Lakshmilla – 11!!

Lav ,kush ,ram and sita reach ayodhya
Bhadra sees sita and becomes angry
Ram tells him that she is staying over here only for a week
They all reach the rajbhavan
the daasis inform the mothers that sita has come back to ayodhya.
The mothers become shocked and elated
All the mothers along with their sons and wives run out to see sita.
All of them see sita and hugs her.
Utthara becomes happy.
Ram tells them that sita is staying over here only for a week
All of them become disappointed but become happy that they got an opportunity to meet sita
The mothers do sita s tilak.
All of them go inside the dining room to eat food
Kaushalya-I am soo happy to meet sita and her children.Ram u are the most luckiest person in the world to have a wife like sita and children like lav and kush.
Kaikeyi- my sita has come home
Sumitra- this rajbhavan was empty without u sita
Sita smiles
Kaushalya- some husbands do not meet their wives after banishing her .u r so fortunate that u got an opportunity to meet sita .
Ram smiles

He looks at utthara
Ram – kaushalya ma , I am soo happy to meet sita and our santan but I am even more fortunate to get a daughter like utthara who reunited this broken family together
Utthara looks at ram
Ram smiles
Utthara goes and hugs ram
Ram hugs her back
Utthara-bade pitaji,do u really feel fortunate to get a daughter like me?
Ram nods
Utthara sheds tears of joy and happiness
Kaushalya-‘Come here utthatra
Utthara goes to kaushalya
Kaushalya-utthara ,I will always be indebted to u
Utthara-dadi,It was my duty,I am a part of this family.we all have to do our dharm
Everyone smiles

Utthara goes to her room
Lakshman and urmilla sees her
Lakshman-putri,come here
Utthara goes to lakshman
All 3 of them sit down on the floor
Urmilla-putri,thank u very much for making us meet our sister
Lakshman-and my bhabhi
Urmilla-I will be grateful to u
Utthara-mata- pita what are u saying? parents don’t say thank u to their children.even I wanted to see mata sita and my brothers
Utthra cries with happiness and joy
They smile

Urmilla and lakshman hug utthara
Urmilla-See swami,look how disciplined our daughter is
Lakshman- she got this gene from her father
Urmilla-oh ho I have never seen u like this,u r always angry
Lakshman stares at her
They laugh and hug again
Utthara goes to bed
Ram sees her
Ram smiles and goes and sits next to her
Ram puts her head in his lap
He puts his hand on utthara s head
Utthara wakes up
utthara-pitaji, u here
ram- I wanted to see my daughter
utthara smiles
ram-thank god !!u were born as my child
utthara becomes very happy
utthara-even I am fortunate to get u as my bade pitaji
they smile

Precap- ram hugs sita and his santan

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