Lakshmilla – 12!!

Ram and sita are in their room
Ram-sita I am soo happy that u are here with me
Sita-me too
Ram-every night whenever I used to go to sleep,u always used to enter my mind
Sita- I have been waiting for this day,the day I get to see u
Ram- I am so sorry sita
Sita-noo!!! Don’t say sorry . I already told u the reason
Ram turns away
Lav and kush enter the scene
Ram –putro ,come inside
Lav and kush hug ram and sita
Kush- I am soo happy that I got a chance to meet my father
Ram- even I am elated to meet my sons
Utthara comes in
She stops

Ram sees her
Ram-come in utthara
Utthara-Mata , can I ask u a question
Sita-ha putri
Utthara-can u stay here for ever?
Sita becomes startled
Ram-sita, utthara is telling the truth
Sita-nahi raghunandan,putri see if I stay here ,all the ppl will hate me and u don’t want everyone to hate me, u called me mata ,would u like your mata to stay in a place where no one accepts her
Utthara-No mata I do not want anyone to hurt u
Sita-ha tell me
Utthara-will u keep visiting us like this?
Sita- promise.
Utthara becomes happy.
Ram hugs sita,lav,kush and utthara
Utthara goes to her room
urmilla -putri ,are u hungry?
Utthara-noooo maata
Lakshman comes in
Lakshman-putri,go and play with lav and kush
Utthara-ok pitaji
Lakshman sees urmilla
Lakshman-Are u going to cook anything special for ur husband today?
Urmilla- why should i??? I am cooking sita didi and utthara s favourite food today
Lakshman-but I am a part of your family
Urmilla-ok!! Fine I will make for u bittergourd juice
Lakshman-Bitter gourd juice !!!
Lakshman faints
Urmilla laughs

Utthara goes to lav and kush
Utthara-lav,kush come lets play
Lav and kush-ok didi
They play
Ram comes in and sees them play
He smiles
Utthara sees ram
Utthara-pita ji ,join us
Ram goes and plays with them
Its time for dinner

All the families gather together
Utthara sits between ram and sita
Lav and kush sit with lakshman and urmilla
They all have food
Sita feeds utthara
Ram also feeds utthara
Lakshman and urmilla feeds lav and kush
Lakshman-urmilla,are u going to feed me also?? I would love it if my wife feeds me
Urmillla smiles
Urmilla feeds lakshman

Everyone is very happy

Precap-Malini and shreya become 2 yrs is sita s second day in the raj bhavan.ram and utthara are there in their room.

Sorry if I offended all lovers of bitter gourd.hope this ff was interesting.and didis should I limit ram-utthara scenes.plz answer my question

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  1. Padmaja

    Hey sweetie I loved it… and pls dont limit ram uthra scenes.. and one tging dear uthra is younger than lav kush pls change that only ok.. and really I love this ff a lot..

    1. thank u akka and i will correct my mistake . i am reall y sorry.glad that u loved it and plz update the next part of siam sepration.its really good

      1. Padmaja

        Hey don’t ask Sry dear.. here after no srys OK.. and I will update it tmrw dear.. and ya I reallyyy love ur ff a Lott..

    2. ok akka no more sorries from now onwards and eagerly waiting for your ff

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