Lakshmilla – 18!!

It is ram s bday
Ram gets up from his bed
Urmilla enters his room
Urmilla-happy bday jija shree
Ram smiles
Lakshman comes in with a small box
Lakshman-happy bday bhaiya
Lakshman hands him the box
Ram smiles and thanks him

Everyone have their breakfast together
The mothers hug ram
Ram hugs them back
Ram goes to his room
Utthara goes to his room
Utthra- happy bday pitaji
Ram carries her and puts her in his lap
Ram-thank u putri!!
Utthara-come with me pitaji
Ram goes with her
They reach the garden

Utthara goes away
Ram walks and sees so many decorations
As he goes he sees a huge painting of him and sita
Ram smiles
Utthara –how was the small present?
Ram-small present ?? there is more?
Utthara goes deep inside the garden
She comes out with 2 children and a lady
It is none other than sita and lav kush
Ram –sita , lav, kush

He runs and hugs them
He becomes very happy
sita-raghunandan, happy birthday
ram-how did u know that today is my bday?
sita- u may have abandoned me but I am still your wife after all .every year I used to celebrate your bday.even in the forest
ram holds sita s hands
ram-I thought I will never be able to see you ever again in my life
sita- I promised utthara that I will be visting frequently.why ,u don’t want me to be here ?

ram puts his hand on top of sitas mouth
ram-plz don’t say like this sita..during these 12 years I missed u a lot . I just wanted to see u.
sita smiles
lav and kush-happy bday pitaji
ram hugs them
ram-thank u putro
ram remembers utthara

ram see her
he goes to her
ram with folded hands tell utthara that he will always be grateful to her for making him meet sita.
Utthara-what are u doing? She is not only your wife but also my mata .and u also missed her a lot .so this is the reason I called her on this special occasion
Sita-shall we go celebrate your bday
Ram nods
Ram does puja and prays to god
He and the entire family goes and meet the praja.
The praja wishes ram

They offer him food and garlands him with flowers
They all go and take the blessing of the sages and bath in the holy river ganga.
After all this they return back to ayodhya.
Ram and sita are in their room.
Ram- sita ,thank u for visiting me on my bday
Sita- don’t thank me ,thank utthara ,she only brought me here.
Ram smiles
Ram-I m really delighted after seeing u,this has been the best bday after 12 years.
They hug
Lav and kush come in

Lav kush- pitaji mata shall we all play together?
They nod
They go and play
Urmilla is in the kitchen
Lakshman comes from behind and hugs her
Lakshman rests his head on urmilla s shoulder.
Urmilla smiles and puts his hand on lakshman s head
Lakshman- what are u doing?
Urmilla- I am making jija shree s favourite food
Lakshman- I know that today is bhaiya s bday but can u also make for me my favourite kheer by your hands?
Urmilla- but wouldn’t it be spicy if I am making?
Lakshman smiles

Lakshman- I will eat anything which my wife makes for me
Urmilla smiles

Precap- all the members are having food. And are happily enjoying their dinner. Ram looks at sita. Sita smiles.

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  1. Padmaja

    Superb part dearie … Ioved it… and a amazing gift to ram on his bday…. love ur ff… and nice precap.. update next epi asap dearie..

    1. thank u akka.i am verry happy after seeing your comment and i already posted the next ff .telly updates is renewing it and akka can i ask u something?
      when are u post the next ff of siam seperation the play of fate?

      1. Padmaja

        Hey I will try to post it today or tmrw.. Sry for dis because I am really out of station now.. so it is difficult for me to post today..

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  3. Anushya

    loved rams gift…. man i really love utthara now…. she is the perfect daughter…. love ur ff…. keep up the good work

    1. Anushya

      i think i will be posting a new ff called Janakiputri after sitayana

    2. thank u anushya and eagerly waiting or janakputri.i am sure it is going to be amazing

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  4. akka no sorries between sister ok and tak your time diesnt it when u can

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