first aid for this man. This was the demo. If anyone else tries to do any nonsense, this bullet will land in their chest. Understand?”

So, out of fright, the remaining cabin crew rang up the pilot to land the plane at Lucknow Airport, else everyone aboard the flight would be killed.
The plan of exit made by Anika had failed and the terrorists showed their dark sides. Now will the passengers reach Lucknow Airport safely or will they all pass away in the journey? Find out gradually….

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