Hii i am back with another one shot

The pearly droplets again started making appearances, playing with her eyelashes as she sat down for writing that last letter. There was no appropriate addressing she could think of, she was writing to a total stranger eventually. She never even thought that she might someday have to write to her love’s future love.

You definitely would be having a beautiful heart and that’s the only reason he is falling for you. I am not here to bore you with explanations and situations which ripped us apart, rather just to elucidate my wishes for him which remained incomplete. You might feel sometimes that I still hold onto his whole heart by his behavior or reactions but gradually he will learn to devote that space to you. It would seem ages to you while this transformation but he will. Lady, you are blessed enough that eventually he will fall for you someday being a charm that will never end.

Sometimes understanding him would make you feel like you are reading a mystical book with no end. He catches a cold even on a sun-blaring day; he needs total isolation for organizing his thoughts on things, he might not answer some of your questions ever, he will sometimes call you by my name accidentally, would react on small negligible matters with high temper, even will flinch at your touch sometimes, but please embrace him whenever he has those nightmares, give him black coffee when he catches cold, be by his side when he would hide that he is missing me.

Don’t let that dew drops fall from his eyes because of me, might be my soul won’t forgive me ever then. He has that habit of changing songs which bring back memories to him, be patient while he is still creating the new beautiful ones with you. He would give you time and be always late with a list of excuses but would hate himself if you get angry with him. He would feel guilty being with you remembering me often, he would feel betrayed thinking I still owe his soul and he might never be able to love you in beginning, he would always blame himself for spoiling your life but your love and concern will steadily lower that intense levels of all these thingsHe will always be divergent when you will ask about his past to him but with time he will share every single emotion he feels. Don’t let him sleep without eating; he always does that when he is upset. He loves when it rains, he would often go to the balcony to gaze at that melodious drops falling slowly, be by his side when he stares at them, and hold his hand firmly at those times because he would be weakest at those moments. He will deny marrying you, tell you not to fall in love with him but those are mere words because even he knows his heart deserve all those happiness he has been denying all these years.

Don’t leave him abruptly or he might not love anyone else then. He is like broken pieces of fragile glass which might hurt you every time you pick up a piece, but even broken pieces make most admiring compositions. He would fall to your tinkling of anklets, bangles and those dangling earrings. He loves lights and shadows of candles, the things which create the hallucination of visions. Be the reason for lowering his addiction of cigarettes, he will snap, argue, deny, but will listen when it comes to you.

These might are the things you never want to read at least from me but I want you to fill the void that ultimately will bother his heart forever after my death.

His first love!

P.S.: Entwine your happiness, smiles, troubles, traits, feelings, last but not least soul with his, and he will be yours forever.”

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    Awesome yaar loveddddddd it ??????????????….
    So touchy ?????

  2. Heart touching…loved it

  3. Komal

    It was beautifully written yaar.. I could feel the emotions.. Lovely os.. Probably, the best os I hv ever read on Swasan.. Keep it up yaar..

  4. Nice

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