lakshmila united again part 4


Recap: Siya and Urmila both r pregnant. Every one is glad to hear that.
Mila wakes up holding her head n finds out that everyone is sitting besides her.
U-what happened to me??
L-do u want anything?
U-no but y is every one here?
U-do u want anything???
L-u already gave us wat v need..
U-oh god y r u mkng riddles. Tell me what is happening with me??
Lakshman keeps his hand on her stomach and says someone is waiting for gettin out from here.
U-don’t joke with me like this ha??
Siya -who is joking??
U-sumitranandan, so u hv also added di on ur plan?
L-oh god, I swear on u that u r pregnant my love.
U- really
L-yes my grandma ?
They share a hug. All the family ? members congratulate her. Everyone is happy ?.
Sita feeds Urmila sweets. Lakshman asks everyone to go otherwise Mila won’t rest. They go in the sabha.

Sita is resting. Othrs r in sabha. Lakshman is sitting with Urmila. Urmila asks him for water. Lakshman goes to bring water.
A dasi comes n tells something to Urmila. She’s in tears. No this can’t happen. No. Lakshman brings water and asks Urmila why she’s crying ? Urmila tells something. Fb starts – a washerwoman has a complaint against sita.
R-what is it??
W-u r such a partial king ?
R-what mistake did I make
W-ur wife siya stayed under other’s roof for 10 months and is pregnant. Ask her whose child it is. Will she give ayodhya a demons son as a heir. My daughter, my daughter stayed for a day at strangers house and was given 2 months exile, then ur wife stayed for 10 months and also of pregnant. What punishment will u give her?? Or wouldn’t she b punished for she’s a queen ??? Answer me raghunandan ayodhya raj ram.. Y r u silent
R-but ravan had kidnapped her
W-my daughter also was lost in the forest so stayed under another’s man roof. All the family ? members r shocked. Shatrughan and Bharat r ashamed. Fb ends. Lakshman drops the glass hearing of it. Urmila hugs him. U l save didi won’t u, I can’t live without her n u. Lakshman promises her that he wont let his bhaiyya Bhabhi suffer coz of him. I cut Surpankha nose ?. I’ll go for exile. Urmila is shocked. N steps back in her sorrow. She thinks oh god y can’t happiness ever come to us? U’ll seperate didi from jiju now?? She is about to faint when Lakshman holds her. U cant be so weak dear. Ur sumitranandan lakshman is there wid u. Lakshman manages to make her smile ?. He goes to sita ram’s room.
Ram enters siya’s room worried.
S-wats d matter raghunandan
S-u seem worried.
R-oh that because of more work today.
S-u’ll lie to ur site now
R-no I’m not lying. I cant put u in stress on this condition.
S-wats it?? R u telling or I…
Ram narrates the incident. Sita is shocked and somehow tries to be strong ?.
S-I’ll leave right away..
R- how can u leave me, I won’t let u go in this condition.
S-wat l everyone think? I can’t c u in dilemma coz of me
R-it was not ur mistake
S-it was also not ur fault. Ur duties r more imp than me. If I leave, nothing will go wrong. If I stay no one will trust u as a king. Everyone will say you were partial to the ppl. Every one will insult raghuvansh n raghunandan n I won’t let it happen. If a small sacrifice can save Raghu vansh than why worry about it??
R-everyone will say that I was a bad husband and left my wife in a pregnant…
S- please don’t worry about me. I’ll leave then I’ll.
R-if u repeat these words I’ll die than what will happen if…
L-Bhabhi, it was my mistake only then why will u leave?? I’ll leave ayodhya.
Sita opened her mouth ? to say something.
Urmila reaches just then n hugs sita.. Sita tells her that she’ll have to leave. Urmila asks her not to say anything.. If u leave I’ll die with this child ?, sita keeps her finger on her lips n assures her.
The mothers come just then. Don’t worry daughter u r our kul vadhu nothing will happen wrong with u. The sisters share a tight hug. Bharat and shatrughan apologize to ram and siya. They ask not tho do so.

Later in the room Lakshmila look at the sky. Mila says that something bad is gonna happen. Lakshman consoles her n tells nothin will happen Mila… They look at the stars ? shine..

Precap: Siya is missing. Ram is sad

Credit to: vanshikha

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    Vanshu di did u write any other ff?? Can u tell me its name?

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