Lambi Judaai (Kanchi) Episode 3

Recap :  Kabir and Sanchi’s meet . Past Reavelation …

Kabir enters into the pool side of the hotel where he spots Riana and Rishika playing . He goes to them . He pampers them both .

Rishika : Hey ! Mr.Cool , will you come and have fun with me ?

Kabir : Oh sure my cookie ! My sweetipie ! (He realized that he never calls Riana by these names )

The trio giggle and have lots of fun .They dance and play together . At last, the trio sips a cup of hot chocolate . After then the trio return to their respective rooms .Rishika enters into the room and looks at Sanchi who was getting ready .

Sanchi : Rishika ! Get ready …we have to go for dinner .

Rishika : Ok mama !

In here ,I mean Kabir’s room Riana urges Kabir to go for dinner who was not ready to go because of Ria . Finally he agrees . So , both RiAnchi and RiaBiRia set off to the same restaurant . Riabiria enters first while Sanchi was just going to enter when she sees Kabir .

Rishika : Mr. Cool !

Sanchi pulls Rishika and puts her hand on her mouth and rushes from there . Kabir looks back to see if Rishika is there and then thinks it to be his illusion .Sanchi with Rishika enters into the room .

Rishika : Mumma ! Why did you bring me here ? We were going to have dinner na …

Sanchi : Hmm ! We will go for dinner but after sometime , baby you know Mama’s head is spinning ,so you go and play for sometime and I will call you for dinner .

Rishika : Mumma ! Since your head is spinning , I will massage your head and in return ,you talk to me ,Ok ?

Sanchi : Hmm

Rishika massages Sanchi’s head while Kabir’s face flashes before Sanchi .. There is sweat on her forehead and tears in her eyes .

Rishika : Mumma ! You know what ? Mr. Cool is so funny and I know and also believe that my father would also be that funny , was he ?

With this statement of Rishika , Sanchi breaks down. She hugs her tightly .

Sanchi in mind : He is your father,  Rishika !

Rishika : Mumma ! Why are you crying ?

Sanchi : Nothing cutiepie ! You go and watch Tv ..

Sanchi forcibly sends Rishika to watch TV and locks herself in the room

Sanchi : KABIR ! How can he be here ? How and Why ? Why god …why ? It’s been 7 years and now I don’t even want to see his face , whatever he told me that day ,it hurts even today . I will never forgive him and keep Rishika away from him ,just away …(smiles with tear ) what a destiny ? Rishika likes Kabir and he too likes Rishika …. And the bond between them is inseparable but no , who doesn’t accept his own child ,shouldn’t  be … (breaks down )

It was beautiful atmosphere decorated with balloons ,light , flowers and many more . It is revealed to be Kanchi’s Sangeet .
Every one was dancing . The people on the groom’s side were sitting on one side and people on the bride’s side were sitting on the another side .

Pragya : Sanchi ! Humne Veer se bet lagai hai ki Kabir woh sab karega jo tum use bologi .. please humme yeh bet jitva do … (whispers)

Sanchi : Don’t worry ,Pragya!

Here in the kitchen ,a girl, you know who , Riya was making sharbat for Sanchi . She mixed some powder in the sharbat .She laughs evily . (Probably like Ravan ??)

Riya : When I give this glass to Sanchi and then she will drink it , she will lose her control … Oh wow ! And then misbehave in front of the elders , then her marriage will break and Kabir is mine forever …Let me give this glass to Sanchi .

**Author’s note :Sanchi is a orphan here **

Riya enters the hall where the function was going on . She looks at Sanchi and smiles .

Riya : Sanchi ! You have not eaten anyhing from the morning , drink this sharbat .

Sanchi takes the glass when Pragya asks her to complete the bet. She goes to Kabir and asks him to drink this juice when Veer denies him to drink the juice . But Sanchi forcefully makes Kabir drink the juice . Riya face turns shocked . She didn’t know what will be the consequence

A moment later Sanchi was seen talking with some guests when Kabir comes . He holds her hand and pulls her to take her upstairs .
Sanchi : Kabir what are you doing ? What will the people think ?

Kabir : Let them think whatever, they are thinking ?

Kabir pushes Sanchi into the room and locks the room . He goes near Sanchi and back hugs her . He pits his hand inside her saree to touch her navel . She shivers in his touch. She was taking heavy breaths .

Sanchi : Kabir ! This is not the right thing to do … not before marriage ..

Kabir : Shhh ! I love you .

He presses his lips on to hers and after that …..
(chodo dono ko thodi privacy dete hain . You know what happens next ?????)

Next day , Kabir found himself sleeping on the bed when Pragya came and asked him to get ready because it’s his marriage today . He could not remember anything that happened
last night with him .The time passes eventually . And it’s Shaadi ka muhrat .

Time skip to Mandap . Kanchi are sitting on the mandap doing all the rituals . It was time to take the vows . It was the third phera going on when Sanchi fell unconscious in Kabir’s arms . They rushed her to the room . Since ,it was Kabir’s wedding ,he was not allowed to check Sanchi .Doctor was called .

Doctor: Congratulations  ! Mr .Kapoor , she is pregnant .

This shocked Kabir and the whole family . SANCHI IS PREGNANT ! THAT TOO BEFORE MARRIAGE.   These things echoed in the hall .Soon Sanchi gained consciousness . She looks at Kabir with a smile .

Kabir : What is this ?

Sanchi : You are not happy ,Kabir ?

Kabir : How can someone be happy ? How can you be pregnant ? Sanchi ! Abort this baby

Sanchi : But why ?

Kabir : But how is it possible ? How can you be pregnant  ? Nothing happened between us .

Sanchi : Don’t you remember Kabir !

Kabir : What ? Sanchi , we will abort this baby

Sanchi : No ,Kabir

Kabir : Why ? Your lover will be angry … Sanchi tell me whose baby is it ?

Sanchi : Kabir it’s our…

Kabir : Shut up ! It’s not my baby , nothing happened between us
Sanchi : You have questioned my character , and I won’t spend my whole life with a person who doesn’t believe ..

Kabir : Oh yes ! You can get out .. just out

Flashback ends .

Sanchi cries .

Precap : Kabir and Sanchi to meet .

Sorry guys ! I postponed the precap … please forgive me

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