The land of snow (Krpkab,vishkanya and edkv) epi-2


Scene-1.Harshad office

The episode starts with Malay comes to office and asks harshad,… Conversation!
Malay:Papa let us have tea?
Harshad:First work and then have!??
Malay:Ohh!! Mind voice(I need to compete till that time I will enjoy tea??). He takes tea pack and opens it slowly.. It falls down.
Harshad: He comes near cupboard and. Opens and sees it is spilled and gets shocked.
Harshad: He gets up and sees Malay working!
Malay: Acts..
Harshad: Brings broom and starts cleaning it!
Malay gets shocked..he asks what r u doing?? Malay tells I only spilled so I will clean. Harshad tells so u spoken truth??????Harshad tells I knew but I wanted to hear from u r mouth.. So only acted!

Harshad: Pls clean it and call shravan office and tell them to bring tea!
Malay:Agrees.. He cleans all tea.. He tells himself.. He made a big mistake.. At least I would have got tea if I did not do this!??

Scene-2 College

Dev:He comes near gate! He prays to God and tells I need to get pass in BDS exam this time!
Sonakshi: I should get first mark!
Dev:Opens his eyes and sees sonakshi and smiles..
Sonakshi; Sees dev and leaves.
Dev:Why she is leaving?
Sonakshi:Comes to exam hall.
Dev:Comes there and asks her why she left from there after seeing his face?
Sonakshi: Becoz u r face is ugly!??
Dev: What?
Sonakshi: Pls see u r face in mirror and goes inside. And sits on chair.
Dev:Sees mirror and calls one girl and asks ru ready to come date with me? She agrees.
Dev:She is fool!

Dev comes inside and calls her as Ms.fool. he writes exam.. Sonakshi also writes well! They both comes out .. Dev sees her and calls her as Ms.fool! Sonakshi tells I am not married! She leaves

Scene-3. Shravan office

Shravan tells apu to be away from bangan! She agrees. Bangan comes inside and asks shravan r u speaking about me?? Proud???????
Apu tells him leave.. She comes near accounts section.. She gets a call from harshad office.. She takes it. Malay tells her to bring 3Kg of tea.. She tells usually sir will ask to bring only 2kg!! Malay asks if I ask extra u won’t bring??she tells sure sir.!

Scene-4 suman tiffin centre!

Suman sits there and tells ladies to work fast!! She cleans something which is kept on table and gets shocked.. She asks who did this? Small boy comes there and takes it. Suman smiles.. He leaves. Suman walks on room thinking about it.. Suddenly a man comes out of window and proposes her!????She tries to come out.. One more .. Many boys propose her..

Scene-5 on the road!

She escape from all and walks on road and tells how many are there to propose me?? She walks on road with big smile!! Suddenly. Car rashly comes there and spills water on her Dres.s.. She gets shocked.. She shouts at him.. It is none other than apu!! She comes to Harshad office!

Scene-6 harshad office!

Malay tells all worker to work properly! Apu comes there and collides with Malay.. They share an eyelock! Siye re plays.. Cotton falls on them.. It hides their face! Shravan calls apu… Apu sign to leave Malay.. He leaves her.. She falls down. Apu take it.

Shravan asks did u give? Apu tells I brought tea and I will give Now! Malay gets shocked.. Malay tells sorry..

Precap: Malay pays money and gets tea. Apu leaves.. Suman searches address and find the car is registered on shravan name! Dev comes to mall with his friends.. Sonakshi comes there for shopping!

Hope u liked it..

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  3. Kathy

    Nice episode naren…. Wel… Enjoyed harsh n Malay conversation a lot… Oh Dev n sona… Like Tom n Jerry….?? …. Excited for the next episode … ? Keep writing..

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      Thnx Kathy!! For the comment..

  4. HAHAHAHA…. sona said DEV IS UGLY….lol….HE IS NOT AT ALL UGLY …well it was suprb narendran…waitng for nxt epi…

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    Awesome yaar. Update soon

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    Collision of Cubics..Nyc bro

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    I have decided not to continue this ff.. One is becoz of less comments.. Next is I have to concentrate on studies.. Sorry.. Guys..

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