Lambi Judaai (Kanchi) Episode 1

It was breezy morning . A little girl of 7 years is seen sleeping. A lady comes and sits besides her .She caresses her head . The little girl wakes up and looks at her . She smiles. The lady is Sanchi and the girl is her daughter Rishika .

Rishika : Good morning Mumma !

Sanchi: Good morning Rishika ! Now get up ,C’mon , you have your school ,know ?

Rishika : Yes Mumma ! (Kisses her cheek )

Sanchi : Now go and finish your daily chores , then we will leave for school .

Rishika : Ok Mumma !

Rishika finishes her daily chores and comes to the dining table . She looks at the breakfast served to her and a broad smile comes to her face . It was her favourite breakfast ; toast ,boiled egg and juice .

She quickly munched on her breakfast while Sanchi looks at her . She smiles at her and thinks “Kabir bhi to aise hi khata tha , yeh to uska bhi favourite tha … Rishika ki sari adatein kabir jaisi hain ” 

Rishika : Mumma  ,I finished eating ! Thank you for the breakfast. Now ,shall we leave for school ?

Sanchi : Hmm ! Ok

They leave for school. A girl is seen with a young man . The young man is holding the hand of the girl and talking with her . The man is Kabir and the girl is Riana .

Kabir : Ready to go inside ? It’s your first day afterall

Riana : Yes and I am a bit nervous about !

Kabir : Don’t be nervous ,Riana .You will make new friends in here and everything is going to be alright

Riana : Ok Papa ! Bye

Kabir : Bye (waves at her )

Kabir returns home . He goes to SDCH to continue his duty. On the other hand Sanchi goes to Kalyani Devi College Hospital  ; a equally good and efficient hospital as SDCH. As soon as they enter into their respective work places they were bombarded with a number of surgeries ,OPD and many more . In the school Rishika met with Riana .

Rishika : Hi ! I am Rishika Mishra .

Riana : Hi ! I am Riana Kapoor

Rishika : Nice meeting you ! So, friends?  (Forwards her hand for a handshake )

Riana : Friends!  (Joins her hand )

Rishika :My mother’s name is Sanchi Mishra. She is a capable and good doctor at KDCH . She treats her patient with love and care .

Riana :My father is a doctor just like your mother at SDCH . My mother read doctery but she failed in the exam . By the way , what’s your father ?

Rishika : My father ? I haven’t seen him since my birth . Mumma never talks about him . Even there’s no photo of him at the house .

Just then bell rings and both of them run hastily to the gate . Rishika bids a goodbye to Riana and runs to Sanchi while Riana runs to Ria . Both of the parents did not see each other . They were happy with the children .

At the hospital both of our capable doctors Kabir and Sanchi are informed about a seminar to be held in Jaipur . They agree to attend the seminar . After finishing all the works and duties Sanchi and Kabir returned to their dwelling place respectively .

As soon as Sanchi entered a jumping Rishika came into her sight. Rishika quickly ran and hugged Sanchi.

Rishika :Mumma ! You are back ?

Sanchi : Yes I’m back ! Have you taken your snacks and finished your homework?

Rishika : Yes Boss (salutes her )

Sanchi : Ok then , let’s have our dinner and talk about our whole day .

Rishika : Ok Mumma !

Kabir returned home all tired and stressed. He enters into his bedroom . He was welcomed by Riana and horrible Ria . Ria  omes and hugs her but he jerks her .

Ria : Sweetheart!  You must be  tired , Let me remove your coat

Kabir : No need ! I can do it myself . Riana, can you go and play outside ?

Ria : Yes Papa !

Kabir : What do you think of yourself Ria ? How many times do I have to tell you that don’t act as my wife . Our marriage is not real ,we are not married. you get that ? Now stay away from me..

Ria : I am your wife

Kabir : Shut up Ria ! And leave me alone .. tumhari vajah se mera sar phat raha hai .

Riana enters and hugs Kabir . Kabir too hugs her .

Riana : Papa ! As you told my day at the school was so awesome . I made a new friend .

Kabir : What’s her name ?

Riana : Her name is Rishika ; Rishika Mishra …

Kabir : Rishika ; that’s such a nice name .

Riana : Papa ! Do you onow her mother is also a doctor like you and works in KDCH ,

Kabir : Oh that’s good ! Do you know what’s her name ?

Riana : It was something starting with S ..Sachita,Sanjitha or Sanc  … Sorry I couldn’t remember her name but tomorrow I will tell you for sure .

After having dinner Rishika and Sanchi were having quality time . Sanchi was cuddling Rishika and Pampering her

Rishika : Mumma ! Do you know I made a new friend today . She is new to our school and her name is Riana .

Sanchi : Riana ! Really nice name

Rishika : Her father is a doctor at SDCH.  His name was Kubair or something  like that .,actually I forgot .,

Sanchi : It’s ok my child ! Now go to sleep

Rishika : Mumma ! I wanted to ask you something 

Sanchi : Hmm..You are free to ask anything

Rishika : Mumma ! Everytime I ask you ,you always ignore but today I want the answer . Mumma ..I wanted to know my father’s name mumma !

Sanchi : Rishika ! How many times… (cuts off by Rishika )

Rishika : If you don’t want to tell now ,then it’s ok because I know you are my well wisher but atleast tell me his name or his initial letter .

Sanchi : His initial is K and surname is also K

Rishika : KK?

Sanchi nods .

Precap : Kabir to meet Rishika. Riana to cry . Ria forcing on Kabir to get intimate

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  1. Riyarocks

    Neha dear, tumhe itne pyaare & innovative ideas kahaan se aate hain??too good dear……..maano ke jaise tumne toh pehle hi ball pe 6 runs score karliya ho… other words, tussi toh chha gaye boss……I just enjoyed it a lot…….epic, mind blowing, what else to say…..luv u loads sweetieeeeeeee…………

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Riya !Love you too

  2. fab dear

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Swetha

  3. Niyati

    Wow….amazing di….nice plot…love it to the coree….do update soon.lots of love to u didu

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Niyu ! Love you

  4. Dhruti

    awesome ff…..i have no words to praise you but yaa i like this ff so much…update next one soon….

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Dhruti ! Love you dear ..Hey why don’t you start your own ff ? I would love to read something from yoh..

      1. Dhruti

        dear writing is not my cup of tea and i have so many entrance exams so i have not that much time for writing ff/os actually i am busy till feb………..but i think about it..thank you dear for suggesting me to write something………… you dear…………….a big hug for you………tc……

  5. Wow,,full of twist.. Just lv that epsd..

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Tumpamoni

  6. Anonymousaaa

    Kubair! I like the name actually.
    How dare that Riya?? Has she trapped Kabir? I am feeling like punching her face.And she failed the exam!!! I am so happy.
    Epi was awesome.Jab first epi itne majedaar hai to aage aage kyasa hoga. Main to curious hote hote paagal ho na jaoon.
    Plz post next epi asap.I would love to see how Rishika and Kabir would bond.

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Anonymousaa ! Glad you liked it … Actually after deep thinking Kubair striked to my mind ..Pagal mat hina nahi to mere episode padhega kaun ?????

  7. Trisha139

    HAHa ? I am like forgot about Kanchi just celebrating failure of Riya yippee ???!! Thanku for this nd coming back to your ff this was amazing superb mindblowing spell bound continue soon dear !!

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Trisha ! I am also really frustrated with Riya

  8. Please post asap its damn good… cant wait for the meeting of kanchi

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks NKH

  9. Khamoshi

    Neha it was fab as always.. amazing plot.. kash precap..riya ka sapna hi ban jaye..loved it dear plz update soon

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Khamoshi /Mitali .

  10. Amazing episode…. Loved it very much

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Amnaa

  11. Palak.Sharma

    Neha this was just fabulous!! Love the concept, reminds alot about that one show its a Ekta Kapoor show cant remember. Anyway it was awesome and I can’t wait to see what happens next and why Kanchi is separate

    1. Neha7873

      Thank you so much Palak ! Love you

  12. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely update soon can’t wait to read the next episode

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Divya …Love you

  13. Anee

    Wow Neha……….dear……….Splendid….mindblowingg….lajwabbbbb…..and manyyy manyyy more….dear…just loved it.

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Anee dear ,you are really sweet .

  14. Niyaaa

    Awsome mindblowing neha dear nd us chipde ria ka plan flop ho gaya jaise hmesha show m hota h achcha h wo or cvs h hi isse layak…btw dear awsome concept post nxt asap… Loved it nd love u too tc

    1. Neha7873

      Thank you so much Neha .. Love yoh

    2. Neha7873

      Sorry ! Autocorect ne jina haram kar diya … love you niyaa

  15. Moonlight25

    Wow dear…that was a great epi…just loved it…amazing start…love you loads and waiting for the next part

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Tania … love you

  16. RuCh23

    Aww so cute Neha ??? and that crazy Riya’s plan floped ??? that’s the best part!!! Amazing concept but sooooo curious to know what actually happened ???

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Ruwani …wil update soon

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