lakshmila united again part 6

Precap-Siya is missing. She has left the palace. Lakshmila are trying to find her.

The next day sun rises. Sita is washing clothes. A lady asks her not to wash clothes in this condition. Siya tells her not to worry. I’ll manage it. The lady tells siya that it can harm the baby ?. She asks sita to rest. Rishi valmiki asks her to go. She complies. The lady dries siya’s clothes.

Urmila is fully engrossed in thoughts. She was unable to sleep the previous night. lakshman comes.
U-is jiji found??
Urmila cries.
L-bhaiyya said that..
U-what did jijashree say??
L-that.. He wont find Bhabhi anymore..
U-no.. I’ll talk to him.

She rushes away saying this. Lakshman looks on teary eyed. I’m sorry Mila.. I couldn’t do anything. Jijashree… Says Mila. Ram says-please forgive me o daughter of Janak, that I seperated u from ur elder sister. I had no right to do so. U can punish me however u want to do. Ram’s eyes r filled with tears and so r lakshman’s eyes ? who is listening to their convo. Urmila knows she cant do anything. The palace was engrossed in grief again. Everyone missed sita. The walls were silent. Even the sky cried. The walls wr sad. There was no cheer. But still they tried to be happy ? just to take care of Urmila.. But after some months there had been one more reason to be glad. Mandavi was pregnant. This started with some taunts from sutkirti who taunted the sisters..

And one more happiness.. From which the palace was unknown.. The kingdom was unknown.. Was that the two celestial brothers were born in the ashram to janaki.. Sita was extremely happy and recalled ram with pure heart on the moment while rishi named them luv and Kush.. Urmila feels something. After all she has bcm a masi and a Chachi.. So she had to feel it.. Did ram feel it? Of course he did. A small moment of happiness spread in the palace and kingdom though the people were unaware of what happen.

Lakshman shoots an arrow ? and it misses the target. Urmila looks on. He shoots another arrow ? and misses the target. He is extra frustrated. Urmila says sumitranandan.. Wat makes u frustrated. Lakshman- I’m trying from lots of time n still this cursed arrow doesn’t reach the target Mila.. Urmila-wat r u thinking ? about?? Lakshman-(hesitating) nothing dear.. Urmila-so u r hiding things from me, go away. I won’t talk to u ever again.

She turns to go. Lakshman holds her hand. Okay ? actually I was worried about.. Urmila keeps her finger over lakshman lips ? and says sumitranandan, jiji used to say that if u do a task without concentration, then u can never accomplish your target ?. U leave ask ur worries and shoot d arrow ? with full concentration. U’ll succeed. Lakshman shoots the arrow and it reaches the target ?. Urmila smiles. Lakshman nods.

Precap- Urmila gives birth to her babies.

Sorry for short one..

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