Language of love (Episode 1)

Hey…I’m nishi here with my new story. It’s all about heart’s love. Do you think love can solve all problem. Not the romantic love but every kind of love that we experienced with the people near our heart.

Here is Abeeg. In Bangla it means (emotion.)
His life is quite miserable.
Hate his life with all his heart.

And this is Ritika.
Her story…OK that’s a total mystery.
You have to read for know.


Abeeg’s POV
Drama drama drama…..I’m just fed up…. Everyday. I couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

But son, it’s healthy. You should eat it..” My father’s wife said it in a loveable voice. She could be a good actor.. Why she was here. Oh yeah. My so call Dad married her and she was stuck with us. Poor lady. Sometimes… Sometimes.. I felt bad for her. But that time is not now. So as usual I snapped at her.

“Look. First of all I’m not your son. My health is not your concern. You continue your drama. Good. Keep up. But don’t push my wall. ” I stood up my chair. Pushing my plate. It was khichuri. My one time’s favourite food. Dad looked at me with irritation. Certainly not a new thing.

“Can’t you behave. I can’t believe you are my son.” Ohh really!. I always knew there was some fishy. Now he clarified it. His wife shook her head to him. Just like a warning. “You are angry with me. It’s OK. But finish your dinner.” Again drama.

“I’m fed up. For God sake. Stop it now.” I walked away from them. Someday just want to run away. Don’t know how far.

“Fed up. You? Seriously!?. Wow. This line should be ours. You know!. I…I just can’t recognize you. You are no more that child I know, Abeeg. This 6 years. You just changed in some other person. You are destroying yourself after…after….” He stopped his word in the midline. We all knew what he wanted to say.

“After what!? Finish your line. Dad…come on , you can’t be that pushy.” He looked away from me. Clarified that he didn’t want to talk about it. But unfortunately I couldn’t help him in this matter. So I finished his line.

“After my mom’s death. Who had give her full life to you. A lame person who just forget her within a year. Huh!! And married a woman just for his happiness. Right my honorable Dad?!” I said it through my teeth, near to cry. But I’m strong. I’m not going to cry. Whatever would going to happen. Didn’t care.

But Dad’s face was just I trigger the gun to his heart. His face was soo painful. “No son, it’s not like that.” Again…why this woman couldn’t leave me alone. Why was she always interfering.?.

“I thought I was talking with my Dad. Not his wife. So don’t interfere.” I left them saying that. After coming my room I shut the door.Wow! what a life… Just darkness..

I experience it for 6 year…. You know before that everything was so beautiful. Mom Dad me perfect family. I believed in love then. They were the best couple for me. I was the sign of their love. But when reality harsh it badly hurts. After mom, I thought I still have a family. But no. My existence was not enough for my so rich Dad. He needed some more. And he left me, not literally..

Yeah nobody can see that. We are still like family. His so called wife’s acting never stopped. Seemed like she cared for me. Bullshit.!! You can call me spoil brat. Idiot, shameless… Whatever… I didn’t mind. Nothing can touch me now..

I thought… My life would spend in this way. But nothing could be expected in my life. Just one Storm,,,, changed my life completely. Tuufaan…

Just a tuufaan…

Hi.. This is just the start. If you want me to continue plz support me. I had some friend here. Hope I can find them again and some new friend too.

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  1. nishi it’s a nice story i just loved it ……….you should continue it

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  3. Nishi continue the story dear…

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  5. Awesome, wowwww nishi….it’s mind blowing….u came back with new story. …wowwww. ..I loved the intro n the cast….very interesting n unique story. ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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