Lakshmilla – 14!!

6 days pass……

Mandvi,shruthkirti and utthara are in their room
Mandvi-utthara,how r u beta?
Utthara-why do u ask ma?
mandvi-just like that
Utthara- I am fine ma!!
Shruthkirti-utthara,can I tell u something?
Shruthkirti-u r just like sita didi,in her balyakaal she always used to ask so many questions.
U r just like her
Mandvi-ha putri,we should start calling u choti sita!!!
Utthara smiles
Utthara goes to malini and shreya
Utthara-malini and she lifts her
Utthara plays with malini and shreya
Utthara-u know malini ,u are having such a good family,such good parents and such good grandmothers

Ram comes but stands behind the door and hears her
Utthara-u r never going to get a better family anywhere else
Utthara-u r going to have such wonderful uncles and aunts.They will all love u a lot and will take care of u very well
Utthara-but the best person is bade pitaji ram
Ram hears her and smiles
Utthara- he will take care of u and will always love u and will always be with u.He is always there for me.
Ram comes inside
Utthara sees ram and becomes shocked
Utthara-pitaji,u here?
ram-Do u really feel like this abt me?
utthara –“I will never lie to my sisters or anyone else.”
ram smiles
Ram- do u like your sisters?
Utthara-they are the best sisters ever
Ram- well I am glad that u love them.Because I am sure u will become the best elder sister and will take care of them properly
They smile

Ram goes to sita
Ram-So sita u r leaving tomorrow with our kids?
sita-ha raghunandan!!
Ram- will u keep visiting us often?
Ram smiles
Sita hugs ram
They smile

Lakshman and urmilla are there in their room
Lakshman-so urmilla ,do u like utthara or me?
Urmilla-utthara of course
Lakshman- why do u hate me soo much?
Urmilla-then why do u hate me?
Lakshman-how can i hate u ,I love u a lot!!!urmilla smiles
lakshman smiles
Urmilla-I am not so stupid to believe that
She goes and stops
She turns to look at lakshman
She runs and hugs him
Lakshman smiles
They smile

Precap-sita leaves to the van with her kids.ram goes to his room.utthara comes in.ram shouts at her in agony .

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  1. Thanmathi

    Shocking precap plz update next part soon or I’ll have a heart attack

    1. thanu di,it is already updated ,tell updates is renewing it.and thank u very much

  2. and do u mind if i call u thanu didi

  3. Padmaja

    Wow dear I loved dis a lot and a shocking precap. Waiting for ur next Epi..

    1. thank u sooooooo much akka

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