Lakshmilla – 10!!

Ram meets sita
Ram hugs her
They start crying
Sita s kids come in
Sita-Lav,kush this is ayodhya naresh maryada purushottham ram .He is your father.
Ram-Ayodhya naresh?Am I not your raghunandan
Ram becomes shocked
Sita –How can u be my raghunandan when u are my breath,heart and soul?
Ram smiles
They hug again

Utthara smiles
Ram looks at her and smiles
Ram goes towards her
He blesses her
Ram hugs utthara
Ram-Utthara ,I will always be indebted to u for making me meet my wife.
Utthara-Bade pita ji,plz don’t humiliate me , I am like your daughter and a father doesn’t say thanks to his daughter.
Ram smiles
Utthara goes out
Ram turns to see sita

Ram-Are u angry with me?
Ram-for abandoning u in a durjan vaan?
Sita-Nahi raghunandan, u abandoned me to fulfill your rajya dharm,I am not angry with u
Ram- come with me ,lets go back to ayodhya together
Sita-nahi! It was my destiny to spend my life in this forest.i will return to ayodhya when it is the right time.
Ram becomes worried.
Sita hugs him
They smile

Utthara meets lav and kush
Luv-“ who are u”
Utthara-I am janak nandini urmilla and sumitra nandan lakshman s daughter
Luv-“oh so u r our didi!!
Lav and kush hug her
Utthara-“we all have 2 more sisters. Their names are malini and shreya.
Kush-Oh!! We have 3 sisters.Yay!!!
Utthara smiles
Kush-Lets go meet pitaji ram
Luv and kush meet ram
Ram looks at them and smiles
Ram hugs them
Lav-we have been waiting for u since so many years
Kush-ha kush !!! even vandevi mata wanted to meet u
Ram –even I have been waiting to see my santan since so many years but your mothers name is not vandevi,its sita
Luv and kush say sita?
Luv and kush hug sita

Kush-Mata sita, why didn’t u tell us you real name?
Sita-“ I didn’t want u two twins to start hating your father
Luv –He is our pitaji,how can we hate him,we know that pitaji ram had abandoned u for doing his rajya dharm
They smile
Ram holds sitas hand and ask her to visit ayodhya and stay there for 1 week with our santan
Sita-Ok fine
Lav , kush and utthara become very happy
Uthhara-Mata sita ,my name is utthara and I am sumitra nandan and janak janaki s daughter
Sita –putri,thank u so much for reuniting me and raghunandan
Utthara –mata the same words I had said to pitaji ram goes back to u. I am like your daughter.dont say like this.
Sita smiles and hugs her

Precap-sita,ram utthara,lav and kush reach ayodhya,the mothers hug sita .Urmilla and lakshman hug utthara.


  1. |Registered Member

    guys i made a small error this is the correct sentence-
    kush-Ha lav even vandevi mata wanted to meet u

  2. Adhya

    U r just Amazing my dear…I just loved it…U r thoughts r very creative and cute…thank u so much… keep Rocking like this

  3. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    Nice… Really nice… Really really nice.. Really really really nice.. Super.. Really super… Really really super.. Really really really super.. Too u n uttara.. Luv u.. Love u very much.. Love u very very much.. Love u very very very much.. 😘😘😘😘

    • |Registered Member

      thank u.. thank thank u …thank u thank u thank u.vanshu .i amso happy that u enjoyed my u…… love u very u very very very much…..♥♥♥♥♥♥

  4. Smrithi

    Sumitra Nandan and Janak janakis daughter what do u mean by that?
    Sita is Janaki, urmila might be janaknandini but she is not janaki.
    Good work dear. Pls take my constructive criticism in the right manner.

    • |Registered Member

      oh i am very sorry smrithi didi.i made a small mistake.plz forgive me. and thank u very much for making me realize my mistake. i actually meant janak nandini,but i by mistakenly wrote janak janaki.and thank u very much for commenting on my ff

  5. |Registered Member

    but sumitra nandan is lakshman. i think i didnt make a mistake by writing sumitra nandan since he is sumitra s child .sorry i f i hurted your feelings.

  6. |Registered Member

    and anyway in my 1st ff, i had mentioned that criticism is allowed so it doesnt matter

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