Lakshmilla – 15!!

The next day….
sita leaves to the van with her kids.ram sees her leaving and cries.
Sita sees him and the kids and sita runs and hugs ram
Ram-I feel like a complete man now who has a proper family.
Sita smiles
They leave

Ram starts crying and goes to his kaksh
Utthara sees him and follows him
Utthara comes in
Ram sees her and starts shouting at her in agony.
Ram-“utthara ,why do u always come to my room..”
Uttthara-bade pitaji, everytime I used to come to your room.”
ram-stop calling me bade pitaji,its annoying.u are not my daughter.u r lakshman s daughter. And I don’t love u .go away
Utthara starts crying
Ram-go away!!!
Utthara leaves the room
Utthara goes to her room and starts crying.
Utthara-bade pitaji doesn’t love me at all.all this while he has been showing me fake love.and I came under his spell and loved him a lot
The next day….
Urmilla-utthara ,come here its time for your breakfast.
Urmilla-utthara ,where are u.i am not In a mood to play hide and seek.
Urmila searches the entire raj bhavan but she is nowhere to be seen.
Urmilla-swami, swami
Lakshman-kya hua??
Urmilla-utthara is nowhere to be seen.
Urmilla-I searched everywhere but I couldnt find her
Lakshman-probably she is with ram bhaiya
Lakshman goes to ram
Lakshman-bhaiya,is utthara there with u?
Ram-nahi lakshman!!
Lakshman-where is she ?? bhaiya me and urmilla searched the entire raj bhavan but we couldn’t find her.
Ram-where is my daughter??
Ram searches everywhere but in vain
Suddenly ram remembers his encounter with utthara,and his harsh words
Ram-oh no what have I done?
Ram goes to lakshman and urmillla
Ram-yesterday night she visited my room but I was sad due to sita s departure so I screamed at her .
Lakshman- oh no she must have left the rajbhavan
Urmiila-No ,I want my daughter back. She is my daughter. I want her right now.
Urmiola starts crying and goes to her room
Lakshman comes in
Urmilla- go away, u cant even find our daughter
Lakshman-don’t worry,we will find her
Lakshman- I wont rest until I find our daughter.
Urmilla puts her head on lakshman s shoulder and cries
Lakshman starts becoming tensed
Ram searches the raj bhavan

Suddenly he remembers utthara s favourite hangout
He jumps on top of his horse and goes deep into the jungle
He sees a cave.
He enters the cave and sees utthara.
Utthara sees ram and runs away
Ram holds her hand and stops her
Utthara- raja ram,leave me alone
Ram becomes shocked
Utthara- u said that u don’t love me any more and that u r not my father so why should I respect u?
Ram tells her to sit down
They sit
Ram-utthara!! Never tell anything without knowing the entire truth
Ram-I screamed at u because I was already sad due to sita s departure.this is why I shouted at u
Utthara-did u mean those words?
Ram- of course not!! If I hate u a lot ,then why did I love u so much ,ur r my can I hate u?
utthara-sorry pita ji
Ram pats utthara s head and says good girl
Utthara smiles.
She sleeps on ram s lap
Ram pats her head and smiles.

Precap-ram tells utthara that we have to stay in this cave for the night due to heavy rainfall.utthara replies back sayin that she can stay anywhere as long as her pitaji is there with her.ram smiles.

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    Thank God u updated it soon. I was really shocked to see previous precap. Father daughter scenes were awesome.

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      And ya remember this preethi sisters don’t need permission to call each other by nick name. You can call me whatever you want.

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    Reallyy a awesome one dear…. u rocked it… love ur ff dear..

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