It’s Too Late Now!!! One Shot by Swe


Hi πŸ™‹ My fellow readers I don’t know 😞 hw many remember me.. I commented here only fr 2-3 days… Hope u’ll accept and love this one shot..

Is this a top rated club?? I asked to my πŸ‘€ friend… Ek bhi aacha munda πŸ‘¦ nahi hai!! Er 😏 said I again bt this time with a loud Sound… I felt soo sad 😞 for this that in the most rated club of Mumbai has not even a single πŸ‘¦ boy who looks good… Opps!! I forgot to introduce myself.. I’m Shivanya.. A rich girl who completed post graduation πŸŽ“ & now I’m in the STAR 🌟 CLUB which is one of the best club in our city.. I’m here with my besties.. I looked here and there to see a beautiful boy πŸ‘¦ and then he entered.. OH MY GOSH.. Says every girl’s heart beat.. Yes, a boy who meets my expectations came inside the club.. I didn’t saw him clearly as My mind was filled with alcohol 🍷 essence.. But even in my this state I could see him.. He had a πŸ˜ƒ smile.. A smile 😊 that will flat any girl.. A million dollar smile 😊 His eyes πŸ‘€ were simply like a drawn one.. His eyes πŸ‘€ were similar to those models of Ravi Varma *A FAMOUS ARTIST* His eyes πŸ‘€ was more twinkling than that that of the Glazing light in the club!! He was simply Dashing.. Adorable… And much more.. He entered to the club..

And came near the bar area and ordered for some drinks 🍸 I moved near to him.. The waiter in the bar handed over to him a glass of Champagne 🍸 I too ordered for a glass of champagne 🍸This time I clearly saw him.. He was wearing a Full sleeve shirt with an matching overcoat and πŸ‘– jeans.. His lips πŸ‘„ seems to be more attractive.. Or may be his beauty and my alcohol 🍷 essence beautified his lips πŸ‘„ He had a gorgeous πŸ‘€ eyes.. A flattening 😊 smile.. And attractive πŸ‘„ lips.. He was being more beautiful second by second.. I was not able to see anything else than just him.. I gathered some courage to ask him his name.. He looked at me.. I was about to fall down.. When I saw the most dashing person of that club was looking at me now… He gulped some champagne 🍸 and said RITHIK.. RITHIK ARORA.. I stared at him.. His sound was superb.. I repeated his name.. He nodded.. I introduced my self.. I’M shivanya… He said sorry!!

I said in a higher voice SHIVANYA… oh.. Shivanya.. Said Rithik.. I felt dizziness as he repeated my name.. I felt my name to be the bestest when he pronounced it.. I want him to repeat my name 1000 times or more than that.. BOLE NATH!!! wat a Boy πŸ‘¦ he is.. He took an another sip of champagne 🍸 and I too took another Sip from my champagne 🍸 The essence of alcohol 🍷 was getting into my veins.. As I felt more pain in head and level of dizziness was higher this time.. I tried to control myself to the extend.. I gulped another champagne 🍸 I knew the amount of intakes were this time more.. Bt injection πŸ’‰ of love πŸ’• he inserted made me take more champagne 🍸 Last champagne made my inner voice say with courage U R IN LOVE πŸ’– MY GIRL πŸ‘§ I was soo happy πŸ˜„ and was 😰 joyful.. I stood up from the chair and was going to step on the DJ floor when some one pulled me back.. That pull made my leg slip.. And I was abt to fall down when I felt warmth in me… I felt I’m in the best place.. I was able to hear heartbeats.. And I was sure that those heartbeats were not mine.. I heard the sound of someone’s breathe.. My nose πŸ‘ƒ smelled the smell of a boy’s perfume.. I suddenly opened my eyes πŸ‘€ And was drum stuck..

Yes I was in the best place.. I was in between his hands.. I was hearing his heart beat.. I felt sad 😞 for opening my eyes πŸ‘€ soo suddenly… I cursed myself for that.. The moment I was waiting had came true.. And my silly mistake of Opening the eyes πŸ‘€ made that moment again my dream.. He hugged me.. Oh my god.. But my thought were interrupted by his alcohol 🍷 sounded Voice.. U r fully 😡 drunk.. U won’t be able to dance πŸ’ƒ u are not even able to stand properly.. I felt myself ashamed ☹ and embarrassed 😝 for drinking much.. Wat might had he thought of me.. A 😡 drunken πŸ‘± girl.. I felt regretted for the first time for drinking alcohol 🍷 soo much.. But thoughts started to get irritated as now I just wanted is a place to rest.. I slowly closed my eyes πŸ‘€ But even in my unconscious state I could see was only Rithik’s face.. Our closeness,ie,That sweet hug..

I opened my eyes πŸ‘€ & I was in a familiar room.. Opps.. That was my room.. Ouch!! I felt a painful ache in my head.. I looked on my left and so my besties sleeping πŸ’€ I tried to figure out wat happened yesterday!! & only thing I could remember was the dashing face.. Yes,I could remember His face.. As his face was pasted in my heart.. I tried to remember his name … But it brought an another heavy head ache.. I went down to kitchen and prepared some lemon juice 🍹 for myself and drank it.. I started to again think 😌 think his name and yes I remembered his name.. RITHIK.. By just remembering his face my head ache got vanished.. His face simply made my day.. Wait!!πŸ‘‹ How did I came back 🏠home yesterday.. I rushed to my room.. And waked up my besties and asked this question.. And they replied like this.. “A boy πŸ‘¦ handed over u to us.. U was in an unconscious state.. We took u here” and She slept πŸ˜ͺ again.. I was 😐 stunned.. Rithik’s character is soo good na.. His face was not vanishing.. I thought of going to club tonight.. So i could see him again na… Oh my god his face… His dashing smile 😊 Wat a beauty he had … I waited for the moon.. So I could see my dashing moon πŸŒ“ I felt like the time was moving soo slowly..

Sun πŸŒ… got rise up in some other parts of the globe.. And here in India Moon πŸŒ‘ appeared.. By night πŸŒƒ I moved to the club… I waited for
Him in the club.. I was staring at the entrance ,whole time, of the club.. I didn’t took a sip of any drinks… Because this time I wanted to spend time with him in my conscious state… I kept on staring at the entrance… But he didn’t came.. Next day too I went thr but he didn’t.. I went to club all days.. But he didn’t came.. Every day πŸŒ… and night πŸŒƒ I waited for him.. His face was as lively as a newly blown Rose 🌷 His smile was eternal.. And his Beauty too.. Often I used to come across many strangers.. But not even a single guy matched his beauty…

A month passed by.. But I didn’t gave up going to club… Because I had such a feeling he will come… I entered to the club and sat in my daily sitting chair amd stared at the entrance… I looked at bar and smiled.. I didn’t moved to bar as I want to meet him with love in my blood and not alcohol… I waited and waited… And then By 10:47 Someone opened the entrance door πŸšͺ It was a boy with a jeans πŸ‘– and a shirt and a shapeless hat.. I ignored him… But eyes πŸ‘€ frequently looked at him..and the guy looked up and YES!! It was my love.. The guy I was waiting for all these days…seconds.. Minutes.. The guy πŸ‘¨ who was there in my πŸ’– heart.. The guy for whom my heartbeats belong too… Yippee!! I shouted in enjoyment.. I was not able to control my emotions.. I danced πŸ’ƒ on the floor… He was at the club.. My waiting’s for him was today accomplished… My eyes πŸ‘€ felt relief after seeing him.. I felt my heart pumping the blood has now started to pump with at most πŸ˜‚ joy… Tears 😒 flooded up my eyes πŸ‘€ as I was going to talk to him within seconds… After few minutes of anxiety dance πŸ’ƒ I looked at the entrance.. OMG 😲 OMG He was missing.. But this time I was too bold to catch him.. Where ever he may go today.. I’ll search him up.. My eyes πŸ‘€ looked al around the club.. I saw him.. He was near the bar area.. I moved to him.. He looked at him.. My heart πŸ’• skipped a beat… My tears 😒 felt meaningful.. My face got filled with emotion which cannot be expressed as my face had happiness.. Anxiety.. Joyfulness.. & much more… I went near to him… His face seems to be a little dull… He became soo thin.. But his beauty didn’t vanished… He looked at me with a doubtful πŸ˜– face.. I started to talk.. The long waited talk… I started “Remember this face.. A πŸŒƒ night.. Fully 😡 drunk.. Going to dance floor.. Pulled me.. Hug.. Ur last club day”

“Oh.. Yeah… Em.. Shivanya.. Right”

Goosebumps raised when I heard my name from his.. WAIT!! He remember my name till now😌 I raised another question.. In surprise 😲 “How u remember my name?? Nice memory uh!”

“Yeah.. No I loved ur name.. Shiv ka amsh haina!!”

Love oh my god… He love my name.. Thankss to my mom who selected my name… As his reply I nodded… He looked behind and coughed thoroughly.. He took his kerchief and covered the mouth…

I asked Do u need water??

He couldn’t reply as he was coughing thoroughly… He looked soo πŸ˜“ worried.. His face became as white as snow β›„ He ran πŸƒ covering his mouth.. I followed him.. He went out of the club.. I too.. He fall down.. I ran πŸƒ and tried to wake him up.. But he was coughing covering the mouth.. I looked here and there for a bottle of water.. But the road seemed isolated as it was too night πŸŒƒ I sat near to him.. And patted on his back.. His cap got slipped off.. I saw his head his curly hairs shaved.. I started to hear his long breaths.. My hands stared to shiver.. I saw his kerchief filled with blood.. Yes,he was spilling out blood when he was coughing.. His head was shaved.. He took long breaths.. He said b\w his couching”La.. La.. Last.. Bra.. Bre.. Breathe.. La.. Las..ast day.. Can.. I.. I’m.. ” I started to figure wat he was about to tell.. The tears 😒 were about to fall.. My Face was all covered with sweat.. I started to shiver.. He said holding a long breathe.. “CANCER”.. I hold his hand.. I cried rather shouted.. NO.. NO… THIS CAN’T HAPPEN… Said I in my teary voice.. Yes.. My tears 😒 had started to roll down… At the same time.. His hand fall down from my hand.. I hold my tears and kept my fingers πŸ‘‹ near his noseπŸ‘ƒ NOOOO NOO.. This can’t happen.. I😒 cried.. I cried 😣 and😒 cried.. Few people there gathered near me and My now dead love.. I holded his hands and checked the pulse.. Yes the blood has stopped pumping.. I kept my ears πŸ‘‚ near his heart yes.. There was no beats.. This can’t happen.. I cried.. People gathered.. But I cried 😒 again and again.. It was a bitter truth to accept.. I cried😒 and cried😑 and mourned for him…

Β₯—————-THE END—————–Β₯

Hope u guyss loved this and sorry for if any grammatical errors and other miscellaneous mistakes 😊

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  1. It was superb swetha πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»just loved it 😍😍

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Awatif😊

  2. Angel20

    Hi Swetha,
    I was just scrolling down and clicked on this OS and by the writing style I recognized that it was you! And I scrolled down to see the author and I was right!
    So coming to the OS it was superb though it was sad I loved it!

    With Love

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Maria.. Love u.. U came here and read it… Tats so nice of u.. Thankss 2 my writing style😊

  3. This ff is just awesome.Loved the way you presented the story.Dont stop writing.You can develop new stories nicely.One of the best ffs that I have read.

    1. Shanitics

      Oh.. Thankss Neha di.. Tat was one of the bst cmplimnt I had received.. And yeah.. I usd to wrte an ff on IKRS page.. Named love on Road.. Too😊

  4. Oh my days sooo good 😊 loved it well done πŸ‘

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Anna di 😊

  5. Sujie

    SHAANI…SORRY FOR THE LATE COMMENT….. okay this is the first time I am commenting on any serial’s page since IKRS ended…..So coming to story first half was awesome…..RiVanya …an awesome pair you have chosen though I have not much inclination towards it…phir bhi i am commenting…because MERI SWEETIE PIE YEH TUMNE LIKHA HAI…..
    Though it had a sad ending…i loved it…. keep going dear πŸ™‚ LOVE YOU

    1. Shanitics

      Ohh sujie di.. Very very thanksss fr cmntng on my this os.. I love u soo much..😍😍 Aapki sweetie pie aapse bahut pyaar karthi hai… Again tons of thankss of thankss fr cmntng

      1. Sujie

        awww….love you dear….. lots of love…. take care dear…..
        meri sweetie pie <3 <3 <3

      2. Shanitics


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