Laksh’s Ragini-A RagLak OS for Astra Akka

This one’s for u lotus…!!this thing is the continuation of the marriage sequence of raglak in which laksh betrays her but before itself ragini came to know about it and she genuinely leaves from mm making everyone over there to get shocked..!!
On the marriage day of kavlak
she was thrashing away all the things that she caught in her hand..!she have lost her control,she is behaving like she have gone mad..!!
“aah..!!”she screamed at her high pitch..!!
But she didn’t stopped throwing things..!!
she pushed her mother harshly outside her room who tried controlling her..!!
Suddenly there was a hand which is preventing her from slamming it..!!she know it was him,she doesn’t want to harm him so she left the door unshut and started her work,the same throwing away the things only..!!
He walks close to her and turned her towards him with full rage..!!
His eyes turned moist immediately when he looked up..!!
“please stop all this..!!”he said with the guilt in his eyes..!!
He immediately took her into his embrace and smashed her lips hardly showing her the pain that he have gone through..!!at first she tried pushing him away but he pulled her more into him..!!
He pinned her gently with the wall putting his heavy weight on her,it becomes most difficult for her now to push him away..!!
Finally she failed and reciprocated it..!!
He started chewing her lips lovingly and she is going crazy with his moves,he pressed her waist intentionally making her to moan and he took this as a chance and entered into her mouth making her to fell lose..!!
Lots of things were running in her mind..!!she suddenly realizes the fact that he is not hers..!!
This makes her to strike him on the ground..!!
“i love you ragu..!!”he said looking deep into her eyes..
Ragini:this isn’t possible laksh and you are someone else’s by now..!!
“ragu listen..!!”he brought her more close to him when she tried moving far away..!!
Ragini(struggling in his grip):leave my hands Mr.Laksh..!!
“i can’t think of it..!!”he said and his eyes fell down on her lips and he was gazing it intensely..!!he rubs her lips with his thumb making her to fall weak..!!
That’s it ragini can’t control anymore..!
“are you *****..!!behave yourself laksh,by now you are most needed for kavya not for me..!!got it and get lost..!!am just irritated to see your face..!!”she trailed away..!!
He stood up and back hugged her holding her hands tightly not making her to move away from his clutch..!!
She struggles hardly in his clutch..!!
“i love you ragu..!!”he whispers near her ear creating goosebumps and her legs started trembling..!!
“laksh please leave..!!”
“i won’t ragini..!!”he said pecking her cheeks..!!
She slightly tilt her head and rubs her cheek with the saree since her hands were under his control..!!
He pressed her hands hard making her to wince and the next moment both landed on the bed when he slipped..!!
Ragini got sandwitched between him and the bed..!!he put his full weight on her letting her to suffocate..!!
“laksh please..,get up..!!i can’t breath you idiot..!!”
But she gets no reply in return..,she turned her head slightly and found him lying unconscious placing his head on her shoulder..!!
She gathered all her strength and pushed him beside her and made him sleep properly on bed..!!
Ragini(in mind):what he is doing here..?he has to be in mandap right..!!(she made him sleep properly on the bed)
She was about to move but her mangalsutr which she hides for the outside world got strucked with his sherwani..!!
She tried removing it from his sherwani but couldn’t..,instead she fell over him..!!
His lips touched her nose.,she tries to stood but he hold by waist and roll over..!!
His eyes were half opened..!
Laksh (started murmuring while unconscious):believe me ragu..,i really really lub you..!!i agree that initially i acted just to get those property papers but later ended up falling in love with you..!!yes,but kavya’s drug effect changed my path,it takes you away from me..!!when you left I realized that how much I lub you Ragini..!!mera pyaar sachchi hai..!!I lub you Ragini..i lub you..!!
He ended up unconscious completely by now..!!Ragini was in tears..!
Ragini:is that true..!!he loves no whatever may be the reason he is someone’s husband..!!(she said controlling her emotions)
She then took her mobile and was about to dial swara’s number but she felt it as an awkward situation to call her sister at this time..!
Ragini was confused,shocked and she doesn’t know how to react when he confessed..!!
She is feeling bad when she heard his confession for which she died for once upon a time but now it’s late too late for him to gain her love back..!!
Ragini(murmurs):still I love you laksh but it was not a right thing..!!
Some questions raised in her mind like why he is here and at this time he should be in mandap with Kavya..!!is there any problem with them that’s why he have come back to her..??she stressed her mind to get the answer but it remains as a question mark..”?”
She gets a call from swara..!!she picked it up..!!
“hello..,swara..!!hello..can you hear me..!!swara..!!”
The call gets hunged due to her mobile issue..,she tried fixing it but couldn’t..!!
She then tries opening the door but it was jammed..!!
“maa.,papa..!!open the door..!!”she kept knocking but no use..!!Ragini gets annoyed and she threw her mobile on bed and pushed herself on the couch holding her head..!!
That night passed liked that.,Ragini slept in that position itself throughout the night..!!
Sun rays penetrated into the room through the window which disturbed laksh and he turned and covers his face with the bed sheet..!!
He was rubbing his face on that soft velvety pillow cover..!!it gives him soothing effect,then something hits his brain and he stood up immediately reminiscing something..!!
“oh my god..!!”he gasped..
Then he turned his head slightly and found Ragini on the couch..!a wide smile crept on his lips..!!
He moves close to her and tucks the stands of hair falling over her face behind her ear..!!he caresses her cheeks fondly and was about to plant a kiss but she woked up when his hot breath touched her soft skin,he backed two steps..!!
She shooted him with death glares back to back and walks past him to the door..!!
She pressed the handle and it wasn’t opening..!!
“don’t harm your soft fingers Ragu..!!”he said
“Stay away Mr.Maheshwari..!!”she said stressing his name..!!
Laksh:Ragini..!!please yaar.,let me speak..!!
“what..!!what you want now..,there is nothing left out laksh..!!just leave from here and don’t forget that am nothing to you..!!got it..!!”Ragini shaked the handle continuously and as a result it broke down..!!
“you are my everything Ragini..!!”he said with tears..!!
“come on laksh.,am fed up with your love talks..please hell with your love..!!”she turned to move..!
But he holds her wrist and pulled her towards him..!they were too close., “my love was true and I love you.,only you..!” He left her hand and moves away..!!
He turned back and says”am not married to anyone other than you..!got it first..”
She was shocked like a hell and stands numb..!!
“what did you say..!!”she asked to confirm it again..!!
“don’t you get it still..!!”he moved to her and slammed her lips making her stand dumbstruck..!!
He kissed her fondly giving shivers to her spine.,Ragini wasn’t recognizing what’s happening to her..!
A small tear drop escapes from her eyes.,he released her from his embrace to enlighten her mood..!
He kissed her eyes and wipes her tears touching her cheeks..!
He said cupping her face”just give me one chance Ragini..!I will make you happy and be your best friend..!i love you Ragini and please forgive this poor boy..!(pouting)”
She smiles through tears and dragged him into the bone crushing hug..!
“shall I open the door laksh..!!”swara giggles from outside..!
“you..!!”Ragini glares him and tried to catch him.!but he was laksh na,he won’t give up that quickly..!
So everyone including gadodia’s involved in this patch up plan..!!
Ragini catches his sherwani collars and dragged it behind..!!she beats him back to back continuously.,he was struggling in her arms for the first time..!!
“Ragu..!!please am sorry..”he said trying to grasp her hands and succeeded too..!
Now Ragini was under his control panting heavily.,he bends down and moves closer to her ear and whispers “you need punishment for saying that bad word..!”
She blushes hard..!!
Now the timing got missed and the door gets opened..!!raglak came to reality when swara and sumi cleared their throats..!!
Ragini,the next moment was hiding behind sumi being embarrassed..!!she looks at laksh through the corner of her eyes while laksh winks his eye making her to chuckle..!!
“ok ok..,we are here only devarsa..!!”swara said in a teasing manner and the laughter spreads everywhere..!!
After two days raglak marriage happened according to the rituals and now Ragini is only for laksh and laksh is only hers..!!
They fought for their love and finally won the distance between them..!!
Happy beginning for their new life..!
The story ends here..!!
Astra akka.,wish you a many more happy returns of the day..!may you get all the happiness and be showered with lots of love akka..!!
This one’s for my sweet lotus akka..!akka v want diary milk..!
It may be a familiar concept or a similar one but I wrote something away from my comfort zone plz do comment your views frndz and thanks for reading it..!!
Thanks for reading

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  1. Astra

    aww darshu…. love u a lot dear..?? for the wishes and also for the beautiful story..❤? loved it so much yar..

    raglak scenes are so so soooooo lovely..!!! i loved way laksh loved ragini. yes, he loved her actually.. but was in kavya’s effect.

    you really satisfied my wish to see the story like this choci..??

    so happy and glad for this story dear..??? a tons of love and millons of hugs to you choci..??
    love u a lot..????

    1. Astra

      and dairy milk.. i will give it for sure.. ????

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    Awesome sisy..Its outstanding dear..raglak moments r lovely..???? I loved it too the core..!! ????? awwwwwwwww.. I loved laksh confession…choooooo cuteeee ?????? astra akka happy birthday to u once again.. Always be happy ????and keep smiling ???????

    1. Astra

      so sweet of u dear..

  8. first of all wish u a many more happy returns of the day astra and
    it was just awesome dr
    i can’t describe in wordsss chooo cutee nd superbbb
    plzzz write more os na

    1. Astra

      thanks riyaa for wishes..

  9. Amazing part nd write more

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    Awesome os dear..loved it

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    Amazing os !!! Happy birthday astra dear

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    Awesome darshu akka… It is really awesome it showed the true love of laksh for ragini…. loved it so much….. Happy birthday astra akka once again

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  13. Superb how are you sissy???? update it fast Ian eagerly waiting ????

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      1. Astra

        haha, it’s fine puni.. thank you so much dear

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    Happy happy birthday astra a real raglakian as far as I know……..Stay blessed
    And dharshu akka sema is laksh sema cute…………

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    astu dear…today is ur birthday…am really so sry dear…i don’t know that….(holding my ears ) sry dear….
    wish you many many many more happy returns of the day….May Allah bless u with all that u dream for.. may joy & laughter always be a part of your u lot dear…..keep smiling and writing like thz….i pray for ur happiness….tkcr astu dear….

    and thank you sooo much darshu dear for informing astu birthday….
    awesome os dear…ragini oda confusion than superbbb dear…loved it alot…am super angry on u…nenga unga yeandha ff yum update panavey illa….astu oda birthday va nenga sona naala unga mela ulla kovam knjm koranjirgu….but irundhalum na unga mela kovama than iruken…unga pechu kaaa….tkcr dear…

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      don’t say sry asru.. ur my sweet sisso. thanks alot buddy..

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  26. plzzz raglak ff writer write more bcoz now days very less plzz guys write I know I am saying saying same thing but really wish to more raglak ff bcoz we miss raglak so much but only u people believe is to imagine raglak in ff plzz write more those who stop in middle plzz continue and ended plzz start new and thanks to all those who give there precious time plzz write and yaa (all plzz watch pehredar piya ki in Sony tv and yaa plz.request Shashi Sumeet to cast Namish opposite tejasswi as lead by trending and tagging in Instagram’s it’s a request ) possible in raglak track plzz ff writer write more ff

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  29. Simply cute and amazing concept dear, loved it

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  32. IQRA222

    oh god darshu di!! this was a fab os
    so so loved it
    romantic and cute in love with all the scenes

  33. Laashya

    Wonderful shot and lovely raglak

  34. Darshu dear I’m really sorry for the late comment and Astra I wish you a very Happy birthday dear. Sorry for late wish. Darshu it’s really outstanding os dear. Raglak scenes are beautiful specially their lip lock and Laksh’s confession. Totally awesome dear. Love you dear and take care

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