The Last Chance (Several Shots) by AditiB – Shot 3

Here’s the third shot friends. This story would be a bit different from what I have written till now, it would be a mature story, and my characters would be Grey, neither black nor white. Every one has a reason behind their behavior and thinking.

This is the link to the second shot in case anybody missed it ?
The Last Chance

Thursday, July 2015

Entry no. 1

The Owner of The Wallet

Dear Diary,

“I admire you, Mr. Shivaay”

I didn’t know that I would be saying these words(in my mind)when I waited on the Main Road near my place for the man who was getting a small help from me. As I waited, some merry children, freed from the day’s schooling, came running to the Ice cream cart on the pedestal of the road. Their innocent and guile less happiness just distracted me from what I was thinking. After all, every person who’s grown up , has the right to remember their childhood, while they gaze at the children and make the faces they used to as children.

I was lost in my contemplations, when I felt something moving in front of me. A car, highly valuable, stood in front of me and lost in the blackish door glasses was a man who was talking on his phone. I just thought why did he stop the car here, but my stupid thoughts gave way when he came out of the regal, shining vehicle in a poised way signifying high status and as soon as he stood in full length in front of me, I was dwelling in some other world, lost in what I had seen some seconds ago.

He finished the phone call and I finished day dreaming. I started scanning him from toe to head and by the time I reached that confused face of his, I had made a lot many assumptions, one- he was handsomely rich, two- he was either a well behaved guy or an interested one (I thought that, like most girls do) and the third assumption was actually the reality, he was the same man I had met this morning. But he seemed much more grand and profusely sleek in that three piece business suit.

I thought of being direct and said “I think we have met before.” An age old dialogue.
He smirked and answered “glad that you remember me Ms. Annika.”
No he’s definitely not interested in me, the first ever incident that actually annulled my assumptions.
“Yes, actually I was a bit confused…… ” and my confidence faded away, so he continued.
” By the way, let me formally introduce myself, I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi, I run the Oberoi Empire, ” and he extended his hand expecting me to respond.
I regained my confidence and said without a stop, “I am Annika Rai, nice to meet you Mr. Shivaay.”
And he stopped smirking for once, and gave a disarming smile, slightly but so warm that I almost felt I had an unsaid and unexpected connection with him.
“Would you mind returning me my wallet? ” Wow, a Multi-Millionaire asking for his wallet, rarely do we common people come across such out-of-the-way incidents.
And I handed him his wallet, he took it and kept it inside his overcoat. I was expecting something else.
” Mr. Shivaay, you won’t check if everything’s safe in it or not? ”
He looked at me with those pair of soul-piercing gems and said “You know, when I got that call from you, I was actually impressed with your honesty. Rarely do I come across such people who care to return a Multi-Millionaire’s wallet back, instead of thinking of their own interests and ambitions that can be fulfilled with just that wallet. ”
So he didn’t see if all that was inside was fine or not. A Real businessman, I discovered the reason behind his immense jealousy-worthy success. He knows who to count on very well.
” I indeed admire you, Mr. Shivaay. ”
Copyright: AditiB

So here is how Annika writes and thinks.
Hope you all would like it. The next part would come soon. Till then take care and stay tuned.

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