The Last Chance (Several Shots) by AditiB – Shot 2

Hello friends, I know that I have come back after a month to give the next shot of my story, sorry but am a bit busy, plus I myself nearly lost the track to my story so can’t expect you people to remember it either. So check the first part out here?
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So before starting with the next part, I’d like to tell you all what would be the format. In my other works, the characters themselves told us their perspectives. But in this when they want to say anything, they’d write it out in a diary and you all would read that, so this is their narrative. But when the random situations are to be narrated, I’d narrate it as a third person seeing them react, talk and have conversations. So it’s better to clarify than you people getting confused and me messing up the story. Am done, so let’s start with the story.

The Last Chance

Shot 2

The Phone Call

Shivaay had seen the girl named Annika some hours back in a Garden meant for morning walkers. But when we all saw him coming to the Office in a better mood than the crisp and usually frowny look, we were confused for this was an unusual pattern of events into play.

“Shivaay, what’s that on your Shirt?”
“Amu, don’t worry am quite fine.”
“Oh really? Do you know that you have a Tea stain on your beloved white shirt?”
Amaya said in a matter-of-fact voice, that she used to explain people of their miserable situations.
“What the heck is this? Is this another of Rudra’s pranks? I’d better spank him hard today.”
“Shiv, you’re holding your coffee mug in your hand.” She gave a sort of ‘not able to believe ya’ look.
“Amu you know I hate Tea….. Oh my god it’s Tea! What’s wrong with me today? ”
” You better know that. ” Amaya left her dear friend in the quiet office room, while her friend was busy in fixing up all the mess he had done.
Shivaay had totally gone out of his character that day doing all the crazy stuff that he himself despises. Amaya, his I-know-you-better-than-yourself best friend was seemingly clueless about his recent stature and the rest of the office was either gossiping or badmouthing their sturdy boss and his new messed up way of showing up in his Office.

Later that day after the meeting that he had worked on really hard, his best friend again showed up in his cabin with the best-friendly advices up her sleeve. Shivaay saw her and that used to be the sole occasion when he actually smiled.
“You know Shiv, if you go to the Arctic once and give this smile of yours, the next day whole world would have to wait for Noah to pick them up in his boat. It’s such a warm smile. ”
” I know and that’s why I don’t smile often, ’cause it can wreck up people, which I did once, I have actually destroyed someone’s life with this cursed smile of mine. ”
” If that would have been the fact then I too would have met the same fate Shiv. ”
” Everything’s not a joke Amu, don’t say that again. ”
” Well I have already said this thing a lot many times, Radhika’s fate was not your fault. But anyways you won’t stop cursing yourself, Shiv just wanted to ask you, what is it that has concerned you so much? I mean you did the things that you disapprove, like you drank tea, got your white shirt stained and most importantly you came late to the Office. ”
Shivaay was himself confused with what he had done this morning. He heard of all the so called unusual things that he did and came to the conclusion that he did all that because he had come across the girl Annika, who seemed to instill all the gone memories back to his forgetful mind. Not that he had a bad memory, he just had too many events that he wanted to forget to live his life normally.

“Amu hold on, just a sec” and Amaya relented while Shivaay took a call.
“Hello, is this Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi am speaking to? ” A sweet female voice ringed which seemed familiar to Shivaay.
” Yes, I am Shivaay, may I know who’s on the other side? ”
” Mr. Shivaay, this is Annika speaking. You remember we met this morning? ”
Shivaay gave an answer in positive, after all he was living that incident every second after that morning.
” Actually I had called you up to tell you that you forgot your wallet here today morning. I found it and a card of your office in it and I called you up so that you can get your belonging back. ”
Was it excitement or just a mere flow of emotions that Shivaay felt when he had heard that voice on his phone? He himself was quite perplexed about that. But the fact that he was interested in the sudden turn the events took after that phone call, clearly got expressed in his answer to what Annika had said.
“Sure Ms. Annika, I’m thankful to you that you took the pain to call me and return my wallet. Would you mind messaging your location, I’d come myself to fetch it there.”

There was a silence for some minutes, Shivaay thought of her unwillingness that he didn’t think of earlier. As he was about to say, she replied saying she’d do what he asked for.
As she hung up the call, Shivaay was thinking how was it that his fate brought this girl back to him after just giving a glimpse of how she could make him feel. He was at first nervous, thinking of the past and what if this also turns out to be just a bad memory, but then he was reminded that he actually felt connected to her. He got over forcefully all the doubts that disobediently clouded up his mind and as soon as he got the message stating the location, he wore his overcoat and straightened his tie to go to the given address.
Amaya who was busy checking her mails, saw him getting to go somewhere.
“Shiv, where are you going? Who called you and what was that wallet thing and the message? Wait, tell me before you head to that address. ”
” Amu I’d explain everything once I come back. As of now, am going to find out what my destiny has planned for me. Okay? Bye. ”
And he hurriedly went off after asking Rachit to call his driver, leaving Amaya wierdly guessing what was that he had to do and where was he going to.


Copyright: AditiB

So here is the Second Shot, hope you all are interested in this story. The events after this would be unfolding in the next part. Do comment your views and I have to say, I am quite satisfied that this like and dislike feature has come up on TU, so the silent readers, no need to comment just hit the button and in case you’re generous enough about expressing, then bother to comment too. Stay safe and stay tuned.

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