Lambi Judaai (Kanchi) Episode 2

Recap : Kabir to meet Rishika. Riana to cry . Ria forcing on to get intimate.

It was a bright sunny morning . Today Sanchi had to go to the seminar with Rishika who had a holiday in the school .  On the other hand Rishi was getting ready for the seminar and was going outside the room when Riana came running and requested him to go with her .

Riana : Papa ! Please I want to go with you …please na papa

Kabir : No baby ! You can’t go with me ,you will get bored there …

Riana : Please papa please ,… (cries )

Kabir : Ok fine ! But no badmaashi …

Riana : Oh sure Papa ! (Smiles)

Just then Ria came . She looks at Kabir and Riana . She smiles and gives an evil smirk .

Ria : But Riu baby ! How will you manage alone ? Papa will be busy know ? Let me come ,ok ?

Riana : Ok Mama !

Kabir : Ahem ! Ahem ! You can’t come with us …

Riana : But why Papa ? No papa ! I want mama …please na papa please ..

Kabir : Ok (glaring Ria )

On the other hand Sanchi and Rishika had already boarded the flight and also reached Jaipur . First of all , both of them entered inside the hotel room . Both of them freshened up .

Sanchi : Rishika ! I’m going to the seminar , so stay here and don’t go here and there .. ok ? And don’t go if a stranger calls you or offers you something … hmm ?

Rishika : Ok boss ! I won’t go anywhere. . You can without any worry

Sanchi kisses her forehead and leaves for the seminar . At the conference hall Sanchi is waiting since  2 hrs .

Sanchi : Where is your doctor, Mr. Sinha ? Why is he late ?

Sinha : Mam ! He must be in some problem .. Please have patience

Sanchi : What patience damn it ? It’s been two hours and reporting time was at 8 …

Sinha : Mam , he is the renowned Dr.Ka…..(Sanchi cuts him off)

Sanchi : How famous he is ? What’s  his name ? I don’t care , just give this file to him , I am leaving .

Sinha : Mam ,please wait a minute

Sanchi : Thanks but I did my duty , Now I have no work here and I won’t wait for a single minute now .

In the hotel Rishika was looking outside the window ,and you know what she spotted ? She spotted Riana with Kabir and Ria . She became really happy and ran downstairs to meet and greet her .At the lobby Rishika came running and hugged Riana .

Riana : Wow ! Rishika ,you here ?

Rishika : Hmm ! My mum had a medical seminar , so I came with her ..

Riana : Papa ! She is Rishika , my best friend

Kabir : Hello, Rishika ! Give me a high five .

Rishika gives him a high five.  Rishika looks at him and thinks for some time .

Rishika : Riana ! Your papa is so cool ,so I will call him , Is that ok with you Mr. COOL ?

Kabir : Oh yes ! Of course , you both play ,I have to attend the seminar (leaves)

Ria : Baby ! I am tired now , I am going for my beauty sleep , you too go and play .. hmm ?

Riana. : Oh sure Mama !

Sanchi enters the lobby and sees Rishika playing . She goes to her smiling and Rishika hugs her .

Rishika : Came so early ?

Sanchi : Hmm !

Rishika : Mama ! She is Riana ,the one I was talking about .. her father is

Sanchi : Aww ! She’s cute ! (Kisses riana )Now , would you both want to have an ice cream ?

Riana : Yes boss !

Sanchi : Ok then let’s go …

Kabir reaches the conference hall . He enters inside .

Mr.Sinha : Sir ! Madam has left … she was saying that she hates late comers and this file …

Kabir : Never Mind ! I would have done the same thing … I must say sorry to her ..

Mr. Sinha : Oh sure sir ! Here is her contact no . !

Kabir : Thanks !
In mind : Oh God ! Unreachable at the moment  …. I will talk to Rishika and she will tell her …afterall she is her mom…

Kabir departs and reaches the hotel room . He was going past the lobby when a waiter spilled drinks on his coat . He simply said Ok and went to his room .He entered inside his room , only to find it decorated just like a honeymoon suite . Suddenly he feels two rough hands clinging to his chest hugging him . He jerks and looks back to find it to be Ria who was wearing a s*xy black saree .

Ria removed his coat . She pushed him on the bed and laid upon him , she removes her palu and forces on him . She forcibly takes Kabir’s hand and puts it on her waist . Kabir pushes her and she falls on the ground (the most deserving position for Ria ???)

Kabir : How dare you cross your limits ? I have told you many times that there is no relation between me and you .. neither between me and Riana .. ypu understand that ? We are not married … How can you forget that ?? Don’t dare to cross your limits otherwise you know what will happen if I lose my temper ..

He picks up his coat and goes away ..

Preacp : Kabir and Sanchi’s meet . Past Reavelation …

Hey Guys ! Sorry, I couldn’t reply all of you .. But thank you all for your sweet comments .. I wanted to know whether you would like the past to be
A )Sanchi’s Misunderstanding .


B)Kabir’s  Misunderstanding

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  1. Lambi Judai u gave a right name for this?ff as u also give lambi Judai to us . Any way no more teasing. It’s fab. Please update regularly or else once in week as u feel so

    1. Neha7873

      Thank you so much Kajal for your comment ! Really overwhelmed… keep commenting and sorry for Lambi Judaai from you guys ???

  2. So so nice episode……..I think Sancho’s misunderstanding is better choice…..thank dost for such a lovely episode……. please yaar update soon……

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Anu dear !
      I will update soon

  3. Dhruti

    hi neha so long time……hmm…… kajal say you also give lambi judai to us ……………….ok back to your ff it was fab……….but can you post regularly or in weekend………………… ans is sanchi misunderstanding in next one…………… you a lot sweetie……… soon…….bye tc………….

    1. Neha7873

      Hey Dhruti !! Sorry for the lambi judaai ?? … I will try to post regularly …actually I was inactive for a medical trip …Luv u loads ..Take care ..

  4. Sajnana900

    Hey neha dii hru???
    Long tym na!!!
    And the epi was spr amzing hit like always……
    And about that past misunderstanding
    Y only always sanchi misunderstand kabir

    I will go with option 2 kabir misunderstand sanchi

    1. Neha7873

      I am fine Sanjana
      Hmm Long time !
      Thank you Sanjana
      Ok sure

  5. Awesome super fabulous fantastic and I will go with any topic because u will write will be awesome

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Divya ! Love you ..take care

  6. Riyarocks

    neha dear……..simply amazing…….ur plots….ur writings…..simply amazing……..luv them a lot……& abt misunderstandings, why alwz sanchi????…u can try with kabir’s misunderstanding……rest upto u, whatever u choose, its fine……luv u loads sweetieeeeeeeeee……

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Riya dear ! Love you…take care

  7. 1 or 2 koi bhi ho
    lambi math kichna
    jaldi se sort karlena
    waiting for next 1 dear

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Swetha dear

  8. i go with 2…….and the story is amazing

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Amnaa you

  9. Riru

    Well missed u ff a lot it wae amazing fab awesome outstanding actually now i m facing shortage words so at last option 2 . bye tc and luv u

    1. Neha7873

      THnaks Riru ! It means a lot that you vommented … luv u

  10. lambi judaai………..amazing n very well thought….as all said, plz update regularly or once a week…i also want this n kisiki bhi misunderstanding rakho…depends on ur choice….love uh

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Dhruvi ! It means a lot for me .. I will try to update regularly … love you …keep commenting and keep showering your love

  11. I m new here and I m big fan of yours lambi judai & our kanchi i just love your story …. Please update your next part as soon as possible because afterthat one week my exam so please update soon … dear bye

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Ragini for your sweet comment ! Glad you liked my article ..I will try to update soon …best of luck for your exam ..take care

  12. Hey neha awsome eepi dear… Sorry for late commnt.. I go with option 2 nd rest on u dear.. Bye tc.. Nd plzz post ur another fs or ff.. Gud ni8

    1. Neha7873

      Thank you so miuh, Niyaa !love you dear

  13. Neha7873

    Thanks Alia ! Love you dear

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