lakshmila united again part 8

Recap-Urmila gives birth to her babies. After some time all 8 kids are grown up.

The epi starts with lakshman taking his kids to somewhere. He asks them to see. They see a room full of toys, weapons and books ?. They jump on it and start playing.. Urmila looks on and smiles.. The kids hug Lakshman.

Fifteen years have passed since Siam r seperated.
Ram orders lakshman to take charge of the yagna. Everyone is praying ? ?. Ram recalls how he met sita. Lakshman puts flowers on Urmila. Bhavi laugh seeing them. Ram looks on. Urmila takes a bunch of flowers ? and chases Lakshman. The kids laugh at them ????. Ram asks lakshman to take all the duties of the yagna. Lakshman obliges.
Urmila packs all the belongings of lakshman sadly ?. Lakshman sees him sad. He comes from the behind and keeps his hands over her eyes.
U-wat r u doing??
L-nothing… Just trying ? to give you a gift ?..
U- I don’t want any gift from you,,
U-ur love is the most important gift ? for me and u r leaving me..
Lakshman gives her a box and says whenever you miss me look at it.
Urmila keeps the box and gives him a bag ? and sys here r ur belongings. Lakshman gives her a Hug and goes.. Urmila looks on teary eyed ?.
After Lakshman leaves Urmila opens the box. It is full of paintings of Lakshmila. Their marriage ?, and all the moments they spent together. Under the paintings she sees a beautiful diamond ? studded necklace. She wears the necklace.
The soldiers along with Lakshman go around the country and on the return journey reach the forest in which siya is living. There a boy (luv) blocks his way and commands then to stop. Another boy (Kush) ? holds the horse ?. Lakshman gets furious. How dare u stop the horse… It is the kings horse ? and challenging it means that u r challenging the king ?. U ll hv to come with me to the king. Sage valmiki asks Luv Kush to sing the story of ram in the court. Luv Kush along with lakshman reach the court. Ram asks Lakshman who these kids are. Lakshman told them how they stopped the horse ?. Luv Kush narrate the story of how ram married sita, how they went to forest, how they were tricked by ravan, how sita was kidnapped, how ram killed ravan, how sita had to leave the forest…

Ram asks them who told them the story. They reply mom. Ram asks them the name of their mother. They say vaidehi.

Evry1 is shocked. Ram wants to meet their mother soon. Ram dismisses the court. He along with the family ? leaves for the forest ?..

Precap- ram and sita are standing face to face. Siya enters the land.

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