Language of love (Episode 2)


Hi sorry for the late update…. I know it’s so late… But hope u guys will forgive. After the chapter will be the link of 1st chap.. If you didn’t read then check through it.

Ritika’s POV

Everyday when sun rises, it brings so much happiness with her. Just we have to see it. This morning is nothing different. Look at that shining grasses. They tell me to feel them or look at that brightening flowers. They just tell me to caress them. It’s just bubble of love. I wanted to lay there. And feel the sunshine over my face.

But not now. I have to complete my task first.”stop…stop Riti, you win…. I’m sorry. Now stop.” I stopped running to turn away, breathing heavily. And there he was.

One palm was pressing on his chest and other one his waist. Clearly trying to catch breath. I was not much more better than him. “Shan… You should listen my word… Look at yourself.” I said it pointing toward him. He just nodded at me. I sat down on the grass resting my weight on my palms.

Shan just followed me. He is my best buddy. And my cousin too. We are together from childhood. His mom is my fupi (father’s sister). Yeah he is quite idiot type but always cares for me. Just like now I know he can easily beat me. But he didn’t. He just let me to win.

“Allahmia…what a creature.!!” I shifted when he said it. I followed his gaze , find a girl jogging. She didn’t see us. Oh yeah. I forgot to say. This is my dump, duffer, idiot, a*sh*le friend Shan. Who always runs after girls. With filthy filthy words and whatever. But his attempt never worked well. Poor boy.

“Shut up, Shan. You should start your day by thanking Allah. Not like this. ” I stood up as the exhaustion was normal now. I started to walk and so on Shan. “What!! I just appreciate His work. The girl was really hot but if you……”

He was saying something but I couldn’t concentrate. There was a puppy in the middle of the road. I was tensed for his. But before I thought anything, suddenly a car came on the opposite side. It was full rush. The puppy was so little I’m sure the driver couldn’t even see him. I just couldn’t think anything more.

I just placed myself between them. The driver see me with open eyes. I signed him to stop when he screamed me to move away. May be he couldn’t control the break, so I shut my eyes preparing for the worst. …….1 2 3 4 5 6 what!! nothing happen. I carefully open my eyes, seeing the car stopped almost touch by me. I sighed in relief.

1st thing was Shan came by my side but before he started yelling. The driver did that jod. “What is this, madam.!? You didn’t get any other car to die. Just waste my morning. ….” And some other abusive word. I let him to say. He was angry. Worth it. He managed to stop the car timely. I and the puppy was safe that’s enough.

I rushed to the little creature. And pick it up. He was perfectly fitted in my arms. So cute. With his cute cute eyes seeing me. It was just yarning for love. This world belongs to them. They should be loved too.

Suddenly the driver , the crowed became silent. May be they couldn’t digest it. But not for Shan. ” you did it for this dog!!!…I..I can’t believe. What would happen, if this driver couldn’t stop.” He snapping with his most irritable voice.

There was no answer for his question. So it should be ignore for now!!! I would handle it later. Not like it would be pleasure thing. But for now I walked toward the driver and showing him the puppy I started to say “we are so grateful of you. We don’t know how to thank you. Hey tofli, say thank you .” It was the first neck name that came to my mind. The man was so astonished.

Why!! Was is too strange to help an animal. Or risking your life. I vanished that thought as soon as it came in my mind. My life!! Don’t mind. “You are our life savior. Thank you. ” I said it with as lovable voice that I could effort.

He looked at me then at the puppy then again at me. “’s okay.. Don’t do it again. Every time luck can’t help you.” Luck can’t never help you. Oh stop thinking.

I smiled at him and so on he. With little weird expression. When the car left, the crowed whispering something but I didn’t care. I started walking and talking with my new little friend. Asking about his address or something. But I knew he couldn’t answer me. How unfair it was.!!. I almost forgot about Shan.

But it’s not easy to get rid of him. He stopped me standing in front of me. We were close to my house. We could talk about it at home. I was 101% sure of his yelling. But I’m grateful he stopped me here. Abbu will be there. Absolutely a worst thing.

“Would you explain!?” Shan asked though by his expression it was sure he didn’t expect more. I tried my most cute cokie smile. “Meet with my new friend, Shan this is Tofli. Tofli this is Shan. ” after my this explanation he gave me most annoyed face. So I lifted Tofli and gave it to Shan. He was not prepared but by the time be managed to tackle Tofli.

“Let’s make a triangle friendship. What’s say. We three could be great friend.” My pouty face made a littly effort. After all. Shan looked at my new pet and then me. ” we already are four in group. How come it triangle.?”

Oh yeah.. We are four in our group. Together for forever. Somapti and Neil was there. Will meet later. But now I have to buttering him. “But we could be best friend forever. You know, somu and Neil are couple. So we could be support for each other.” I used my most puppy eyes.

I didn’t know which thing worked. My cheesy lines or Tofli’s loving eyes. But at last Shan smiled. Yepee I am the best I knew it. So I made a happy dance. Then he couldn’t help laughing. Alhamdulillah…

I didn’t want anyone sad because of me. Oh shit. “Shan …it’s almost 9. Hurry up. We can’t late for our first day.” Yrr that was our orientation day at our uni. And we can’t afford to be late.

“Oh shit. We will be in big problem. The seniors are going to kill us. ” Shan started toward our house , and me too. He was really afraid for ragging. I laughed at him. He was scared for nothing. I’m sure they would not be that cruel.

“Don’t laugh. You don’t know them. I heard every new student tied up with a senior for first practical class. They can do anything with us then. May be end up with chemistry. And I’ll be dead by the end of day.” His this word was scary. I hated chemistry. I hated that stupid formula and reactions too. Yuck.

My numbers were always low in this paper. If I had to face it….I don’t know what would happen. But I couldn’t lose hope. I would have to manage my lab partner. I was not saying they would be so cruel not so sweet. But I thought I would do my work.

I didn’t know then what was coming for me…that was curse. If…if only I knew about that. My life would be something else. Just everything turned away in a day.

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