lakshmila united again part 5


Precap-a washerwoman badmouths sita.
Siya decides to leave ayodhya. Lakshmila feel that something wrong is gonna happen..

Lakshmila r looking at the stars. Urmila feels pain in her stomach. Lakshman asks her to rest. He makes her lie down on a bed. And caresses her forehead. After some time she’s fast asleep. Lakshman is unable to sleep ? but finally manages to sleep ?.
The next morning the sun shines. Ram wakes up shocked ?. Sita is not there. He thinks she must be in lakshmila room. He goes there. Both r sleeping. Sita isn’t there. He turns to go but a vase falls down. Lakshman wakes up saying who’s it… But stops seeing ram. Bhaiyya, u here, is everything fine, ram hugs Lakshman. Lakshman asks him the matter. Ram tells him that sita is missing. Urmila wakes up just then and says sumitranandan lakshman… Where r u?? And sees them standing. Both r in tears. Urmila senses something and goes to siya’s room and is shocked not to find her. Sadly she approaches Lakshman and bursts on him. U said na u’ll not let anything happen to my jiji, then where is she? No, she cant leave us like this, go bring her. Lakshman goes away to inform Bharat and shatrughan. Mandvi and sutkirti look on with tears flowing down from their eyes ?.. The news also reaches the mothers and they r heartbroken. The palace is shaken by this loss of the queen ? n happiness has again seemed to b vanished. But Urmila has a ray of hope, she’s sure Lakshman will find her di..

The sisters go to the shiv temple and pray ? . Urmila does the Abhishek, puts garlands and does tilak. The brothers r searching desperately for sita everywhere she can be.

But where is she.. Yes she’s reached once again in the forest to complete her remaining years of life. She greets Rishi valmiki. Fb shows-sita is unable to sleep at night ?. Finally she decides that she’ll leave the palace right now. She changes her clothes to that of a sanyasi n packs all her belongings which she’ll need in the forest. She looks at ram.. Raghunandan please forgive me that I am taking a drastic step but I hv no other way left. I’m sorry I’m keeping u away from ur child but I hv no option.i hope u don’t forget me but also not let me come between ur duties. Take care of the family. She goes to the room of all the sisters crying and asks Urmila to take care of the family n ur child ? n as u loved without me for 14 years live for another few years. She goes to Mata’s n asks for forgiveness. She takes their blessings in hey mind and leaves. Next morning she reaches valmiki ashram. Fb ends…

Urmila is not having food. I won’t eat a single bite till I see jiji. N Lakshman is having a tough time trying ? to feed her. Not for me, eat for Bhabhi.
U-I won’t eat for u and jiji, I’ll eat with u and di
L-please eat….
U-I don’t wanna eat.. Don’t u understand ? Leave me alone.
Lakshman thinks that he knows wat to do. He goes.
Mandvi n sutkirti come. Sutkirti says v need ur help mila di.
U-wat help??
S-actually… She has just started the sentence when Mandvi acts as if she’s feeling dizzy ?. Sutkirti says she’s not eatin anything.
Mandvi -we wont eat without u,
Lakshman -won’t u eat for them now?
Okay ? don’t eat for them.. Eat for our baby ?, think when Bhabhi returns n comes to know u didn’t take care of her nephew then what will happen?? She’ll leave u forever.
Mandvi n sutkirti all ask her to eat. Lakshman feeds her food ??. Mandvi jokes that having a baby in her tummy, di has become a baby ?. She needs to be fed by someone. All smile ? for a moment but they can’t hide the sorrow they hv faced. Sita is nowhere to be found..

Precap- lakshmila r praying. Sita is shown in the ashram…

I hope its not dragging…. Sorry for less lakshmila scenes today

Credit to: Vanshika

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