Lakshmilla – 20!!

Janak- sunaina, can I ask u something?
Sunanina-of course swami,tell me?
Janak- I want to visit sita ,she is currently living in the rajbhavan with ram.
Sunaina cries since she thought abt sita and her difficulties
Janak-nahi don’t cry, right now she Is living with ram. And anyway god will take care of her . he will surely help our sita.
Sunaina nods.
Janak- I am leaving right away
Sunaina bids janak goodbye
It is night time
Everyone is asleep.
Utthara visits bhadra s house.
Bhadra-who is it?
Utthara- it is utthara!
bhadra- rajkumari utthara, is that u?
bhadra opens the door.
Bhadra- come in
Janak reaches ayodhya in that moment
Janak sees utthara entering bhadra s house.
Janak-utthara, what is she doing over here?
Utthara enters bhadra s home
Bhadra tells utthara to sit down and hands her a pot of water
Utthara accepts it
Bhadra-why did u visit my home?
Utthara-bhadra ji I want to ask u something.
Utthara-why did u want raja ram to banish mata sita?
Bhadra becomes shocked
Utthara- answer me
Bhadra-because….. um….. she is not fit to be a queen since she is not pure.
Utthara- how can u determine if a person is pure or not?
Bhadra- she stayed in another man s abode for 10 mths though she is married
Utthara- she had no choice,she was kidnapped
Utthara- bhadra ji, nevr doubt on a person s character without knowing the entire truth!

Janak enters the scene
Janak- allow me to answer his question
Utthara sees janak
Utthara-dada janak.
She goes and hugs him
Janak kisses her forehead
Janak-bhadra,my daughter had never done anything wrong with u or anyone .why did u want her banished from the kingdom?
bhadra -oh mithila naresh janak, your daughter had stayed in someone else s abode for 10 mths.she cannot be our queen!even the people of ayodhya agree with me .
Utthara stops him
Utthara-dada, it is of no use to explain this to him. Lets go back to ayodhya.
Janak and utthara go back to ayodhya.
The mothers see janak and wishes him
Janak takes the blessings of guru vashishta
mandvi and shruthkirti see janak and hugs him.

The 3 brothers take the blessings of janak.
Utthara goes to urmilla
Utthara- mata
Urmilla- ha putri
Utthara- I went to bhadra ji s house
Urmilla becomes shocked
urmilla- kya?
urmilla- what are u saying?
Utthara- I am telling the truth.
Urmilla- why did u go to his house and that too alone?
Utthara- I wasn’t alone ,dada janak was there with me
Urmilla goes in search of janak
Urmilla sees janak
Janak sees urmilla and becomes very happy
Urmilla runs and hugs janak
Urmilla- pitaji, u here?
Janak- my heart wanted to meet all my daughters. How r u putri?
Urmilla- I am so happysince u r here pitaji. I missed u a Is mithila and our family?
Janak-everyone are very happy putri
They smile

Precap– janak tells ram that I saw utthara in bhadra s house.ram tells him that what is utthara doing in bhadra s house.janak tells ram that she is trying to get justice for sita. Ram becomes startled. Janak and sita share a hug.

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