Lakshmilla !!!!!! Part -8

Time passes,
Utthara becomes a child,
Mandvi and shruthkirti become pregnant
Lakshman and urmilla are in their room
Lakshman-“kya hua urmilla?”
Urmilla-“nothing swami,its just that after utthara s birth I have started missing sita didi
Utthara goes to enter her room but she sees her parents talking with each other,she hides behind the door
Urmilla-“I can see sita didi in utthara”
Utthara thinks that who is sita,I have never seen her in the raj bhavan or anywhere else.Let me go ask mata

Urmilla-Utthara,What are u doing over here
Utthara-“mata I heard u and pita ji taking abt some person known as sita
Urmilla and lakshman become shocked
Utthara-“who is she”
Lakshman goes towards utthara .
Lakshman-“she is no one “
Utthara-“ then why did mata call sita didi”
Urmilla-“I have some important work to do,go and play utthara”
She goes
Lakshman follows urmilla
Utthara-“I have to know who is sita, let me go ask bada pita ji ram
Utthara goes to ram
Utthara-Bada pitaji!!! Where are u
Ram sees her and hugs her and makes her sit in his lap
Utthara-pita ji ,can I ask u a question?!!
Ram-Of course!!
Utthara- Pita ji and mata were talking abt some lady known as sita
Ram becomes shocked !
Utthara-“who is she pita ji?

Tears start welling up in ram s eyes
Utthara-Pita ji why are u crying?plz don’t cry
Utthara wipes rams tears.Ram smiles .
Ram-Would u like to know who she is?
Utthara-Yes pita ji
Ram-She is your half mother
Utthara become shocked
Utthara-“Half mother?”
Ram-“Ha putri”
Utthara-“where is she “ Can I meet her?

Ram-You cant meet her
Ram-“because she has gone away from my life forever”
Utthara becomes shocked
Utthara-She die…d..
Ram-“no don’t say like that,she will always be in my heart”
Utthara becomes sad and hugs ram .
Ram hugs her back

Utthara gets up and leaves his room
Utthara goes to urmilla
Utthara-“mata “
Urmilla-“Haa putri”
Utthara-“I know who is sita mata and what happened to her”
Urmilla-“who told u?”
Utthara-Bade pitaji ram’
Urmilla-“why did u ask pita ji ram”
Utthara-“because he is the only person in the family who tells me everything”
Urmilla becomes tensed
Urmilla-Utthara ,plz don’t tell this to anyone”
Utthara-Yes ma
Urmilla becomes sad

Utthara runs to lakshman
Utthara-“pita ji “
Lakshman sees her and hugs her and lifts her in the air
Utthara-“lets play pita ji”
Urmilla meets manvi and shruthkirti
Urmilla-Congrats mandvi didi and shruthkirti
Mandavi and shruthkirti smile
Urmilla-“I am so happy for u”
Bharat enters the room
Urmu an shruthkirti leave
Bharat –what happened
Mandvi- another kid is entering the raj bhavan
Bharat smiles
Mandvi leaves the room
Bharat shouts out with joy and happiness

Precap- time passes, mandavi gets a baby girl.she names her malini .shruthkirti also gets a baby girl .She names her shreya


  1. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Wow a superb Epi . Really loved it a lot.. and really I thougt DAT how niCE it would be if all the four couples get a son and a daughter each.. if it really happened it would be Soo nice..

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