lakshmila united again part 9

Recap- lakshmila hugs each other. Luv and Kush stop the horse for the yagna. They sing ram’s life story.

The epi starts with ram and the rest leaving for the forest. Lakshmila talk..

U-finally our family is going to be happy ?
L-yes u r absolutely right.
U-I will scold didi for leaving me alone,
Lakshman laughs ??. Urmila says that the one who always laughs is a joker. Lakshman sys u called me a joker.. U r a jokeress.. Urmila says I don’t laugh.lakshman tells her that u r a joker’s wife. U-oh really!! I’ll show who is a joker.. Bhavi and shushra laugh..
Ram and others reach the forest and meet vaidehi aka sita. Ram hugs her and asks her to return back. Urmila and the sisters hug her.
R-site finally I have found u. I’ll never leave u alone again. Come with me sita. Lets return to ayodhya site. I’m sorry for the insult u had to face.
S- I don’t want to return again and become the cause of your sorrow.
L- Bhabhi, u scold me, u kill me, all happened because of me, plz don’t punish urself plz.
U-didi v missed u alot, now for how much time will you be away from all of us?
The three mothers and the sisters continuously request sita to return back. U’ll be happy ?. Please return…
No sorrow will break on you again dear.
Ayodhya requires a queen ?..

Sita- Raghunandan, the motive behind my life is already fulfilled. I hv placed my sons in the loving ? care of their father. I’m sorry for giving all of u so much trouble. I’m sorry for not letting you meet your sons for 15 years. Now when I’ve united them with you, I’ve no wish other.
As for u all mothers thanx for ur loving care. U all loved me more than anyone could. The three mothers look on teary eyed ?. Urmila, Mandvi and shrutkirti u hv managed the family ? well and will continue to do so. I’m very blessed to hv sisters like you. The sisters cry. Lakshman, Bharat and shatrughan have never let me feel the absence of a brother. U r the most loving ? adoring and beautiful family ? in the world. Now that I’ve seen much sorrow in my life, I hv no wish to live anymore. Thnx for ur loving care.

O bhoomi Mata, now its time that I leave this earth and come in ur lap, in ur sharan. Please open ur doors for me as I wish to end my life this moment itself.
The land opens with a deep pit and sita looks at her family ? the last time and jumps in the pit. The plot closes.

The family is soaked in sorrow. Urmila breaks down while Lakshman holds her. There is more that we have to face now my love. If u break down now then who’ll support me dear?? This had to happen one day or the other. Then why to worry?? If Bhabhi will c u in this condition then what will she think??
U-sumitranandan, I wish to fall in the same pit and give my life. I can’t even believe how sita didi became so so weak!! The one who always made everyone strong ? can’t go like this.. Not like this..
Everyone cries..??

Ram hugs luv and Kush who r in tears ??
Precap-the final journey of Lakshmila..

Guys tomorrow is the final epi of Lakshmila.. Hope u lyk it.. Please comment.

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  1. Enjoyed so much. Thank u vanshika.miss lakshmila frm tomorrow.

  2. Sooo sad dear water turns in everyone eyes wen they read ths but lovely lakshmila , mataaaa miss u a lot..nice vanshu wtng fr next one

  3. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Thnx alot nxt part today night ?

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