Lakshmilla – 16!!

Ram and utthara are still in the cave.
There is heavy rainfall and thunder
Ram-Putri,I don’t think we can leave now to the rajbhavan.lets leave tomorrow in the morning
Utthara-I don’t mind being anywhere as long as ur their with me pitaji.
Ram smiles
Ram-putri,can I ask u something?
ram-u like me or pitaji lakshman more?

Utthara remembers lakshman asking the same question.
Utthara-pitaji.even pitaji lakshman asked me the same thing
Ram-tell me your answer
Utthara-I am really sorry but I like pitaji lakshman more than u
Ram puts his hand on utthara s head
Ram-don’t be sorry, this Is what I had expected from u . I love u a lot but your pitaji lakshman loves u more than me.
Utthara smiles
Utthara sleeps on ram s lap
Ram – she has fallen in love with my lap.!!☺
Ram smiles
He also goes to sleep

Ram wakes up
Utthara- rise and shine pitaji,we have to leave
Utthara- I have bought fruits and water from the forest.
Ram- why didn’t u wake me up??? I would have gone along with u!why did u go alone in this durjan vaan?
Utthara-durjan???of course not. I ♥ this is very pretty
Ram remembers sita

Utthara-noo pitaji!! U r not going to cry again.u said that mata sita will always be in your heart.then why r u crying? Anyway mata sita has promised us that she will visit us often.right?
ram hugs utthara!!
Ram-utthara!! I am so fortunate to get a daughter like u!
Uttthara smiles.
They head back to the raj bhavan

After some time they reach ayodhya
Urmilla sees utthara and hugs her…
Urmilla-where did u go?? Why didn’t u ask my permission??
Utthara- I went to my secret place??
Urmilla- u mean the cave?? Why?
Utthara-pitaji ram had shouted at me since he was already in agony due to mata sita s departure.i thought that he shouted at me because he didn’t love me
Urmilla looks at ram

Utthara goes away
Urmilla goes to ram
Urmiila-jija!! Thank u for bringing back my daughter.
Ram- don’t say thank u urmilla, she is my daughter.i would do anything for her
They smile

Precap- utthara goes to lakshman.lakshman sees her and hugs her……


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