Lakshmilla !!!!!! Part -4



3 years has passed.Sita is in her exile.
urmilla and lakshman are in their room

Lakshman-“urmilla why do u always keep talkin abt our santan??
Urmilla-“since i am very excited to have children.Atleast they wont make me feel bored unlike u
Lakshman-“when have i ever made u sad or lonely”
Urmilla-“whatever u do it is boring according to me”
lakshman-“then what abt u”
Urmilla-“as if!! ppl love being with me .if they are with u ,u will only be talking abt your”ram bhaiya”
lakshman-“but i like him a lot”
urmilla-“that doesnt mean u should only be talking abt your ram bhaiya. Your wife is also with u”
Lakshman-“wife” “what wife?”
Urmilla -“me who else”
lakshman-“i dont have a wife”
urmilla becomes shocked and angry
lakshman stops her and holds her hand
Lakshman-“You are not my wife,you are my other half .the half which i can never be alive”
Lakshman-“without urmilla ,lakshman doesnt exist”
Urmilla- “haha!! u are using jija shree s” words.Copycat”
urmilla runs away with a gleaming face
Lakshma smiles

Manvi and shruthkirti are in their room
M-“who is the best person in your life ”
Shruthkirti-Shatrughan and …
Shruthkirti starts crying

Mandvi-“What happened?
Shruthkirti-“sita didi is the most imp person in my life.I miss my didi so much
Mandavi starts smiling

Shruthkirti-“why are u smiling.Dont u miss sita didi?”

Mandavi-“no i dont miss her”
Shruthkirti becomes shocked

Mandavi-“Because she is always in my thoughts and my heart. Why should i cry when she is always there with me”
Shruthkirti smiles
Mandvi hugs her

Lakshmana and urmilla are in the middle of a conversation
Lakshman-“so are u happy”
Urmilla-“why do u ask”
Lakshman-“u are always angry.I have never seen u smiling.No wonder sita bhabi went to the forest
Urmilla-hahahah!!! an angry person can only identify an another angry person”
lakshman stares at her
Urmilla smiles
Lakshman smiles
Urmilla feels nauseous and runs
Lakshman -“urmilla!!”
Laksman becomes worried

After some time,urmilla comes back

lakshman-“what happened”
Urmilla-“this rajbhavan is going to be filled with laughters of children”
lakshman become shocked
Urmilla nods
Lakshman becomes very happy and excited
Urmilla goes away
Lakshman smiles

Precap-lakshman tells urmilla that during pregnancy all the wishes of the mother should be fulfilled.Whats yours? urmilla tells him that she wishes to meet sita didi and tell her this happy news.Lakshman becomes shocked

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow dear… semma super ah irruku and a awesome precap. And loved mandavi kirti convo. And lakshmilla too. Eagerly waiting for next Epi.

    1. thanka aka.your comment means a lot to meee

  2. Astra

    Aww…so cute dear

    1. thanks astra di

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