The last leaf (OS)


hello friends this is my frst story here. This one is entirely based on friendship nd inspired by my fav story”the last leaf”.all who faith on friendship must read it.l request people who are hihgly concerned about pairs also 2 read it as it doent consist any pair.

There she was lying on the hospital bed with a team of doctors hastily trying all sorts of mechanism that could revive her heartbeats which were getting dimmer second by second.
Tears flew from my eyes like rains from cloudy skies watching my best friend who according to me was the most sunny, lively, a happy-go-lucky person in that condition struggling between life and death .Unknowingly my mind started travelling to the wonderful past of our friendship which started eventually in class 3rd.
I entered in the vary new class of my new school. Being a shy, timid and a lil fat boy my heart was beating like drums with fear of meeting new people .Yes, as expected as soon as l entered in the class the rowdy naughty boys started teasing me with the new name given to me “golgappa”. They were passing bunch of comments on me and it seemed to me that tears could anytime burst from my eyes .Suddenly l heard a loud shout –“Stop it and leave the boy”. There a girl of age same as mine was standing with hands on her waist frowning at the boys. The mob of boys immediately dispersed listening her tremendous voice. I guessed that she hold a good position in the class seeing her threat in the students.
Ironically, it seemed that l was a girl all helpless and poor and she a boy protecting a poor victim from the cruel world.

Now, the bell for recess had rung still that saviour of mine was soothing me with her words. We were coming out of the class and in the threat of the glare of the boys passing in front of us l dropped the lunch box provided by my mom. This time l couldn’t control myself and started weeping loudly. Once again she sympathised me and offered me her toast with peanut butter spread.
So , with this our friendship started which deepened by time. We shared everything in our life from our new dress to our first crush.
I was brought back from the trance of my thoughts with the call of doctor who informed me that though they have saved her life but chances of her survival is very because as she is not willing to live. I was literally broken by listening this but composed myself for her.
I enered her ward with a heavy heart. Upon entering l saw her watching blankly towards the ceiling. Taking a deep breath l asked her-“Why you did this ,Ragini. Why, you attempted suicide?
She answered –“l lost evey thing Sanskar. They left me alone. My parents left me alone in this world”. With this she again got lost in her pool of tears.
One whole week have passed since she had been discharged from hospital but still she looked nothing more than a body without life. Our whole friends group are trying their best to revive her back to life but all are going in vain. It seemed that she have made her mind to give life.
Monday afternoon she was lying on bed with Shruti nursing her. She was continuously looking outside from the large square winow which was noticed by Shruti.
“What are you staring at dear?”She asked gently.
“They are twenty. They are only twenty.”she replied.
“What are tweny?”Shruti.
“Leaves on that tree” She said pointing towards the old palm tree at the backward of her house which had nearly rot at roots and had her arms stretched with very less leaves.
“ They were more than hundred when l returned from hospital, l nearly got an headache counting them. Now look l can easily count them on my fingers.”She smiled gloomingly and further said –“This tree was planted by my mom when l was born. Now mamma is also not here and this tree had lost most of it’s life like me. I am sure when the last leaf of this tree will fall and it will die, l too will die with it. We started our life together and it will end together.”
Shruti gasped at that stupid idea. She yelled with tears in her eyes-“ How can you think like thar? Atleast not for yourself think of us me, Sanskar. How will we live without you?”
But it seemed that the knot of her idea to give life had held her so tight that all other knots of friendship, love and care loosened from her.

The night arrived, it was a thundry night. It was pouring like cats and dogs . Shruti purposely shut the window as she was quite sure that all leaves will fall tonight.
As soon as the morning stretched Ragini argued with Shruti to open the window. Finally, giving up to her arguments she slided the curtains. But, disbelief of Ragini there was still a leaf on the tree. She felt numb for couple of seconds. Then breaking her silence all by herself she said –“How stubborn i had been to think of such an insane idea! l think god had left this leaf to teach me lesson of life.”
After that she showed a wonderfull improvement in her health and fuly recovered in a week.
She was arranging her cupboard and muttering in anger. Anger because one whole week have passed and still her best friend had not come to met her.
In frustration she walked to the same window and started gazing the same tree. Then she noticed that the leaf had not yet fallen and is in the same position that it was a week ago. She exclaimed-“it is not a real leaf! Yes, it’s a painted picture of leaf !”
At that time Shruti entered her room and dragged her. They reaced to a hospital and then to a room. There Sanskar was laying as she was a week ago. “What happened to him?” She almost shouted on the people present there.
Then she was informed that he was hit by a car a week ago at the backyard of her house. He was descending down from a ladder when his leg slipped and he came infront of a car. Some pallets with green and yellow colour and few brushes were found on the spot.
She fell on ground understanding the whole thing. He sacrificed himself for her! He gave his life for enlighten a hpe in her life.

At that time doctor came out of the room and told-“ He cannot be saved now. We have tried our best in this whole week but his wounds are severe and internal. But he wants to meet some Ragini for the last time.”
She immediately ran to his room and he gave her a warm smile even in his last time on seeing her.
“Why you did this Sanskar?” she asked him the same question which once he asked her.
“For you Ragini. For our friendship. I could not let you die because of that silly leaves. Remember,you only thought me how to draw a leaf as l always got scolding from that bl**dy bio teacher for it.” He smiled lightly and then again said-“Don’t blame yourself for my death and respect the life which is given to you as it’s mine. In friendship they say that we have to live our whole life together but l say that you will live. No matter how you will live but you will definitely live because of me.” With this he took his last breath with a smile on his face.
She was crying as she has once again lost a important person in her life. But now she was sure that she has to live. Live facing all problem in her life. Live from him ,for his sacrifice.

So this was my first story many of my friends suggested to give it a love angle but l thought that it will prove that a boy and a girl. Please do read it if you love your friends.
i hv some more stories bt tell me this ws one ws tollerable then l will think of writing them.

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  1. awesome do write ragsan ff

  2. wow…. it was just awesome….. heart touching…. i loved it….

  3. Oh they didn’t posted it on swaragini page.??

  4. Nice… I hav read diz kinda story somewhr.. Not recently bt years ago..

    1. Yup, this one is inspired by famous story the last left by O Henry. Do read it and then tell how mine ws different from ??love you ??

  5. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Last leaf story is +2 English book u have copied it? Anyways it is superb and good the way u expressed it.. Actually this is nondetail for us in Tamil nadu.. Sorry if I hurted u.

    1. Yup, l HD already told it in beginning itself bt l hv tried my level bst to prsnl it in an interrily different way. While orgnl shwd fatherly love this one had sacrifice of a friend.but no offense thnk fr reading it will try to satisfy you in my nxt story.??

  6. No words dear just awesome

  7. i dont have words its just awesome i am crying salute to dis kind of friendship

  8. You nailed down an awesome adaptation of the story. I too love that story “The Last Leaf” very much. So it was a pleasure to read it. You gave the emotions a way and it was good. Keep writing girl.

  9. Awesome and I read this story in my schools book

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  11. Amazing dear..seriously no words to appreciate’s superb..nd vry emotional as well

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  13. +2 book means is it similar to on face of it
    nice story

  14. Awesome

  15. Its amazing dear actually this story proves that a boy and girl can also be friends….. I literally cried after this story.. Losing a friend infront of our eyes is an unbearable pain

  16. Simply beautiful…the last leap of O Henry is in itself very gripping and u my dear have completely captured its essence in a perfect manner…Cheers to the bond of friendship and continue writing???

  17. it nice adaptation of a beautiful story…..and u did well.

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