Lakshmilla !!!!!! Part -5


Lakshman and urmilla are in their room.
Lakshman-“I am so happy today Urmilla .I have never been this happier ever in my life.
Urmilla smiles
Lakshman-“Some people say that during pregnancy,all the wishes of the mother should be fulfilled.Whats yours?”
Urmilla-“Swami.I have an earnest request.But it cant be fulfilled”
Lakshman-“Don’t say like that!! I will fulfill anything for my urmilla”
Urmilla-“ok!!”I want to meet sita didi”
Lakshman becomes shocked
Urmila-“I want to tell her this happy news”
Lakshman-“sorry urmilla!! This particular wish of yours cant be fulfilled.
Urmilla-“plz!!! U only said that u will fulfill any wish for your wife”
Lakshman tries to say something but ram enters the room
Ram-“u want to meet sita ?”
Urmilla nods
Ram-“fine ,”go and meet her “
Urmilla becomes very happy since she is going to meet her sister
Ram starts crying and goes
Lakshman-“Bhaiya has given u permission.u can definently meet bhabhi.
Urmilla cries with happinesss and joy

Urmilla goes to ram
Ram-“what are u doing over here?”
Urmilla-“JIja ,I was wondering if u wanted to accompany me to meet sita didi”
Ram starts becoming emotional
Urmilla comforts him
Ram-“urmilla,if I see sita ,then I will start becoming emotional and wouldn’t want to come back to ayodhya”
Urmilla-“but she is your wife,shouldn’t u know abt her comforts and discomforts she is experiencing in the forest?”
Ram-“no, she is my soul,not my wife.I cant live without her.You meet sita and plz don’t tell her abt my agony”
Urmilla-“ok jija”
Urmilla leaves
Urmilla starts becoming ready to meet sita
She gets inside the chariot ang goes to meet sita
Urmilla reaches valmiki ashram
Rishi valmiki greets her
Urmilla-“my name is urmilla .i am ayodhya s kul vadhu and sumitra nandan lakshman s wife.I am here to meet sita didi”
Rishi valmiki tells her to come inside
Rishi valmiki shows her the place where sita is is staying

Urmilla goes inside and shouts out sita didi
Sita recognises her voice and run towards urmilla s direction
Urmilla-“Sita didi”
They hug
Urmilla-“how r u didi ?”
Sita –“I am fine but I miss raghunandan
Urmilla remembers ram s sadness
Urmilla changes the topic
Urmilla-“didi ,where are your children”
Sita-“I will bring them.u wait her”
Sita goes
Urmilla becomes very happy after seeing sita
Sita comes back with lav and kush.
Lav and kush greet Urmilla.
Urmilla hugs them
Urmilla-“your sons are just like u didi”
Sita smiles
Sita tells lav and kush to go and play
Urmilla smiles
Urmila-“Didi I came here for a reason.For a good news.
Sita-“What is the good news urmilla”
Urmilla-“u are going to become an aunt and a half –mother “
Sita starts smiling and hugs urmilla

Precap-Sita tells to urmilla that she wants to ask something.urmilla says yes didi.Sita asks about her raghunandan.Urmilla starts crying.

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