Lakshmilla – 21!!

Janak goes to sita.
Sita is staring at the moon.
Lav and kush enter the scene.
Lav and kush-mata!!!
Sita smiles and hugs them .
Sita-what happened putro?
Lav and kush-dadaji is in your room.
sita turn and sees janak.
Sita becomes emotional.
Sita runs and hugs janak.
Janak hugs her back.
Sita-how are u pitaji?
janak-I am fine putri,what abt u?
Sita-u know the answer pitaji!
Janak starts crying
Janak- I wish that this was not my daughter s s destiny.
Sita- everything happens for good pitaji!besides I will always be in raghunandan s heart and even u r therew ith me pitaji.i am sure nothing will happen to me.
Janak smiles and kisses her forehead.
Janak turns to leave
He goes

Janak sees ram
Ram –pitashree!
Ram takes janak s blessings.
Janak blesses him.
Ram-what brings u here pitashree?
They sit on the bed.
Ram thinks to himself-where is utthara? I didn’t see her today.she always used to come to my room but she didn’t come today.why?
Janak- I know that u r thinking about utthara, ram.
Ram sees him
Janak- I saw utthara in bhadra s home
Ram becomes shocked
Ram-what? Utthara in bhadra s house?
Janak- I was with her
Ram- but what was she doing over there.
Janak-justice for sita
Janak- yes ,she was trying to get justice for sita
Ram becomes shocked
Ram- I have to talk abt this situation to utthara
He goes

Lakshmilla are there in their room.
Lakshman- where is utthara?
Urmilla- she will be there with jija shree
Lakshman smiles
Urmilla-sometimes I feel she likes jija more than us!
Lakshman- nahi,that will never happen.utthara is like sita bhabhi.utthara will value her parents more than everybody else.this wont happen.she is our child.
Urmilla smiles.

Precap-ram tells utthara that why did u go to bhadra s house.utthara tells him that I want u and mata sita to become one again.ram smiles.utthara is seen playing with lav and kush.utthara sees something and becomes shocked.

Hope this ff was nice .

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow awesome Epi dear… loved it.. and a intersting precap.. waiting for next Epi..

    1. thank u akka.

  2. Thanmathi

    Loved the epi. little bit mysterious and an interesting precap

    1. thanks akka

  3. Astra

    super dear…

    1. Astra

      utthara is such a brave girl…

    2. thank u didi and i agree with u utthara is a brave girl

  4.’s awesome…commenting after a long time…waiting for next part…

    1. thank u tharu didi.i am on cloud 99999999999 right now.thank u sooo much

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