lakshmila united again part 3


Precap:lakshman boasts himself. Urmila gets bored. Lakshman gvs urmi flowers. Urmila jokes on lakshman…

Abt a week passes away happily..

Siya called ram.
S- raghunandan, I’m nt feelin well. I wnt to rst fr sumtym.
R-shall I call d vaid rishi?
S-no I’ll b well aftr resting.
R-okay ? u may rest I’ll ask Lakshman to handle all the work today
S-thanx a lot.
R-if u need Anything else tell me.
Ram thinks that he should call d Vaidya.

Mila asks Lakshman if he needs anything. Lakshman replies in d affirmative. Mila asks him what he needs. Lakshman tells her that he needs her love. Urmila asks lakshman to stop. He pulls her n Dey fall on the floor. Mandavi sees them thus and laughs at them. She whispers to urmi this is nt d ryt place fr all dis.. Urmila runs after her.
Ram asks the Vaidya to check siya. Siya replies that she’s fine. Ram sys if u luv me than.. Sita says okay. Vaidya checks her. Sita fells asleep. Vaidya tells ram that siya is pregnant. Ram smiles happily. He gvs dis gud nws to his bros n siya’s sisters n his mothers. Their happiness is unlimited. Lakshman asks Urmila when r u giving me one?? Urmila asks him to b silent.
L-shall I pull u once again
U-no no I ws only saying that we’ll talk afterwards.
Ram gives the good news to sita. Sita n ram share a hug, followed by Urmila hugging her di.
Ram feeds sita. Copying him Lakshman feeds Mila. Ram asks him whether he’s copying him. Mila says no no actually… Lakshman says Urmi fell down n hurt her hand. Sita says whether she fall down or..
L says u r doubting me na.. S said no actually wen one falls down he hurts his leg. Mila says u r mkng fun of me??? S says no.

In about 10 days d news spread in whole ayodhya that sita, their queen is pregnant. The ppl are very glad and excited ?. The heir to the throne is comin now.
L- take good Cr of Bhabhi
U-no I won’t
L- y????
U- coz u dout me
L-who doubted u???
Der cute sweet fights follow this convo. Lakshman pulls Urmila and puts his finger in her lips ?. Dey share an eye lock.

Later Mila is cleaning the room. Lakshman is helping ram in handling some matters. Siya is resting n Mandvi is sitting next to her. Sutkirti is helping the mothers. Bharatughn r practicing fighting.
“Aa”, a shout is heard by Lakshman. Did u hear it bhaiyya. R asks wat?? U mst b dreaming. Focus on the work.. Urmila falls down holding her head. A Dasi sees it. She reports the same to Lakshman. Lakshman is shocked. He reaches her room. Mila… He shouts n tries to wake her up. He puts her on the bed. He calls the Vaidya. The sisters and ram reach just then. The Vaidya examines Urmila. Lakshman worries..

Vaidya tells lakshman that his wife is pregnant.. Lakshman smiles.. Every 1 is glad. Siya Luks at Mila… Ram hugs Lakshman. The sisters hug each other. Kaushalaya hugs Sumitra n Kaikeyi.. They feed each other ladoos..

A Wasserman insults siya’s character in front of the ppl… The one who hs stayd at another man’s place for 10 months is pregnant woman nw. Ask hr whose chld is this etc.. Gv hr punishment. This crts grt agitation amng d ppl. The washerman laughs cunningly/smirks. My rvng will b dn nw.

Precap: Lakshman sees Urmila sad n asks hr d reason. Mila tells him somethin. Lakshman is shocked/angry.

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  1. so good fan fiction.loved lakshmila scenes.

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