lakshmila united again part 2


Precap: Lakshmila r united. Urmila cooks food for lakshman. Lakshmila smile ?. Lakshman praises Mila..

Urmila wants to hear stories from Lakshman. Lakshman narrates the story of how he saved Siam many times n boasts himself. I always svd Bhabhi n bhaiyya from asurs. Mila laughs n says u saved jiji or jiju had to save u.. Hahaha.. Lakshman changed the topic n says that hw did u tk care of yourself and your family ? here??? Urmila laughs again n says oh god I was in deep sleep ? na, I think u need rest now. Without resting for 14 years u hv bcm mad ? ha-ha ha ?. Lakshman tells her abt Surpankha trying to impress ram. Urmila asks did u kill her… Lakshman
Says no no no no I can’t kill any lady, I didn’t harm her. Suddenly the smile ? on his face vanishes. Oh god hw cn I b so mean wid Mila I can’t lie to her. he tells Mila how he mistakenly cut Surpankha nose ?. As he narrates the full story, he drags it so much that Mila gets bored n her eyes ? close. She’s fast asleep ??.. Lakshman sees her sleeping n covers her with a blanket, he too falls asleep.
Next day the sun shines bright. It’s Siam’s coronation ceremony. Urmilak get ready. Mila asks sumitranandan what to wear. Lakshman chooses a pink dress ?. Mila shined like a princess ?. So she is.. Lakshman tells her that she’s looking like a Devi. Siyam r also shining as if heaven has come on earth. Siam came in the court where every one is waiting for them.. The coronation rituals take place. Everyone is glad.
Lakshmila smile ?..
They have food. The 4 couples r looking at each other. The mothers laugh seeing this. Lakshman tells Mila that he has a gift ? for her. He gives her b beautiful flowers ???? . Urmila talks to sita n laksam (lakshman n ram) reach dere. Urmi tells sita that she missed her alot. Sita replies the same.. Urmila opens her mouth to say something when she sees reflection of Lakshman in the glass kept there. She asks sita did lakshman evr cuk food?? He told me that he cooked nyc food for u. Sita laughs hahah… If u 8 dt food I thnk.. Mila asks was it nyc. Sita narrates hw d food was. Mila laughs.. So dat means sumitranandan lakshman was joking.. Sita replies so he was. Mila checks n sees dat Lakshman went away. She thnks so he felt embarrassed haan.. I mst console hm.. Or Mk fun.. Hmm. She shook her head. I knw wat to do..
Urmi tells lakshman that she’s hngry n nt feelin well.
L-I’ll ask Bhabhi to cuk food. U’ll feel okay aftr eatin dat.
U-I don’t wanna disturb didi. She must b handling sum matters.
L-to I’ll ask Mandvi or sutkirti ji..
U-can u cuk something for me.
S-me n…
U-yes, u cuk awesome food na, di told me.
U- plz won’t u cuk fr Mila..
L thinks that Mila will fall more ill eatin dat food.
L-actually I was kiddin I don’t know how to Mk food…
U acts as if she’s crying ?. U lied to me.
L- please forgive me in sorry..
Urmi decides to over the drama now. She frgvs sumitranandan Lakshman. Dey share a hug happily..

Precap::Urmila fells unconscious. Lakshman calls d vaid..

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  1. Wow…awesome work Vanshu?

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Thnx alot di.. Nyc dat u loved it..

  2. Nice imagination vansu.Keep it up.

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