Lakshmilla – 13!!

Malini and shreya become 2 years old
Utthara runs to see malini and shreya
She carries both of them and hugs them
Bhardavi,shashru,siam and lakshmilla come in and see utthara
Bharat-lakshman, look at utthara,she is playing with our children.
Lakshman-ha bharat bhaiya , I agree with u.
Urmilla-my child is just like u sita didi,she is compassionate,kind,caring,and loves everyone
Sita-she is not like me,she is better than me
Ram-my daughter excels at everything.she will grow up to be a good human being.
They all smile
Utthara looks at everyone
She hands over the children to their respective mothers
Utthara goes to urmilla
Utthara-Ma,what were u ,pitajis and matas were taking abt?
Urmilla-we all love u a lot so we were talking abt u
Utthara- abt me?
urmilla-ha putri, we were taking abt your traits.
Utthara-I got all these traits from u and pita ji ma
They smile

All of them leave the room except utthara and urmilla
Utthara-ma , I am very hungry!!
Urmilla smiles and tells utthara to wait here
Urmilla brings food and gives it to her
Utthara-No ma ,I don’t want to eat this food by my hand,u feed me
Urmilla smiles and feeds her
Utthara hugs urmilla
Utthara- I love u ma,
Urmilla-I love u too putri
Lakshman comes in
Lakshman-oh !! there Is mother-daughter bonding going on now!!
Utthra-pitaji, I cant even talk with my mother?
urmilla-ha swami ,she is my daughter and I love her so much
Urmilla- go away
Urmilla hugs utthara again
Lakshman smiles and goes away
Utthara goes to lakshman
Lakshman-I thought u told me to go away!!
Utthara- but I love my pitaji also,not only my mata
Lakshman-can I ask u something putri?
utthara-of course
Lakshman-do u love me or bade pitaji ram more?
utthara-Why do u ask this question pita ji?
Lakshman- because everytime u spend half of your time with him
Utthara-Bade pitaji ram loves me a lot but there is someone who loves me more than bade pitaji and that is u pitaji.nobody can take your utthara away from u

Tears start welling up in lakshman s eyes
Utthara-pitaji why are u crying?
Lakshman-how can I cry when my daughter is there with me !!
Utthara smiles
Lakshman- I have a surprise for u utthara!!
Utthara-What is it pitaji?
Lakshman starts tickling utthara
Utthara starts laughing
They smile and have fun
Utthara goes to ram
Ram-ha putri,u cant live without your bade pitaji or what?everyday u visit me
Utthara-because u r like my father and a daughter cannot be without his father.
Ram smiles
Ram-why did u come here?’
Utthara-I didn’t want u to feel lonely .that is why I came here
Ram- how will I feel lonely when my pyaari se utthara is here?
Utthara smiles.

Precap-mandvi ,shruthkirti and utthara are having a small conversation.

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