Lakshmilla – 9!!

Location – ayodhya
1 years passes,
Shruthkirti and mandvi gave birth to baby girls.
Shruthkirti names her child shreya and mandvi names her child malini .
Utthara comes in and holds shreya and malini
Utthara-Yay !! I have 2 sisters.
Utthara thinks does mata sita have kids then I will be having more brothers or sisters
Bharat and shatrughan enter ram s room and shows him her kids
Ram holds both their kids in his hand and puts them on his lap
Ram cries seeing the kids since it had reminded him abt his kids
Bharat-“sorry bhaiya If I made u feel unhappy
Ram-“no bharat!! Its just that I want to see my kids”

He cries
Utthara comes inside ram s room
Utthara sees ram crying
Utthara-Pitaji ,why are u crying
Utthara remembers ram crying when they had a conversation abt sita
Utthara thinks that ram is crying because he remembered abt mata sita
Utthara turns to leave
Ram –Putri!!! Come in!!
Utthara comes inside
Bharat and shatrughan leave with their kids
Utthara-Bade pita ji!! Did u remember abt mata sita !!is that the reason u were crying!!!
Ram wipes his tears.
Ram-“I was just thinking abt my kids
Ram-“even mata sita has kids”
Utthara –That means I have more sisters or brothers ?
Ram nods
Utthara smiles
Uthhara-“Can I meet your kids”
Ram-“ I am afraid not”
Utthara becomes sad

Ram-Utthara ,can i ask u something?
Utthara-ji pitaji!!
Ram-“Will u always be with me”
Utthara-Of course,nobody can take me away from my bade pitaji
Ram smiles
Utthara sleeps in his lap
Lakshman come in
Ram tells him to be quiet
Lakshman sees utthara sleeping In ram s lap and smiles
Lakshman”my daughter likes u a lot bhaiya”
Ram-“I can see my sita in her”
lakshman smiles
After some time utthara wakes up
Utthara-Ok pitaji,I will see u later and she goes
Utthara goes to see urmilla
Urmilla-yes utthara!!!!
Utthara-“can I ask u something”
Urmilla-“of course”
Utthara-“I have decided to meet sita mata’
Urmilla becomes shocked
Utthara-“ I want bade pitaji ram to meet sita mata ”
Urmilla-“that cant happen” I mean sita didi is in sage valmiki s ashram.You cant meet her
Urmilla becomes unaware of what she said and shuts her mouth
Utthara-“sage valmiki s ashram”
Urmilla becomes tensed
Utthara-“ I know the location of rishi valmiki s ashram .I waill take bade pitaji ram to meet mata sita
Urmilla-Utthara no!!!
Utthara goes
Urmilla-Nooo! and she becomes worried
Utthara goes to ram s room
Utthara-Bade pita ji!!
Ram-Kya hua putri?

Utthara-Lets go out for some time
Ram-Ok but where?
Utthara-Come with me
Utthara and ram get inside the chariot.
They reach a forest
Ram thinks that I wonder where utthara is taking me
They stop in front of rishi valmiki s ashram
Ram becomes confused
Utthara-come inside pita ji
Utthara greets rishi valmiki
Utthara- my name is utthara and I am janank nandini urmilla and sumitra nandan lakshman s daughter,Can I see my mata sita?
Rishi valmiki shows her sita s home
Utthara takes ram along with him and goes inside the hut
She sees a lady
It was none other than sita
Ram becomes shocked seeing sita

Precap-ram says sita and hugs her.Sita tells lav kush that this is ayodhya naresh maryada purushottham ram .He is your father .ram says ayodhya naresh am I not your raghunandan? Sita says no .ram becomes shocked

I know that in the real ramayan ,ram does not meet sita .they meet only when sita hands over their kids to ram and goes inside the earth but this is just my imagination☺☺

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    Really a superb epi… and a awesome precap…

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    Waiting for next episode….though utthra is a imaginative charecture,but tumhari baat sunkar lagtahe no such me agar aisa koi hota to great hota…
    Great job….?

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