Lakshmilla !!!!!! Part -2


Location- Ayodhya
Bharat,shatrughan and lakshman are in their room chatting with each other.

Bharat- “i am so happy that you and ram bhaiya are back from your exile”

Shatrughan -” right bharat bhaiya . now ram bhaiya can rule ayodhya”

Ram enters the scene

All the brothers see ram and hug him.

Urmilla goes to their room but stops seeing them in their room.She hides behind the door.

Bharat-“thank god you are back ram bhaiya”
Ram- i missed my 3 brothers a lot

Urmilla remembers sita saying the same words.

Urmilla goes to ram.Lakshman sees urmilla and smiles seeing her.
Urmilla- “even sita didi said the same thing jija”
Bharat-oh!!!” ram bhaiya you and sita bhabhi thought the same thing ahhh!! This proves that you and sita bhabhi are husband and wife.”

Ram smiles
Urmilla leaves the room

Urmilla goes to her room
She goes to her bed and starts sleeping.
Lakshman enters the room and finds urmilla sleeping.

Lakshman- “the sun has not yet set and urmilla has already started sleeping.She didnt even call her husband to sleep with her also.How rude.She is just like me”
Lakshman smiles

Lakshman also starts sleeping

Ram and Sita are alone in their room
Sita- “i am so happy to be back in ayodhya”
Ram-“me too”
Sita-“I missed everyone during the vanvaas but the most painful sepration for me was when you were not there by my side when i was in Lanka.”

Ram looks at her.
Ram- How can this happen?? we r two ppl with one soul.nobody can seperate us from each other.Not even god
Sita smiles
They hug

Precap- Lakshman and Urmilla are in their room talking with each other

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  1. Hey dear nice..but try it long dear… loved it..

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  2. NABANITA626

    Hi dear!it is your first ff.right?
    But realy too good?

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  3. and yes nabanita di it is my first ff

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    Nice update dear

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