lakshmila united again part 7


Recap-sita is nowhere to be found. Siya gives birth to luv and Kush.

Lakshmila smile ?. Lakshman shoots another arrow ? cleaving the previous one. He shoots a series of arrows cleaving each other in excitement. His finger gets hurt by the string of the bow. Urmila laughs. Blood drips from his wound. Mila tears a piece of her dupatta to secure his wound. She ties the piece of dupatta on lakshmans fingers. She cries ?. Lakshman consoles her-do u think anything can happen to me wen u r near?? Urmila smiles. They share a hug.
Lakshman feeds Urmila. She asks for water. He orders dasi to bring water. Suddenly Urmila feels pain in her stomach.

U- Sumitranandan lakshman…
L-what happened my love??
U-my stomach is aching. Is paining very much.
Lakshman smiles.
L-dasi, u go and bring raj vaid ji.

Dasi obliges. Lakshman picks up Urmila and makes her lie down on the bed. She shouts and closes her eyes ?. Lakshman worries. Raj vaid comes. He pointed to his female assistant. He asks lakshman to leave. Lakshman scolds him. I won’t leave. Who are you to ask me to leave? The lady tells lakshman that d kid needs to be delivered soon. All r glad. Lakshman leaves and gives the news to the kids’ grandmothers, uncles and aunts. They smile ?. Urmila gives birth to two babies. The lady shares the news with all. They go to meet her. She’s sleeping. Rishi says that the two sons will be very parakrami/courageous. They’ll b known as angad and chandraketu. Lakshmila smile. Everyone congratulate each other. Happiness was in a way restored. Mandvi and sutkirti also r pregnant. They give birth to twins each. The sons of Mandvi were named taksha and pushkal. The sons of shrutkirti were named bhupaketu and subahu. The six kids received all education and grew up to be skilled princes.

At the same time luv and Kush also grew up and received education from sage valmiki and listened the stories of ram from sita. But sita never disclosed to them that she was the princess ? of mithila and queen ? of ayodhya. She still loved ram with all her heart dedicated. The princes became skilled warriors.
Ram wanted to hold an ashwamedha yagna. He remembered how he first came to know about sita. It was ashwamedha!!! Lakshman tells him that all the kingdoms agree with your decision. Angad and chitraketu come fighting to Mila.
U-now wats going on?

A-mom, he took my horse ?.
C-it’s my horse ?.
U-okay ?
A-no mom it’s my toy.
C-but u told me that it’s my horse ?.
A-I took it from you.
C-but I’ll play with it,
A-it’s mine.
C-no it’s mine.
Urmila shouts stop fighting like fools otherwise I’ll complain to your dad. Both of them run away ? ?. Urmila thinks that I never thought that they ll be afraid of sumitranandan. Mrs Urmila, u r ryt. They r not afraid of their dad. Both of them come with lakshman the very next moment. Dad she scolded us. Lakshman asks Urmila what she said to his dearest sons?? The kids smile ?. Urmila says me??? Lakshman-yes u. Urmila-first ask them wat they did. They were unnecessarily arguing over toys. Lakshman calls them. I hv something for u. Urmila things swami pampers them so much.

Precap-luv and Kush see the horse ? in the forest. Lakshmila prepare for a puja.

Credit to: Vanshika

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  1. What ws d nake of sita when she ws in forest?

  2. Sry name.

  3. Vaidehi

  4. are waah vaidehi to meri skr group ki naam hain. pls continue. precap is. i knew abt sita’s other name vaidehi but didinot know that she took this name in this exile.

    1. Sanjana(Sara)

      Di do u write any ff ??

    2. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Yea I frgt to mention this in ff sorry ….

  5. Vanshika crazy for skr

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