Lakshmilla – 22!!

Ram goes to utthara
Utthara hears ram calling her name.
Ram-come with me
Ram holds utthara s room and takes her to his room.
Ram shouts at utthara
Ram-utthara, why did u go to bhadra s house?
Utthara stares at him
Ram-that too without anybody s permission?
Utthara-but I went to bhadra s home for a reason
Ram-what is it?

Utthara-I wanted u and mata sita to become toether once again
Ram stares at her ans smiles
Ram-why didn’t u tell me anything about this?u always used to tell me everything I detsil?then what happened now?
utthara- next time I will ask your permission before doing something like this.i am sorry
Ram-doesn’t matter
Ram-good girl!
Uttharar goes to lav and kush
Utthara-lav bhaiya ,kush bhaiay lets play
They all play together

They play near a bush
Something rattles in the bush
Utthara notices it and becomes worried
She sees a shadow and then she sees a woman
Utthara becomes shocked
Utthara goes and hugs sunanina
Utthara- it has been so long since I last saw u dadi!!
Sunanina-ha putri, I missed u a lot so I came to ayodhya to see u
Utthara smiles and hugs sunanina again
Sunanina-where ar your parents?

Utthara-they are in their room dadi
Sunaina leaves
Sunanina goes to lakshmilla s kaksh
Lakshman and urmilla are talking with each other.
Lakshman-are u angry with me?

Urmilla-for what?
Lakshman- everyday I used to torture u a lot
Urmilla- used nahi, u still torture me till this day
Lakshman smiles
Lakshman –urmi,nobody is as strong as u ,nobody can take your place.
Urmilla(sarcastically)- I know, I know
Lakshman hits urmilla softly
Urmilla hits him back

Sunanina comes in and smiles seeing their love for each oter
Urmilla runs and hugs sunaina
Sunaina becomes emotional
Sunanina-look at u , u r such a grownup girl.
Urmilla- nahi mata I am still your choti urmilla and will always be
Sunanina smiles

Precap-the sister hug sita.sita hugs sunaina

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  1. Awesome…precap seems to be interesting…waiting for next part…

    1. thank u thar didi glad u liked it

  2. Thanmathi

    Aww sunnaina thank you so much dear u made my day???

    1. thanks thanu didi and u made my day by commenting on my ff♥

  3. Astra

    nice one

    1. thank u didi

  4. Padmaja

    Wow really a lovely epi….. and superb precap… waiting for next epi…

    1. thanks akka. i am so happy right now

  5. Anushya

    Loved the episode preethi cutie…. sorry for late comment sweetie pie…. love ur ff

    1. thanks anushya.i appreciate your comment . thank u soo much once again

  6. Vanshika

    Sweetheart how do u manage to do this……..

    1. thank u so much vanshu, your commetn means a lot to me . but isnt your grandpa and grandmom known as dada and dadi!! i am just asking vanshu , i am confused

      1. Vanshika

        Maternal grandmother – nani
        Maternal grandfather- nana
        Dear dadi n dada is fr paternal grandmother and grandfather, Sunaina is Urmilas mother so she’s maternal grandma of utthra so she’ll b Nani n vice versa ????.. N update asap pls ??

  7. Vanshika

    You’re very excellent Writer and have superb imagination…

    1. oh ok vanshu got it … thanks

  8. Vanshika

    Plzzzz update asap .
    You’re very fabulous have left me speechless ???

  9. Vanshika

    But one thing correct sweetie Sunaina is Nani n Janak Is Nana..

  10. Vanshika

    Happy that u got it ? sweetie pie love u n update asap ?

    1. love u too vanshu and will update soon

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