lakshmila united again part 1


Hi ? friends this is Vanshika bck wid an ff on one of the fav couples lakshmila.

The plot of my ff is after ram lakshman return to ayodhya…

Lakshman, the son of dashrath n
Sumitra n ram’s blvd brother, was married to Urmila, the daughter of Janak n sunaina, n siya’s sister. Their love was full of spices, first none wanted to marry each other, they fought alot n den slowly slowly their love bcm eternal. Their love was tested when Lakshman asked her not to come between ram and his relationship as brothers. Urmila understood that n wen lakshman wanted to accompany ram n sita on their 14 years exile, she didn’t raise a question. She just got burnt from inside but nvr told Lakshman as she hd promised him. Lakshman too loved her but circumstances seperated them. But they were only seperated from body not from soul. Wen lakshman wanted to stay awake to serve Siam, Urmila slept for him till 14 years n sacrificed alot for her love. And finally, now Lakshman is returning with his bhaiyya n Bhabhi to meet his dearest sweetest cutest wife after they hv won the war against ravan.
Urmila wakes up from her sleep as slowly lakshman approaches ayodhya palace. The sisters smile ? seeing her awake. They share happy ? moments. Mandvi n sutkirti hug her. But Urmila doesn’t pay attention. Her eyes ? r searching desperately her love ❤. Mandvi gets the same from her eyes ? and tells her that ram sita lakshman hv reached ayodhya. Mila’s face brightens hearing it. Lakshman is glad that he’ll b united with his Mila again. Ppl of ayodhya shower flowers ? on Siam n Lakshman. They reach d door ? of the palace along with hanuman n angad. Kaikeyi, kaushalya, Sumitra,Mandvi, sutkirti and others r standing there. Kaushalaya does their aarti. Lakshman eyes r searching for his Mila. Sumitra teases him. N so do Mandvi n sutkirti. Lakshman shys away at first sight, but then laughs at them n tell them that there is nothing wrong with me. Mila rushes through the corridor. They step in. Lakshman wants to meet Mila. He goes to her room, but in the way only he finds his Urmila. “Mila!”he shouts. Urmila says sumitranandan! They share a hug. Siya n her sisters r watching it from far. They smile ?. Siya hugs her sisters. Lakshman kisses Mila n asks her hw r u?? U hv grwn so thin. Cum I’ll feed u wid my own hands. Urmila asks him whether he missed her. Lakshman answers no, n notices Urmila sad ?. He laughs n says I was just joking Mila. U took it so seriously. Mila says I was acting.. They laugh.

Later Mila meets sita. They hv a talk. Siya tells her abt the adventures they had in the forest. Urmi is glad to know if Lakshman bravery. Sita smiles. All the sisters listen to her wid keen interest while Urmila is engrossed in her own thoughts. Lakshman sees her from the far end. Urmila looks at him just then. They share an eye lock…. Urmila cooks for Lakshman. He must b hungry ?. I’ll cook his fav food ?. He’ll be extra glad. Sita n the sisters cuk food ? together. Dey r glad to b together. Urmila serves Lakshman. Lakshman tastes the food n praises sita. U always make mouth-watering delicacies. Siya sys but..,. Urmila says is it tasting like jiji’s made food? I can’t believe u lykd it. Lakshman stares at her. U md the food? U also put Bhabhi secret ingredient in it, right? Mila says secret ingredient? Lakshman says love. They smile ?n share an eye lock.
Bharat meets ram n Lakshman n asks ram to tk d throne back. Sita n her sisters come there. Urmi smiles seeing Lakshman. Her happiness is unlimited. Ram’s rajtilak/coronation is announced.
Lakshman meets Urmila in her room. She is ready beautifully. Lakshman praises her beauty. Urmila asks do u find something special abt it?? Lakshman says no. U r always lookin special. They smile ☺. Happiness has returned in their life. But it is short lived….
Precap: Lakshman boasts himself in front of Mila.. Ram and siya’s coronation takes place. Lakshmila smile ?.

Guys hope u loved it. It’ll probably hv 5 or 10 parts.. Please gv ur valuable suggestions below. Dedicated to al lakshmila fans…

Have a nice day ?

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  1. Good start…my lakshmila r so cute?

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