The last chance…One shot…


Hello guys…..This is a one shot for you all
I always loved her….but I never realised how much. …till she left me
Flashback :
Sanskar in his college days was a spoilt brat
He was really cute and all girls ran behind him
This made him overconfident
Swara is a really sweet cute girl it was her first day of college
Sanskar saw her coming and was mesmerised seeing her…he wanted to impress her…he thought her to be just like one of the girls who behind him..
One day he saw her alone in the classroom. .It was quite late and no one was there on that floor…taking this opportunity Sanskar enters the room. …Swara senses his presence and turns to look at him
Swara- Sanskar u here???
Sanskar -yes sweetheart to f**k you
Swara- excuse me…
Sanskar – wat huh u girls want this oby na…
He comes closer to her and pins her to the wall and kisses her neck
Swara pushes him and runs from there
She escapes from the college and goes home
Next day at college
Sanskar hugs Swara from behind. ..and says
Sanskar – let’s complete the incmplete task dear
Swara gets angry and slaps him in front of everyone
Swara- don’t ever mess with Swara Gadodia
She leaves
Sanskar – so Swara Gadodia. …u first got my love but you kicked it….now you shall give me love….and I will kick it….my REVENGE
Soon days pass and Sanskar and Swara become friends. ..he apologises for his mistake
Both start falling for each other
Sanskar fall for her childishness and Swara falls for his love and care
One day Sanskar proposes her and she says yes
On there marriage day…Swara is ready in her bridal makeup when her cell phone buzzes
She reads the msg it’s from Sanskar
”Meet me were I proposed you”
Swara wonders wether something is wrong and decides to go
She coves herself in a shawl and comes to the garden
She finds him and hugs her but Sanskar pushes her
Swara- wats the matter???
Sanskar – I am not going to marry you
Swara – but we love each other right? ??
Sanskar – no dear. ..only you do ….I never loved u it was my plan….I took my revenge okay
Swara wants to cry but controls herself and says In a firm voice
Swara- okay then here u go. ..she removes her ring and gives it to him …Sanskar was shocked he wanted her to break down and fall at his feet only then he was going to marry her but his plan flopped she didn’t even cry and his ego didn’t allow him to apologise
The marriage was cancelled and she left went for London
Sanskar was broken he missed her a lot
He realised his mistake. ..but now no sorry was useful
Fb ends
These thoughts flashed in his mind when he stares at the photo of Swara
Suddenly his phone buzzes he picks up
Laksh- hey man tom there is my marriage. ..we r the hell are you. ..
Sanskar- reaching
Sanskar pov
When I reached there I bumped into someone
She was the most beautiful girl ever seen
Swara…my Swara
I stared at her till her bf interrupted
Hell I said bf??? How can she move on but to my relief Arab introduced her as his best friend
So not boyfriend. …Thank god
Swara pov
I HATE HIM it took me 5 years to get over him but I still dreamt about him and now he is front of me …oh god I can’t waste more 5 years coz if I do I will surely end up making 5 to 100 and still not get over him…and wat the he’ll. ..This Arab he is my bf and now he left me alone and went inside to hunt for his crush…hell with him yaar
Sanskar- sorry for the past can we be friends pls
Sorry….does he think that just one word will cure me…I did not answer
Sanskar.- Shona…
I love the way he says my name…wit all love and affection. ..wait but he said SHONA?? How dare he he knows that it’s my pet name and only close friends can say it .
..does he think he is still close to me…
Its Swara I said in a tight voice…..I can see pain in his eyes…yes this is what I want to see …The pain…His pain I once again said – yeah friends
I en tended my hand and he took it it send chills down my spine…I wanted to show him that I have got over him and this was first step..
Just then Ragini entered. ..I saw her through corner of my eye what does she wants? ??
Ragini – well staring is rude
Watt the hell. .we were staring at each other. ..lI ke for hours….I suddenly took interest in the decorations and he took interest in his shoes I could see his cheeks turning red and I coulk feel mine burning.
…Hate you Ragini
Ragini wat are u doing here. ..its your marriage …come I will make you ready
I don’t know why I was so angry she had been my rescuer but was disapointed as she had disturbed us..
..______________________________________________soon they became friends. ..well bf and started falling for each other Sanskar always became jealous when Swara talked to Arab
One day Swara entered her room and a pair of strong arms grabbed her and pinned her to the wall..
It was Sanskar
Swara- do you want anything
Sanskar – yes you…
Swara- leave me
Sanskar – no I did that once…not now I really love u Shona I am really sorry for the past. ..can we pls forget it??
Swara – Sanskar. Wat sorry do you think sorry can cover it up ???…and forget it?!how can I …how can I forget the pain ..did you ever forget that slap??? No right…then how can I forget the pain???
Sanskar – I am really sorry. ..Please Shona I can’t be without you. ..I know I did wrong but pls give me ur heart I can’t live….I realised my love when you left me pls Shona accept me
Swara- how can I give you my heart Sanky..It was broken on the day you broke our relationship. ..I never cried yaar …I always hated myself as I could not hate you I am not a doll sanky to use and throw me….Sanky if this time I accept you ..and then if you break me…I will die Sanky. ..I will die Sanky..
She breaks down Sanky can feel his heart breaking
He consoles her …
I will never break your heart give me the last chance…pls
Swara looks into his eyes….yes she trusts them…she trusts him….she nods and hugs him tightly…
Sanky is on cloud nine…he kisses her face..eyes nose tip and then her lips they first kiss lightly which turns passionate and then ends up in hunger feeding lip lock
Soon they get married and then they live happily ever after and tell their children about the last chance which saved them…
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I know it’s too long. ..hope you all enjoyed
Love you all

Credit to: Ashlon

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  1. I am sorry it didn’t end up to be long…I thought it would hope you don’t mind that
    Pls do comment

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  11. It was very sweet and cute os..but since i hv a different mindset..i din like much Swara forgiving sanskar so easily..but its an one shot and u had to do it like this…after all its all about the LAST CHANCE..SUPERB

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