Hey Everyone!
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I am back with another One Shot ?

Well this idea popped in my Mind whilst listening to Song LAMHA TERA MERA from Zanjeer??

And moreover it’s My Ramu’s Birthday

SORRY for being late I was just with House shifting and My College ?? Moreover EID is Coming ahead and Our Mandi Fever isn’t over ?? Sorry Ramu ??

So here is a Short and Sweet Story within this Song ?This story just sweet as our room ? I was writing this storyfrom last two day’s and didn’t find a better ocassion than our Ramu’s Birthday to Post ??

Do listen to Song whilst reading the OS it will add the feel ?


TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA:(Age:25) Beauty with Brains ; Beautiful ; Bubbly ; Cute ; Sweet and Our Punjabi Pataka ? Married to Kunj ; Her Love ; Her World ?

KUNJ SARNA: Hot; Handsome & Dashing ? His Charm flatters thousand heart’s ; A strict Buisness Man ; Amritsar Biggest Buisness tycoon ; married to twinkle ; His Love ; His Life ?

(TWINJ are Orphan and Childhood friend’s turned lover’s)

So Let’s Start the Story ? Hope U all will like it ?

Let’s Start with a Smile?

Tum aur Hum jo saath hain..
Khush numa ehsaas hai..
Sab kuch naya..
Kyun iss tarah lagne laga..

A beautiful Couple is shown sleeping in eachother’s embrace with a Content Smile ? The couple is none other than our heavenly TWINJ ?

Ahaan ! But twinkle isn’t sleeping ? She is awake ; Her face adorning cute pout ?

Twinkle nudged Kunj cuddling herself more in his Embrace which disturbs his sleep and a smile adorns his face as he opened his eye’s to the Cute Pouty sight of his Wife; staring him with her pretty brown Eye’s..

K: What happened Siyappa Queen (Teasing)

T:(Placing her hand on his which was On her belly) Baby is hungry Papa ?

K:My baby is hungry or her Mummy (raising his Eyebrows)

T:(With a Cute annoyed Face) Huh ! Both ?

Kunj Smiled at Twinkle and pecked her pout and then placed a sweet kiss on her still not So visible baby bump as she was just 2 Month’s pregnant ?

Hum aur tum yeh paas hai..
Zindagi kuch khaas hai..
Ab mujh me tu ; bas tu hi tu..
Milne laga..

Twinkle was sitting on a kitchen slab wearing a white top with blue shorts landing above her thighs munching on a apple and ordering Kunj who was preparing BF..

Kunj was irritated by her ordering but also can’t stop himself from admiring the Cute faces twinkle was making ?

Kunj finally prepared a garlic bread and cheese omelet with Orange juice as ordered by twinkle and placed infront of her..

But twinkle bursted into fits of laughter seeing Kunj ?? His forehead smeared with flour and his white shirt having spots of orange juice and butter ??

This time Kunj pouted Cutely making twinkle admire him ? Twinkle raised herself a bit whilst sitting on slab and pecked his Nose teasing him ?

She then picked up a towel and jumped of the slab but was about to slip and was going to hurt herself when Kunj held her in nick of time and looked at her angrily ?

Twinkle made a puppy face so that Kunj won’t be angry but it didn’t work ??

K:(Fake Anger Cause he already melted seeing her puppy face but still it felt like it took his life away) Twinkle how many times I asked u too be careful ? U aren’t alone now ; U carries symbol of our Love along U (Emotional) U know there is no one beside me apart from U two (teary eyed) plz be careful..

Twinkle held her ears pouting Cutely but Kunj turned his Face other side showing fake anger?

Twinkle placed her hand on her belly and talked to baby Cutely ?

T:See na Baby ? Ur Papa is Angry with Ur Mamma ? Ab kaise manaye papa ko ?

Kunj was silently giggling listening her Talks ; but her next statement made Kunj’s Mouth wide Open in Shock ?

T:Huh ! So what if Papa is Angry ? We are Hungry pehle breakfast than We will see papa also ??

Kya hai yeh..
Kya yeh pyaar hai..
Hum ko hua pehli baar hai..
Jo bhi hai teray saath hai..
Ye lamha tera mera..

Kunj was still upset by morning incident ; how much he wanted to forget the incident but still wasn’t able to forget it..

Twinkle was his life and he can’t afford to loose her ? His Life depends on twinkle and now there unborn baby..

Twinkle knew Kunj was still upset by what happened in morning ; A naughty idea striked in Siyappa Queen’s Mind ?

They sitting in their lawn facing the pool ; it was their routine to sit their after dinner have a Cup of Coffee along it romancing and talking about their day enjoying eachother’s company and warm embrace..

Twinkle was resting her head on Kunj’s Chest; her hand’s draped around his torso hugging him..

His hand’s were absent mindedly stroking her hairs ; He wasn’t talking today ; She knew he was listening her keenly but wasn’t responding her ; She knew he was bit hurt due to her carelessness..

His slight anger wasn’t unnecessary ; it was true that they don’t have had anyone apart themselves and now there symbol of love who was going to come in this world within few month’s making them complete ?

Twinkle got up ; Kunj questioned her through his Eye’s ; it was their routine that Kunj himself carry her back to their room as per Twinkle’s tantrums and rules ??

T: I am tired ! I want to go to Our bedroom..

Kunj stood up and took her in his Arm’s and started walking inside the house ; Twinkle wrapped her arms around his Neck and rested her head on his chest ; She smiled thinking how much he get angry ; He can never stop caring about her ?

Hum Aur Tum Jo Sath Hain..
Kya Kahe Kya Baat Hai..
Jeene Ki Tu Saari Wajah Banne Laga..
Tum Aur Hum Yoon Pass Hai..
Do Dil Aur Ek Saans Hai..
Her Pal Mein Tu, , Haan Tu Hi Tu..
Milne Laga..

Kunj Smiled slightly but soon his eye’s widen ? twinkle was being naughty ; She was playing with his shirt buttons and was placing kisses on his Neck?

They entered their room and Kunj made twinkle lye on bed and was about to go when twinkle pulled him above her by his Collar making him shock at her sudden gesture ??

T: Still upset due to morning incident ?

Kunj avoided her gaze and nodded in NO..

Twinkle held his Face and made him look at her ; her other hand still fisting his shirt ; He had tears in his eye’s..

Twinkle was shocked seeing tears in his eye’s ??

T: Kunjjj..

K:Twinkle agar Aaj tujhe ya baby ko kuch ho jata na toh I would have di..

Twinkle didn’t let him complete his words and placed her soft Lips on his Rough ones and kissed him ; Kunj responded back with full passion and love..

Their kiss conveying their Love ; Affection ; Care ; Addiction and possessiveness toward’s eachother ?

TWINJ break the Kids being out of breath and rested their forehead against eachother trying to calm their raging breaths ; sweet smiles adorning their faces?

But our Punjabi Pataka was Upto something naughty ? while kissing she opened his shirt buttons without his knowledge ?

Twinkle started caressing his chest with her hand’s and had a Naughty smirk on her face ?

Kunj was Suprised by her action ? Twinkle smiled Naughtily and pulled him closer and pecked his Lip’s ?


T:(Husky Tone) Come On Mr Sarna Ur wife needs U (Winking)

Kunj made an ‘O’ face ??

K: Twinkle U are getting to naughty day by day ? Hayee Babaji meri princess bhi Iski tarah naughty hui toh (dramatically?)

T:(pushing Kunj off her on bed) Haww ? Mr Sarna ? Jao I won’t talk to U ? and listen Mr Sarna the baby would be my Prince not princess

Kunj pulled twinkle upon him such that it won’t hurt her or the baby and tucked a strand of hair behind her ears and kissed her forehead ; Twinkle was pouting..

Kunj kisses her both eye’s and said :

K: I want princess Mrs Sarna ; just like U (kissing her cheeks)

Twinkle blushed and Kunj pulled her beneath him kissing her Lip’s..

They broke kiss being out of breath; Twinkle pulled out his shirt whilst Kunj kissed her Neck giving her Love bites making her moan his name..

Twinkle was caressing Kunj’s hairs but Kunj stopped suddenly ; Twinkle questioned him throw her Eye’s?

K:(Cupping her Face with on hand and with other hand supporting himself to not out his Weight on her) Not Now Twinkle ; U are in first trimester of ur pregnancy and I don’t want to hurt baby and moreover u usually feel so weak now a day’s and I don’t want u to feel more weaker (kissing her Forehead)

Twinkle admired his Concern and Love for both of them and was about to oppose that everything was well when Kunj sushed her by putting his Finger on her Lip’s..

K:Shhh..No arguments..

He took her in his Arm’s whilst twinkle rested her head on his chest not before placing a kiss on his cheek and right at the place where heart is positioned on his chest..

Both slept in eachother’s embrace peacefully..

Kya Hai Yeh.. Kya Yeh Pyaar Hai..
Humko Hua Ye Pahli Baar Hai..
Jo Bhi Hai Tere Saath Hai..
Yeh Lamha Tera-Mera..

Kunj was getting ready to go office but twinkle was sitting on bed crossing her leg wearing kunj’ s shirt and staring him angrily from Mirror ?

She was pouting angrily yet Cutely and mumbling pretending as if talking to baby but indirectly taunting Kunj ?

Kunj shook his head sighing at his Siyappa Queen’s Antics ??

He went near her and sat on his knees on Floor facing her and placed his hand on her now almost 4 month’s pregnant belly which was know a little bit visible ?

K:(Talking to baby yet conveying to twinkle) Hmmm Baby Ur Mamma is Angry ? So I think she won’t like to go on a dinner and have her favourite butter chicken and then her favourite Ice cream ?

T: (Immediately) Who said Mamma is Angry ?? No one is Angry ?

K:(Teasing) Acha ji

Kunj tickled her a bit making her laugh ? He then placed a Loving kiss on her Forehead than on her small baby bump..

He was about to go when twinkle held his wrist and turned him ; Kunj gestured What? Twinkle stood up and raised her self on her toes and placed kiss on his Forehead too ??

T:Come Soon Papa ? Mamma and Baby is waiting ?

Kunj Smiled and pecked her lips and left for the office ?

Aankhon Ne Pahna Chehra Tera..
Dhadkan Ne Odhi Khushboo Teri..
Aankhon Ne Pahna Chehra Tera..
Dhadkan Ne Odhi Khushboo Teri..
Ji Rahi Hoon Main Har Pal Aahat Teri..
Likh Rahi Hoon Main
Mujh Mein Bas Chaaht Teri..
Aisa Asar Hai Tera..

Twinkle was standing infront of Mirror checking herself getting ready ; twinkle was looking a bit chubby yet pretty in beautiful white and yellow floral knee length dress..

Kunj was admiring her standing by the door smiling at her Cute Antics ? Kunj came in without her notice and wrapped his arm’s around her from back ; engulfing her in a back hug placing his hand’s gently on her belly..

Twinkle smiled feeling his touch and cuddled more in him ? Kunj placed a Loving a Kiss on her head..

K: Kya hua meri Siyappa Queen?

Twinkle turned around and placed her hand’s on his chest and said pouting Cutely ?

T: Look Kunj ! I am looking so Fat ?

Kunj Smiled at her and said..

K:Ahaan Siyappa Queen U aren’t looking fat? U are looking my cute chubby doll??

T: Really (Smiling)

Kunj nodded his head positively and removed a hair strand covering twinkle’s face and leaned forward for a Kiss but twinkle pushed him smiling Naughtily ?

K:Twinkle !

T:(Naughtily) Abhi na mera mood nahi hai ? And baby is also hungry so jaldi karo Kunj Sarna..

Kunj sighed at his Queen and went after her taking his Car Key’s..


TWINJ were sitting in lonely wooden cabin nearby beach enjoying it’s View talking with a bit romance both holding eachother’s hands smiling..

It was small cabin ; beautifully decorated with scented candles and rose petals scattered on Floor..

Dim lentren light enhancing the beauty of room ; at a corner two chair along table in centre cladded in white and red cloth ; scented candles placed in middle along a beautiful small flower and chocolate basket..

It had paper lantern hanging above table adding beauty to the environment..

At the other end of the cabin was placed a mattress covered in white and red floral sheets..

Kunj took her toward’s table and like a gentle man pulled out chair from her and made her sit ?

They had their dinner and then Kunj asked waiter to brought Chocolate Lava Cake along vanilla ice cream..

Kunj asked twinkle for a dance until there ice cream arrives ; Twinkle placed her hand in his and pulled her closer by her waist..

Her hand’s placed on his chest ; both moving slowly to the beat of Music dancing romantically ; scented candles and dim light’s enhancing the Moment ??

Right at the moment their was knock on the hut door and their was waiter with the dessert..

Twinkle was having the dessert ; enjoying it whilst Kunj was admiring her ??

Twinkle was having dessert whilst talking like a Kid ; She noticed Kunj was staring her and didn’t having dessert..

Twinkle than snapped her fingers infront of Kunj and he came back to his Senses..

Twinkle forwarded him a spoon of it ; He ate and then feeded her too ; they both fed eachother passionately looking at eachother having intense eyelock..

Yeh Jo Hai.. Yeh To Pyaar Hai..
Humko Hua Ye Pahli Baar Hai..
Jo Bhi Hai Tere Saath Hai..
Har Lamha Tera-Mera..

Time was passing with the blink of eye ; TWINJ were savouring one of the best moment of their lives enjoying it with eachother beside themselves..

Kunj was taking care of twinkle very well ; from fulfilling all her wishes to bearing her Mood Swings..

He was pampering her to No extent and twinkle could not thank Babaji enough for sending Kunj in her Life..

She was getting fatter day by day cause of his excessive Care and Love ; He would feed her with his Hand’s..

He make sure that she didn’t miss her medicines and would not escape fruits ; Healthy Soup and juices made by himself..

He was proving to be a best husband a Women could get and his increasing love toward’s their baby made her feel so blessed that when their symbol of love will arrive in this world ; He would be the best father to them..

Kunj took twinkle to morning walks and Yoga ; He made sure there was no compromise within her health..

In this time Kunj was awarded the BEST BUISNESS TYCOON IN INDIA ; Kunj never introduced twinkle to media or world to avoid her from Evil Eye’s but at the Award Ceremony; He introduced his LOVE; His LIFE to the world MRS TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA..

Breaking many heart and dreams of a girl to get him as their husband but he was all taken..

Har Lamha Tera-Mera..Hum Donon Jaisa
Har Lamha Tera-Mera Deewanon Jaisa..
Har Lamha Tera-Mera Mohabbaton Sa..
Har Lamha Tera-Mera..
Hum Aur Tum Yoon Paas Hain..
Zindagi Kuchh Khaas Hai..
Ab Mujh Mein Tu Bas Tu Hi Tu..
Milne Laga Haan..

Twinkle was now in her last month of pregnancy ready to deliver there baby..

There happiness knew no bounds ; in some day’s a tiny creature with Chubby cheeks and hand’s with petite frame was going to come in there Life to complete them..

The happiness twinkle saw on Kunj’s face was when he first time experienced the Baby movement rather he never left twinkle alone to go on Monthly Check Up..

He was always with her and eagered to watch their baby on Ultrasound machine..

It was yet again a beautiful morning slightly drizzling weather and cold breeze enhancing the environmental beauty..

TWINJ were sitting in the Lounge of their House in eachother’s embrace watching TV when twinkle experienced un easiness but ignored it..

But suddenly the pain increased and she tighten her hold on Kunj’s hand she was holding and screamed..


K:(Concerned and panicked) What happened twinkle ? Are U Okay? (Cupping her Face)

T:I guess it’s the time..Aahh..


Kunj helped twinkle to get up but she wasn’t able to walk due to pain so he carried her in his Arm’s..

Whole journey to hospital Kunj was holding Twinkle’s hand and were soothing her with word’s and driving as fast as possible..

Tum Aur Hum Yoon Pass Hai..
Do Dil Aur Ek Saans Hai..
Her Pal Mein Tu Haan Tu Hi Tu..
Milne Laga..

Kunj and twinkle were in Labour Room ; Kunj was with twinkle supporting her , encouraging her to push and to avoid pain was distracting her by talking..

After an Hour of Twinkle’s scaring screams and bone crushing hold on Kunj’s hand there was a silence and then they heard the thing that changed their world..

A loud cry of a baby was heard making TWINJ smile whole heartedly within Tears ; Kunj placed a Loving kiss on Twinkle’s forehead who was sweating due to pain and un even breathing..

D:Congratulations Mr and Mrs Sarna ? It’s a Baby Girl

TWINJ smiled and after cleaning process and all Doctor shifted twinkle to Normal Ward and handed baby to her..

Kunj was too scared to hold her thinking what if he would hurt her ?

Twinkle made him hold the baby girl whilst his talks made her Laugh ??

K: She is so soft na Twinkle ?

T: Ooh God Kunj U are asking like a Kid?? No one would say that U are a Father to a baby girl ??

Kunj pouted cutely whilst the baby who was staring Kunj intently giggled seeing her father..

(Ok now I know U people might be thinking that how can a baby know that he was her father but I read somewhere that new born babies could immediately make difference to a stranger’s touch and their parent’s)

Twinkle too laughed seeing him ??

K: Huh! This isn’t fair baby U should be in my team but U are also laughing along Ur Mom ?

They were spending a Loving Family time enjoying and laughing ? satisfied by their life ??

Kya Hai Yeh..Kya Ye Pyaar Hai..
Humko Hua Yeh Pahli Baar Hai..
Jo Bhi Hai Tere Saath Hai..
Yeh Lamha Tera-Mera..


A beautiful lady wearing white frock Upto her knees along with turquoise jewellery complementing her beauty was climbing the stairs toward’s her room to wake them both..

In a big luxurious room full of pictures of a happy couple ; some single , some together ; some selfies and lot’s of pictures with a cute baby girl ??

The Room was revealed to be of TWINJ ??

The lady who entered the room was revealed to be twinkle..

She pushed the curtains to let light enter the Room ; Two sleeping figures on bed turned there head’s to other side..

One of the figure was of Kunj who was laying on bed on his stomach with a bare upper body..

Whilst a Cute yet small chubby figure was lying upon him in same position ?? The cute chubby figure was revealed to be TWINJ’s Five Year Old daughter SIA SARNA

Twinkle hit her hand on her Forehead sighing ??

T: Huh! This father daughter won’t ever change ?

Twinkle went and sat on bed and patted Sia’s Cheek..

T: Sia baby Come on get up.. it’s Already 9 in the morning..

S:(Sleeping Tone hugging Kunj) Umm mamma.. Plz let me sleep na.. Aap papa ko uthao..

T: Kunj utho na..

K:(same sleepy tone) Aann twinkle sone dena.. tu sia ko utha pehle..

Twinkle mouth was left wide Open ? this father-daughter never left a chance to Suprise her..

While she heard soft giggling sounds ? she knew this duo was playing with her ? So she also used her Trump Card ?

T: Ok Sia and Kunj U both Sleep I am alone gonna eat Chocolate Brownies?

Sia woke up and sat at once on Kunj’s back jumping making Kunj whimper in slight pain ??

S: No mumma I am awake..

K:Aao Sia baby !

S:(bitting her tongue Cutely and jumping off Kunj’s Back) Oops ? Sorry Papa.. I got excited and forget..

K:(In a Wishper still twinkle and Sia heard) Dono Maa-Beti Siyappa Queen hai..

T/S:Kunjjj/ Pappa..

K:Okay I am sorry (sitting and holding his Ears)

Twinkle and Sia looked at eachother and smiled Naughtily whilst Kunj knowing what’s coming next shouted ‘NO’ whilst both laughed..

T/S: We need to go on a Shopping ??

Kunj made a crying face and sat rubbing his Hairs ?? Twinkle and Sia kissed his either Cheek knowing it would work and it did..

K:(Whinning) Ok ??

T/S: Yippee??

Sia jumped off the bed and went to her Room to get ready in excitement whilst twinkle was about to go when Kunj held her wrist and pulled upon himself and said..

K:Tu kidhar chali Siyappa Queen ; My Morning Kiss is left..

Saying so he pulled her into a Kiss and twinkle responded equally and happily ??

Kya Hai Yeh..Kya Ye Pyaar Hai..
Humko Hua Yeh Pahli Baar Hai..
Jo Bhi Hai Tere Saath Hai..
Yeh Lamha Tera-Mera…



So here is quite Long OS?
Hope U people liked it ?
Once again a Very Happy Birthday Ramu???

So Next Update is by Wednesday of LOVE CAN OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLE as requested by U all ??

Thanx for supporting and Commenting ?
Hope to see U all Commenting ?

Now it’s time to take leave see U soon?

Love U All??
Loads Of Love??
Take Care??
Keep Smiling??
Bye bye ???

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