L’amour est dans l’air (Love is in the air) Prologue


My dear Twistinians welcome to a new story it’s a mix between sweet romance and Mystery/Thriller.

Her pov
“What’s wrong with this place, there are so many killings happening here.” I told my secretary. “Je n’aime pas la terrorisme(I hate terrorism).” She said angrilly. “But not every terror attack was, because of the muslims as there are always the good and bad ones.” I replied back, I know miss. Malik!” “Don’t call me miss. Malik as I told, that you can call me Nandini!” “What about I call you princess Nandini!” “Please don’t call me that as it reminds me of….” “Of someone special?” She asked me and I went to my thoughts about him, the rockstar, lead singer of Fab5 and now my business rival Manik Malhotra, my forbidden love!” “How destiny played its game, I fell for the guy, whom my father Mr. Sameer Malik hates the most.” “I can not let my father down!” “Earth to Nandini!” “Oh thanks Navya!” “It’s okay Nandu, I know that you are thinking about Manik!” “How do you know that my dear secretary!” “Because I’m your best friend, before being your secretary.” She said. “Yes, you are right!” I said. “I am always right!” She jokingly said.
End of her pov

End of the prologue

This story will mainly have MaNan’s point of views sometimes of the others as well!

The copyright of this prologue belongs to me❤️

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