lakshmila united again part 10 (the final journey)

Recap- Siam meet each other. Everyone request sita to return home but she returns to land. Everyone cry.

The epi starts with lakshmila crying ?. Somehow they gather courage to stand up and return home. The palace is shaken.. Once again sorrow has come.. Just the innocent ? kids r the ones who are trying to cheer the family. After days of sorrow.. Finally they try to get out of it.
Ram ruled the empire for thousands of years successfully. Some years were glad. Some were sad ?.. But everyone was glad with ram’s rule. Time had managed to make them out of the sorrow.
U-sumitranandan lakshman where r u going??
L-ram bhaiyya has asked me to guard his room and not let anyone enter the room. Anyone who enters the room will b given death penalty..
L-he’s talking with Yama.
U-oh.. I hv just done the aarti. Take this Prasad. Lakshman eats the Prasad.
L-is it chilly barfi??
U-no it’s rose barfi.
L-it’s spicy.
U-oh my god!! R u alright?? Urmila picks a piece of barfi n eats it. It’s not spicy at All..
L-some ppl r used to eat spicy food.
U-how dare u??
L-I said some ppl that doesn’t mean u Mila.
U- I know it very clearly what u mean and wat not. Ok ? go.. Jijashree must b waiting.
Lakshman runs away. Urmila laughs.

Lakshman is guarding the room. Sage durvasa comes there and wishes to meet ram.
L-I’m sorry bhaiyya is in a private meeting. U cant meet him.
D- don’t u stop me otherwise I’ll curse you and ayodhya.. (sage durvasa was a great blackmailer)
Lakshman thinks that if I enter the room then only I’ll b punished. Otherwise whole kingdom will suffer. Lakshman enters the room and tells ram of sage durvasa arrival. Ram after finishing meeting with Yama goes to meet sage.

Later lakshman tells ram that he entered the room without his permission. So I deserve death sentence now. Urmila looks on with eyes ? widened as Laddoos. Lakshman goes out of the palace. He looks back and hugs Urmila. I hv to go dear. U cant stop ✋ me. U had promised me that u’ll never come between my duty towards bhaiyya. U shouldn’t. Lakshmila share an eye lock. Lakshman leaves. Urmila is shocked. Lakshman goes to the bank of sarayu river and takes out a sword. He cuts his head and jumps in the river to finish his journey on Prithvi loka. Urmila reaches there just then and shouts sumitranandan…. She Angrily shouts on ram. Where is sumitranandan.. Ram cries ????. How did u let the person die who always saved ur life. How did u stand like a dumb statue when sumitranandan killed himself?? How could u… She burst into tears ????. Again the place was soaked in sorrow.. Lakshmila’s life ended here. Their love didn’t end and is still alive in this world. Lakshmila loved each other truly but always had lived in sorrow… Always…

Guys this is the end of my ff. Thnx for ur response and comments which always inspired me.. I’m sorry very much coz of the sad ? ending.. But I had no choice left. Here I’m ending my ff on lakshmila eternal love.. Their bodies had departed but souls were one united. That’s what keeps their love alive till date. Thnx and bye ?.. Hope u enjoyed this ff.. Have a nyc day ??

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  1. Very nice… But sad ending of love storey

  2. Super it was just awesome.iam padmaja.New to this skr family.your ff was awesome just frm the beginning.

  3. nice narration vanshika…
    everything in this world has a end..
    lakshman is a great warrior n ideal brother…

  4. It was so nice..but it was a sad ending of the story

  5. Superrrb vanshu sooo great of uu lakshmila but misss uuu a lot

  6. Great vanshu…

  7. Superb vanshu dear and no sorry please. Most of the endings will always will be sad.

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