Hello everyone i am back with first episode. Thankyou guys for comments and appreciating me.soo lets start the story

three years back…..

flashback starts:

one girl is travelling in the bus with her cousin and her father. she is recalling about her joining in the college.

girl p.o.v.

i am swara.My 12th standard results are announced. I didn’t get that much percentage soo i got seat in architecture in kolkatta. But my father didn’t allowed me to go there. Because its not safe something. Ofcourse he thought about my safety because he is my father.
He suggested me to join in another top college. Its first time for me to be in the hostel without my parents. If i tell them they will feel bad. Huh……now i am going to my college and to my hostel. Now i am travelling with my cousin she is going to join in medicine coaching institution.

her trance of thoughts broke by her father

shekar:beta come let’s get down.

swara:ha dad.

durgaprasad:father of swara cousin.

durga prasad:shekar come and have lunch in my house itself.

shekar:no no we have to go to swara hostel and i will leave to home directly.

dp:kk come sneha(swara cousin)

they left from there.

shekar and swara went to her hostel.

swara:dad i missed my morning classes and i will go in the afternoon session.

shekar:take care beta. Don’t worry anytime call me i will be here take care. and be careful with boys.

Swara:dad you know i am karate kid no problem. i will manage.

shekar:bye beta take care. He left and swara came into her hostel and shifted her luggage.

she left to her college for afternoon session she is wearing peacha and white colour chudidhar and with a single plate placed on her left shoulder. She went to her class and

Swara:excuse me mam.

miss:yes. please come in.

she entered into class and every boy is looking at her and she sat in the first bench.

miss:soo students there is no class today only your introduction.

student1: i am neha.
………………….student n
Swara:i am swara.

soon the class is over. While leaving swara bumped into someone that person hold her tightly from falling.

soooo guys this is the episode.thank you for commenting and please comment today episode also.soo guys who is that holding swara.
keep guessing and keep smiling also.

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  1. Vyshu10

    nice….it must be sanskar. Can i knw where u r from?

    1. Sivasai

      i am from andhra

    1. Sivasai

      thank you

    1. Sivasai

      thank you

  2. perfect

    1. Sivasai

      thank you

  3. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Interesting concept dear.. Plz continue.. Waiting for nxt part..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Sivasai

      thank you take care and keep smiling too

  4. Deeksha gupta

    Awsm ..continue soon..

    1. Sivasai

      thank you please read second part also

  5. Manasvi

    plz plz make it a swasan ff only.. btw episode was nice…

    1. Sivasai

      thank you and you will get to know if you continue reading my ff hehehe please read the second part also dear

    1. Sivasai

      thank you

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